Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

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Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Review Facts

Running could never be successful without stable and comfortable shoes. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 has an intricate, timeless design that supports high-mileage training. This is low profile pair of shoes with a lightweight mesh and a decoupled crash pad which provides protection. While most trainers would look for modern designed sports shoes, the Structure series has an ageless, stable design which promotes proper and efficient running form.

With its upper made of seamless Flymesh, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is breathable and light in weight. It also has enough room in the toe box to ensure that your toes are not squeezed.  Its outsole is durable due to the carbon rubber material, which makes it long-lasting. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is perfect for anybody who wants strong running shoes that will support them for many miles. It is comfortable and comes in a variety of colors. Unlike the previous version, it has an outsole with a unique pattern which offers better traction.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has soft cushioning
  • Has excellent stability 
  • Its firm soul provides adequate support
  • It is gender-specific
  • It has traction capability
  • Not light enough for a speed work
  • Potential heel slippage
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  • These look great and have proven to be just as comfortable, if not more than its predecessors.
  • It only took a day for these to break in and they are great. I like the way they look as well.
  • I am a zoom fan and know how the sizes run so I ordered accordingly. These shoes are a perfect fit and way comfy. I run alot and these take the beating of my gravel roads.
  • These have more support and cushion that I thought they would. When I got them, they were just as I had expected form the online store. I am very happy with my purchase.
  • These shoes have superior support and are very durable. They are priced great to for such a good Nike.
  • These have great support and stability. However, they are a little on the heavier side for Nike. I switch the insoles to orthotics though.
  • These were a great fit and helped my foot pain tremendously. I have never owned a pair of Nikes but these have shown me the light. They cushioning is great and I am really hoping they last a long time.
  • The colors and style are great. I have an old injury and these definitely keep the pain away.
  • I love that this is an upgrade. There is so much more room in the toes. They are really true to fit.
  • These are a great improvement from the 18s, which I have always worn. The colors are great and they fit better. The comfort is top notch.
  • I am super impressed with the comfort and the fit of these. Nike has been listening to its reviewers I think.
  • These were a true to fit Nike. I walk in these a lot and they are perfect. They are also priced great.
  • I walk at least an hour every day and these are like walking in pillows; lots of room and comfort.
  • I love running in these. They fit perfect and have tons of cushioning.
  • These are an enormous upgrade from my other runners. I feel like I am bouncing when I run and they feel amazing.
  • I have to really adjust a shoe t work with my right leg being shorter. These have proven to be great for this. They have amazing support and last a long time.
  • I roughly run 250 miles a month and these shoes last. They have prevented any pain from happening in my kees as well. I highly recommend these to anyone.
  • I bought these at a half size larger and they are great. These have great arches and the ankle support is wonderful.
  • These shoes are super flexible and snug. I love the traction and they keep my run balanced. These are great for those who lie to run distance.
  • These have really helped my back. I am very glad that I purchased these. They are an all around great shoe for anyone suffering from pain.
  • I wear these as my work shoe. I am on my feet all day and I never get fatigued.
  • These are a grave improvement to the 18 and 19 models. These have helped me with my pronation and I run marathons. I love how comfy and versatile these are. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great shoe.
  • These are like the Cadillac of shoes. They are all over comfort and style. They took a bit of time to break in but I didn't mind.
  • I feel Nike makes the best running shoes, hands down. These are very light and flexible without losing stability. They are also some of the most comfortable I own.
  • These shoes are a pain saver. I suffer from old man syndrome, where all my body aches and hurts from age and these help so much. I had a protruding achilles and these have helped with that pain as well. They have helped my pronation and are just all around comfort. I love that they fit like a sock because the old tongues used to bother me. I have use these shoes for runs and the gym and they are the best on the market, in my opinion.
  • These are more narrow than the others before and the heel is very awkward.
  • Super disappointed in these. They were not comfortable, too wide and have no support. I even ordered the wide.
  • These are good shoes however, they wear out way too fast. They are not worth the purchase.
  • These gave be blisters due to how stiff they were on the inside.
  • These are a downgrade form the 19. Honestly they feel like a whole other shoe. The arches are bogus and the cushion is non existent. I am so very disappointed.
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The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 has an outsole made of carbon rubber. The front forefoot has a lot of flex grooves that increase flexibility and enhance its cushioning. The side rail, together with the forefoot, uses rubbers which have a lot of segmentation. The carbon rubber material used to make the outsole has a long lifespan hence reduces wear and tear.
Additionally, the outsole material makes it an all-weather condition shoe. Whether it is dry or rainy, you can wear it and stay comfortable and secure during your workout. It offers a strong traction on different road surfaces. Even in bad weather, you can control your safety and speed. The structure and appearance of the outsole make this shoe versatile.


Nike air zoom structure has dynamic fit technology responsible for wrapping your mid-foot and increasing comfort. Furthermore, it has wide Flywire cables and laces that increase lockdown support. Its midsole material has triple density and promotes a smooth stride. These shoes have been designed with a low profile midsole to create comfort and stability during your workouts. The lightweight midsole with an identical lacing system on both sides helps to prevent cinching and unwanted pressure.


The upper area of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is made of Flymesh, which is seamless and lightweight. This design provides ventilation which enhances breathability and comfort around your entire foot. This mesh also keeps your foot stable by offering support and comfort. Its laces enfold around your mid-foot nicely to lock down your feet completely. Moreover, this shoe has a modified system with two Flywire rows. A Flywire with round laces is more long-lasting than one with flat laces. The Nike S-20 is also available in four widths: 2E, B, 4E, and D. These widths are not very tight and fit well on the foot. The toe box on the upper part of this shoe has adequate volume to ensure that your toe doesn’t get squeezed during movement.


One reason why the Nike Zoom Structure 20 offers enough comfort is its lightweight. With a weight of 10.7 ounces for men and 9.6 ounces for women, these shoes are about average for running shoes. They are versatile and can be used on any paved surface, whether track or road.


Some common foot problems, like fungal infections, can occur when moisture gets trapped inside your shoes and bacteria is able to flourish. Shoes which do not allow adequate air in your feet can promote such an occurrence, especially if you wear them for a long time during hot weather. With the mesh upper of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20, there are no worries of moisture-related problems like foot odor or fungus. Its ventilation ensures that your feet remain dry, even with excessive sweating.


Since these shoes are a bit trendy, there may be some trepidation that they won't be comfortable enough for running. However, their cushioning makes them soft and smooth under your feet and provides a nice landing pad with each stride you take.


The Nike Zoom Structure 20 has air technology, called a Zoom bag, under the forefoot, which creates incredible responsiveness when you contact the ground. It is a suitable shoe for running, as the triple density midsole foam absorbs and combats the impacts that could affect your joints. Its ability to absorb and diminish shock makes it stand out from other running shoes.


This shoe is available in various colors for both men and women. Runners appreciated being able to choose between bright colors and more neutral tones, and also liked the patterned style the knit mesh upper gave the shoe.


The outsole is made of blown rubber with a waffle pattern. This sturdy material makes it long-lasting. The midsole has triple density foam, so even after running for many miles, it rarely wears and tears due to its exceptional layering system. Even after wearing the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 for a long time, it remains as comfortable as the time you bought it.


Sometimes you might need to run on a rough road that might have debris. Not all sports shoes can protect your feet from possible injuries, especially when you step on debris or accidentally kick something. This is one of the best running shoes designed to help you run safely without injuries. It has a unique guard material that stretches from the toe to the shoe heel so that it gives a 360-degree shield from sharp objects. With the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20, you can safely run on any terrain without fear of slipping and falling. Its outsole grips the ground aiding you to be stable and confident. If you are a heavy runner, it gives you support and proper cushioning that you need.


Before commencing your physical activity, you need a pair of shoes that support your ankles, knees, and feet. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is designed with Flymesh which is located on its upper and the mid-foot. This design allows it offer adequately snug support. The integrated Flywire cables also enhance fit and support of this shoe. Its cushioned outsole and midsole help to absorb impact and provide a sturdy landing pad as you run.


The reason why you can wear the Nike Zoom Structure 20 anywhere is versatility. You can wear it during your daily activities, as well as your running workouts. This shoe is constructed with carbon rubber in the outsole to provide traction, and also makes it durable even in adverse weather conditions. This shoe is suitable if you plan to run on a road, track or gravel. Don’t try to run with these shoes on trails to avoid injuries.


Despite the fact that Nike air Zoom Structure 20 is a new product on the market, it is affordable. Even with its incredible features and high level of durability, this shoe is priced reasonably for a high quality running shoe.


The Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 offers traction to prevent you from sliding and falling on a paved surface, whether wet or dry. Its outsole material ensures that you have a firm grip on the ground. The design of the rubber material on the outsole enhances its flexibility to be used on different surfaces without slipping.


The component of this shoe that offers the greatest flexibility is the upper. The Flymesh moves with your foot, while still offering a snug fit. This means you are able to move your foot naturally as you run, which will help your feet remain comfortable during every mile.


The stability of these shoes is enhanced by flexible and bouncy cushioning. It has a dynamic support technology which is constructed to provide you with stable landing when running. Additionally, this shoe has a wider base compared to other versions to boost stability. The firm foam underneath supports the arch below and also helps prevent over-pronation. With these shoes, be sure of a stable, smooth ride.



This shoe has an 8 mm drop, which enhances the responsiveness of the shoe. Its drop combined with its weight makes it suitable for running.

Key features

Key features

- A lightweight, low-profile comfortable shoe for running every day.
- Synthetic upper which enhances breathability
- Cushioned insoles that offer enhanced foot motion
- Detachable insole
- Durable outsole made out of blown rubber
Bottom line

Bottom line

If you are a daily trainer, Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 will offer you proper cushioning and enough stability even on high mileage runs. However, it is not only meant for long distance runners. Its design makes it versatile and can be used for other daily activities like weight lifting or other types of cross training. It is durable, and its weight is manageable. Above all, with the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20, you have no worries of slipping when running. While it has amazing features like comfort and stability, it is also affordable.