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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Review Facts

The brand Nike is one of the most popular athletic brands in the world, one that has continually put out some of the best-selling and most coveted sneaker lines on the market for decades. With their long-running and popular Pegasus line, Nike has annually released an update that runners have been enjoying for 34 years running. The latest in this line, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, continues with this tradition while making slight tweaks to the tried-and-true formula that has made it a popular all-around running shoe.  With excellent comfort and breathability, solid arch support, and great traction, the Pegasus 34  is a tried and true line that comes at an affordable price. Its style is in line with Nike’s signature and familiar aesthetic with a bit of flair for those who like a dash of color in their trainer, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 continues hitting that sweet spot that has made the line so popular for so many years by putting style and comfort hand in hand.  

Its midsole and upper are nearly identical to its predecessor in the line,  the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33, which matches the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy that’s made this such an enduring line. However, there are a number of updates to further perfect the Pegasus line’s overall design and functionality. More holes in the toe box for increased breathability, a smoother external heel counter, and hidden Flywire, the cords that comprise the lacing system, which has also been more evenly spaced out to distribute pressure for a more comfortable fit.
The most significant addition, however, is the Air Zoom unit in the forefoot, which was introduced to maximize propulsion during lift-off. Its outsole has also gone under significant revision, with the inclusion of hexagonal lugs from heel to forefoot on the medial side for increased traction. With the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, Nike finds itself replicating the success this line has been enjoying for over three decades. Durable, comfortable, and made from quality components by one of the biggest and most successful athletic wear companies in the world, this fair-priced running shoe will be enjoyed by experienced runners and novices alike.
Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile Shoe
  • Affordable price 
  • High breathability 
  • Stylish design 
  • Excellent traction 
  • Some runners have found the toe box too narrow
  • A few reviews have noted the laces come undone
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  • I have terrible plantar faciitis so I got these to see if they can bring some relief, this are impressive and I don't even need to use the othotics implants with these. I have narrow feet so this shoe runs perfect for my feet, the cushion and overall support which is designed into these have me comfortably back on a regular running routine. Breaking in time was longer than I expected but worth it.
  • Narrow but so are my feet, these fit nicely, excellent arch support, the cushioning is evident and supportive, I put these on and ran 5 miles, I could feel the shoe needed breaking in to adapt to my feet and I love the overall performance I get from these.
  • I am impressed by the supportive arches, lots of toe space up front, for me the fit is spot on, the shoe is not too wide, I run around 25 miles each week and these shoes are great.
  • I got these three months back, at first I was aware that the shoe felt just a little narrow but after a month the shoe settled and the fit is very good, breathability from these for my excessive sweaty feet is ok but could be better. Generally I get all the support I need in the right areas and so I am satisfied.
  • I use these for marathons because they do perform reliably, I need good arch support and these give it, the traction from my point of view is outstanding and reliable, love the gentle snug cushioning. Took awhile to break in.
  • I have to be selective due to my plantar faciitis, I got these and my expectations were not high but I had a great surprise, the shoe gives support exactly in the right areas, arch support is nice, the shoe structure holds my foot nicely, cushion is simply put-very good and the shoe has done a lot to help me stay in running. Con, the price.
  • Very nice for my long distance rides, I run trails and these shoes work so well, 40 miles every week and 4 months in I love these. I can't imagine changing to any other shoe.
  • These are light on my feet, I do a lot of walking, sizing worked for me and thats good because i usually struggle for fit. I can wear these all day and the shoe is simply perfect. I don't run but i can imagine these would do the job.
  • After many shoes with breathability limitations, I find this shoe does keep my feet dry in comparison to others, my feet sweat to the level where friction is inevitable but in these I have not had any problems, excellant cushion system, magic supports from the arch area and so far the durability seems very good.
  • I love the cushioned support in the heels and the arch support feels so precise for me, grip is super and whatever the weather I feel protected, comfortable and confident, just wish the price tag was a bit lower.
  • Great shoe, everyone should try it if they are solid runners, the whole shoe covers exactly what we runners want, the support is very nice, the cushioing is comfortable and durable, I feel the shoe gives a spring factor, the surface traction is very good on all dry surfaces, I'm waiting to find out how these perform in the wet season.
  • Whats with the thin laces? Never had these types of problems with any running shoe, even when double knotted they loosen and eventually undo totally? I had to go buy thicker laces, when shelling out this kind of cash for a shoe it would be nice not to have to look for the right laces.
  • These shoes sap the energy out of my legs, the bounce back or spring is not there, the sole is very stiff and this means I am using much more energy for every step. I can also feel shock radiating up my legs, the shoe needs to be redisigned.
  • Durability, I run 10 miles each week and the heel pad is drifting and seperating, when I think about how much I paid, this is clearly not fair. It's a nice shoe otherwise
  • The shoe looks very good but but some kind of materials is sticking upwards out of the sole under the right foot and this is not only uncomfortable but after a mile or so it's very numbing and painful. For me I think the design of these shoes looked promising but has let me down badly.
  • These run too hard for me, flexbility is not there, I even get pains in my shins because shock absorbancy is well below standard.
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Featuring great traction and a tweaked design, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 features a waffle outsole with numerous hexagonal lugs running from the heel to the forefoot that cover the medial side which enhances traction and grip. The sturdy carbon rubber in the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 forefoot is blown rubber, which further enhances traction. Having removed two of the flex grooves from the forefoot, this section of the outsole now features only one deep flex groove. In place of these grooves, the outsole’s rubber articulation has been improved, with deeper cuts in sections across the outsole to enhance flexibility.


In an instance of Nike knowing when they’ve already hit pay dirt, the midsole of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is the same one from the 33. Perhaps after nearly three dozen iterations, Nike had finally perfected the midsole design in this line. With solid durability and responsiveness, the Air cushioning units in the heel and forefoot areas provides a comfortable ride throughout. To increase stability, a cellulose board is placed on top of the heel unit.


The upper of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is highly flexible, with the only structure found within its heel. Seamless but for one seam just behind the heel, it’s made of a solid Flymesh material, which securely wraps around foot after lace-up to provide a sock-like fit. Aiding in this fit is the placement of the Flywire cords, the laces which are placed beneath the mesh and through a durable overlay that strengthens the lacing system.

This gives the Nike Air a clean, efficient look. The Flywire cords are evenly spaced so the pressure is equally distributed across the upper to provide the runner a comfortable fit while the overlay that comprises its eyelets provides additional structure to the upper. In addition, there are now small perforations at the toe box for increased ventilation. There is also a thin wrap around the back of the heel with a few stripes of highly reflective material for the safety of low-light runners.


Being an all-around solid running shoe, Nike has put a fair amount of thought and craftsmanship in the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34. With a comfortable midsole, sturdy outsole, and well-ventilated upper, the overall shoe construction is well-balanced but not too loaded down with bells and whistles. Coming in at 10.1 ounces in men’s and 9 ounces for women’s, this isn’t an ultra-lightweight shoe but still comes in at just 10 ounces, which is a nominal weight for a running shoe.


With the update in the upper of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 to include ventilation in the toe box along with the Flymesh material that comprises the upper, this is a well-ventilated shoe that provides great breathability while out on a run. The flexible upper offers a great amount of breathability that will keep the runner’s feet cool and dry throughout a run.


The Pegasus line has been popular since its inception decades ago, and one reason for this is their dependable comfort. Runners are selective about the type of comfort a running shoe can deliver. Too plush and they lose responsiveness. Too firm and the runner may find it an uncomfortable ride. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 retains the same midsole as its previous edition, and as such provides a responsive, comfortable ride. With air bubbles placed at the heel and forefoot, runners will appreciate Nike’s proprietary technology at these high stress areas. In addition, the near-seamless flexible upper provides a sock-like fit after lace-up.


Nike has been producing some of the most iconic and popular sneakers since the company’s inception. With the Pegasus being one of its longest-running and most popular lines, it’s easy to see the appeal of this sneaker. The upper has a clean, efficient design with the trademark Nike swoosh placed on the side of the heel, the Pegasus 34 is a deceptively simple-looking shoe. Its dynamic lacing system that runs underneath the upper’s mesh gives an interesting pop, as it’s a unique look for a shoe. Available in a dozen different color combinations ranging from muted to highly colorful, the Pegasus 34 is a good-looking running shoe that Nike fans and those who like a dash of color in their trainer.


Since Nike has been making sneakers for so long and is one of the top brands on the market, their reputation proceeds them in matters of durability. With a long-lasting midsole, a carbon rubber outsole with impressive lugs that will keep their grip far into the shoe’s life, and an upper made of synthetic and flexible Flymesh, runners will be able to enjoy their Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 for many miles.


Made for both short and long runs in ideal conditions, the Pegasus 34 will keep the runner’s foot protected on nominal running surfaces, although they may catch a small pebble or two within its outsole’s waffle treads. However, its thin, breathable upper mesh is not going to keep your foot too warm in cold weather and they are not made for extreme climes or conditions. That said, as long as you’re not mistaking the Pegasus 34 for a hardy trail running shoe, you will enjoy as much protection as a lightweight running shoe allows.


The well-constructed midsole of the Pegasus 34 has been created to be both durable and responsive. Made with stability and comfort in mind, the midsole has excellent responsiveness that works well in conjunction with the tread of the outsole. Runners will appreciate its high responsiveness when on a run.


Offering excellent neutral arch support, the Pegasus 34 is made with neutral runners in mind and those who only require standard arch support. Its midsole offers a responsive ride and comfort while the Flymesh upper conforms to the foot for a natural fit. This is not specifically a support shoe but most runners will find its support well-suited for their needs.


Made to traverse the asphalt roads and running tracks of your town, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is suited best for standard running surfaces that most runners will encounter. However, this is not specifically a trail running shoe and is not meant to traverse harsher terrains.


However fickle the online market can be and how prices can vary from one site to another (or even one page to another) if the buyer does a bit of searching they will find their efforts rewarded in the extremely affordable price of a pair of these trainers. An affordable price for an overall great pair of running shoes, the Pegasus 34 is a steal.


With a solid upgrade from the 33 in adding numerous hexagonal lugs on its medial side that run from the heel to the forefoot, enhancing its traction, and flex grooves running throughout, runners will appreciate the traction the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 offers.


From it's Flymesh upper that conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot after lace-up to its outsole, which features both horizontal and vertical flex grooves, the Pegasus 34 offers excellent flexibility for a responsiveness and comfort runners need when out on a ride.


To enhance overall stability, a cellulose board has been placed on top of the heel Air unit. However, this is not specifically a stability shoe.


The Pegasus 34 has a 10mm drop rate from heel to forefoot, which is a standard drop for a running shoe, so most runners will feel comfortable with the drop featured on this trainer.
Key Features

Key Features

- A top-notch trainer from a dependable brand
- Excellent midsole construction with Air cushioning
- Innovative lacing system that provides a secure fit
- Stylish and well-designed that comes in 12 color varieties
- Breathable and flexible upper mesh that conforms to the shape of the foot after lace-up
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Nike hasn’t built up the stellar reputation it has by accident. They have attained this by consistently producing some of the best running shoes in history. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is representative of the long-running solid reputation Nike has built. This 34th edition continues to refine the line, showing the commitment Nike has in hewing closer to perfection with each pass. At an affordable price that delivers in performance, comfort, and style, runners could do worse than picking up a pair either as a new main running shoe or a backup pair.

This is an overall solid running shoe that both experienced and novice runners will enjoy. It's flexible upper conforms to the shape of the foot while remaining breathable throughout a ride, and the innovative lacing system offers both structure and a snug fit after lace-up. The outsole is covered in blown rubber and features numerous hexagonal lugs that run from heel to forefoot on its medial side for solid traction. An excellent running shoe from one of the best athletic companies in the world, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is a trainer that won’t let any runner down. Comfortable, responsive, good-looking, and priced just right, the Pegasus 34 is the latest in a long line that seems to improve with each step forward.