Nike Zoom Rival XC

The Nike Zoom Rival XC is an amazing cross country running shoe for just about anyone. Whether you are new to the sport and just starting out, or you are a veteran cross country runner who is looking for a cheap but effective pair of shoes, then you have come to the right place. These shoes have an amazingly designed outsole, using Nike's famous waffle pattern design and flex grooves to give you great traction and flexibility, but they also have six spike receptacles per shoe and come with pyramid spikes and a wrench that you can use when and if you need to. These shoes deliver amazing comfort and breathability which are important to any runner. These shoes feature Flywire technology and a dynamic arch band that will make sure your feet are safe and secure in them at all times, so no need to worry about your feet slipping and sliding around. The flared forefront of the Zoom Rival allows you to spread your toes a bit for added comfort which reviewers made note of. These shoes are very reasonably priced which attracts both new and seasoned runners alike. Nike did it again with another all-around good cross country shoe that people just fall in love with.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Great for runners new to wearing spikes
  • Wide forefoot for more comfort
  • Flywire technology in the upper to customize the fit
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • The shoes run about a size too small
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Zoom Rival XC shoes are made out of a sticky rubber in both the forefront and the heel to give you great traction on a variety of surfaces and increase the durability of the shoe. These shoes feature Nike's famous waffle patterned outsole that helps to reduce unnecessary weight and at the same time, help shed any mud or other debris you may encounter on a run. In addition to the waffle outsole, there are also flex grooves along the bottom to help increase traction but also allow for better flexibility. The Rival XC has six spike receptacles on each of the shoes and comes with pyramid spikes and a wrench, which is ideal in a cross-country shoe such as these.
      The midsole of the Nike Zoom Rival XC is made of phylon, which is a foam that extends the full length of the shoe and helps keep them lightweight but also offers resilient and responsive cushioning. Nike also uses a Flashlon midsole that gives you superior arch support and great protection making this model good running shoes with arch support. The midsole of these shoes is made to be super lightweight, comfortable, and responsive and they did not disappoint.
      The upper of these shoes is made out of a breathable, lightweight mesh material. The Zoom Rival XC have a wide toe box which is ideal because it allows you to splay your toes and it gives you a more powerful stride. Customers love the comfort and great fit that the upper of these shoes provides them. These shoes also feature Flywire technology throughout the upper that gives you superior support exactly where you need it and a perfect fit.
      Everything about these shoes is designed to be as light as possible. If you are someone who runs cross country then you know that speed matters. You do not have to worry about these shoes weighing you down and therefore taking precious seconds off of your time. From the mesh uppers to the waffle design of the outsole, the Nike Zoom Rival XC's have no more weight than is necessary. These shoes weigh in, on average, at 6.4 ounces, which is relatively light and customers love that about these.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC is made out of a lightweight and super breathable mesh material. It is important to have a pair of shoes that are going to allow for optimal airflow. You do not want your feet to overheat when you are running, and with these shoes, you will not have to worry about that. The Rival XC allows for great ventilation so your feet will stay nice and cool. Not only are the shoes well ventilated, but the materials that make up the uppers are made to be water resistant and quick drying.
      One thing that most customers can agree on is that these shoes are exceptionally comfortable. The soft midsole offers a lot in the way of cushioning which runners love. The flared forefront of the shoe is another feature that increases the comfort level. Runners love the fact that they have room to wiggle and splay their toes and do not have to worry about them being crammed uncomfortably. The Flexwire technology will also increase the comfort level because it allows your shoes to fit you perfectly every time. The Nike Zoom Rival XC's are a truly all around comfortable shoe.
      Customers love the look and style of the Nike Zoom Rival XC shoes. Customers have a plethora of color options to choose from, whether they are purchasing the men's or the women's variation. Men can choose from: black, white, and barely volt; black and summit white-oil grey; tough red, cirrus blue, and total crimson; and blue jay, rage green, blue fury, and blue orbit. Women have the options of: blackened blue, phantom, and deep royal blue; black, summit white, and oil grey; midnight spruce and storm pink-geode teal; blue and pink; and black and white.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC is made to last. Customers have commented that they love that these shoes are so durable. The waffle design of the outsole and the sticky rubber can stand up to the repeated pounding of each step you take when you are running cross country. The construction of the upper, with the strategically placed Flywire that are integrated throughout, also help improve the longevity of the shoes. Customers love the fact that they last so long because they will not have to replace them as often as some other cross country shoes and therefore they save some of their hard earned money.
      These shoes offer you some decent protection. The great outsole of the Nike Zoom Rival XC's offers you protection from slips and falls because of the stellar traction, and you get even better protection if you are using the spikes that come with them. The Flywire that is integrated also offers protection because it locks your feet in place so you will not slide around inside of your shoe. The only problem customers seem to have with the XC is that it does not offer a lot in the way of protecting the bottoms of their feet. Customers have commented that if they step on a sharp rock then it can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful for them when they are running.
      It is important to have a responsive shoe when you are running long distances and you are running for speed. Both are things that cross country runners have to worry about. The Nike Zoom Rival XC's do not disappoint those runners, as they are a very responsive shoe. The cushioning in the midsole allows for a very responsive ride. You get a decent amount of energy return with each step which allows you to push off harder and use less energy while doing it so you can run longer and faster. The cushioning gives you that nice spring in your step you want and need when you are running cross country.
      It is extremely important that you get a shoe that is going to give you adequate support to help you prevent injury when you are running. The Nike Zoom Rival XC shoes have a couple of features built in that will help give you the support that you need. First, the Flywire technology gives you extra support throughout the shoe to keep you locked into place and give you a perfect, snug fit. In addition to the Flywire, the upper gives you a dynamic arch band which wraps around the middle of your foot and locks you down over the footbed. This can be adjusted with the shoe lacing system. The shoes also have a good amount of arch support which is important because you do not want to experience pain in the arches of your feet when running, or after.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC's are a cross country shoe and you should keep that in mind when purchasing them. Nike states that these shoes are best to be worn when running in the dirt, on rubber, or in the grass. These are not ideal for indoor running or road running. You might want to note, also, that Nike suggests that these shoes are best worn when running races that are between 3k and 10k.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC's are very affordable and budget friendly. These shoes are perfect for cross country runners who are new to the sport because they do not cost a lot of money and customers do not want to invest a lot of money into a pair of shoes if they are not going to stick to the sport. The MSRP of these shoes is $65 so they definitely are on the cheap side. Customers love the fact that these shoes tend to last a long time, so they are definitely worth the money they pay for them and would recommend them to friends, family, and fellow cross country runners.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC shoes have the fantastic traction that customer love. The sticky rubber, waffle pattern, and optional spikes make these shoes extremely grippy and you will not have to worry about your feet slipping out from underneath you, especially if you are in the middle of a race.
      The flex grooves that are built into the outsoles of the Nike Zoom Rival XC's makes these shoes very flexible which is important to runners. You want a flexible running shoe because you do not want to restrict the movement of your feet, you want something that is going to give you the most natural movement you can and these shoes will definitely give you the ability to do so.
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC is a neutral running shoe and does not offer a whole lot in the way of stability if you are one of the thousands of runners who have the tendency to overpronate or supinate (rolling your feet either inward or outward when you are running). If you are a runner who has medium to high arches and you are looking for a good neutral shoe then these are going to be perfect for you.
      The drop of a shoe is simply the difference in the measurement of how far your heel sits off the ground and how far off the ground the forefront of your foot is. Basically, it is the incline of your foot while sitting in the shoe. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a whole lot of information online about what the exact drop of these shoes is.
      Key Features
      -Mesh integrated throughout the upper to allow for maximum ventilation and airflow
      -Flywire technology that is integrated throughout the upper to give you a perfect, supportive fit every time
      -Super lightweight and responsive cushioning
      -Waffle pattern outsole with flex grooves
      -Comes with Six spike receptacles with pyramid spikes and a spike wrench
      -A molded medial arch that gives you great support in the midfoot area while still keeping the weight low
      -Durable and built to last
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Zoom Rival XC is an all-around good cross country shoe that customers seem to love. Whether you are just starting out or you have been running cross country for years, these shoes are perfect for you. The low cost and long lifespan of these shoes certainly catch the eye of runners and they are not disappointed when they purchase them. The shoes offer superior comfort, amazing breathability, a sticky grip, a responsive ride, and exceptional durability.
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      By Jessica Brown
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