Nike Dart 11 Review: Tested & Fully Compared

For neutral runners looking for a daily running shoe that provides solid arch support, comfortable cushioning, and responsive cushioning, the Nike Dart 11 included in this Nike Dart review may be your next favorite trainer. With a sleek update to its design, the Dart 11 has a well-ventilated upper to keep the foot cool and dry during a run, while its fused overlays keep the foot snug and secure after lace-up. The full-length foam midsole offers a responsive ride that works in conjunction with its rubber outsole, which offers a fair amount of traction and surface control Comfortable and efficient, the Nike Dart 11 is an affordable sneaker made of high-quality components and offers comfort and efficiency that will serve the runner well every step of the way.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • The upper is well-ventilated for a cool, dry run
  • Affordable name brand sneaker that's the latest in a long line
  • Durable outsole offers great traction and grip
  • Molded, supportive midfoot saddle keeps the weight off the overall shoe.
  • Cons
    • Rear section squeezes the ankle, which can lead to discomfort during a run
    • Its outsole can become slippery when wet
    • Heavier runners may find cushioning lacking
    • The shoe is not true to size
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Dart 11 includes a variety of long-lasting materials and components that ensure additional cushioning and protection. Its carbon rubber outsole is durable and heightens the performance of the Dart 11, as it aids in transitions. The carbon rubber is responsive and durable, creating a long-lasting outsole whose tread doesn’t wear even after heavy use, providing top performance while on a run, which is an important part of the Nike Dart 11.
      The Nike Dart 11 uses Reslon Tech in its midsole, a responsive material that runs from heel to toe in the midsole. This springy material mentioned in the Nike Dart 11 provides a nice energy return while also cushioning the foot. A rubber wrap placed in the medial midfoot area ensures superior support as it keeps the foot in a balanced position while on a run. This prevents injury that can be caused by an unbalanced running posture, along with discomfort. Resilient and responsive in nature, this rubber wrap encourages forward propulsion by the foot during take-off and provides a well-cushioned landing that has a special place in this Nike Dart 11 review.
      The upper of the Nike Dart 11 is covered with a ventilated mesh. Its open nature allows for maximum breathability during the entire run, allowing air to flow freely into the foot chamber. This keeps the runner’s feet cool and dry through the entire ride. The midfoot area of the upper is outfitted with synthetic overlays. The lacing system is connected to these overlays, and work in concert to allow the runner to easily modify for a customized fit. The Dart 11’s molded saddle provides supportive coverage. That aims to protect the arch and keeps it in place. The saddle also makes sure that the shoe does not feel unsupported or unsteady during a run.
      The Nike Dart 11 only weighs about 9.3 ounces/264 grams. This weight makes them a relatively lightweight sneaker and a suitable option for runners looking for a running shoe that doesn’t drag them down with needless bells and whistles, which is a very important component of this Nike Dart 11 review.

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      The upper mesh provides excellent ventilation and ensures that the runner’s feet are kept cool and dry even on the hottest day. Air flow into the mid-foot section is facilitated by the open construction of the upper, that is a great part of the Nike Dart. In the case of foot swelling, the Dart 11 ensures proper ventilation, as well. Overall, thanks to the open mesh of the upper, the interior fool-chamber remains ventilated with evenly distributed airflow throughout.
      The lightweight nature of the Dart 11 enables the wearer to be comfy while wearing the shoes, despite weather conditions or distance run. With its Reslon Tech midsole, which provides a responsive and springy cushioning, the shoe provided in this Nike Dart is also sufficiently padded to protect the runner from getting blisters on the ankles. Similarly, its carbon rubber outsole also provides additional cushioning and a fair amount of surface control and traction.

      Whether it’s a workout, marathon, or just a walk, runners do not have to worry about a painful or sore fit. This is because of the shape of the cushioning on the inside of this shoe, which is semi-curved to match the shape of the human foot. This shoe may not run true to size, however, so it is advised that the runner try a pair on before purchase or after you read this Nike Dart 11 review.
      The Dart 11 is the latest edition of a long-running line of Nike’s, and the company has a great approach to the idea that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Retaining the clean and classic look of this line, the Dart 11 doesn’t reinvent the wheel but tweaks the formula slightly, mostly to provide better support and cushioning. But aesthetically, the look of the shoes mentioned in the Nike Dart 11 review holds true to the line’s familiar, classic look—and it’s all for the better for sticking to a style and design that works. Available in a variety of color combinations, the Dart 11 is sure to please fans of Nike’s brand and dedicated users of this particular line.
      Despite its affordable price, the Nike Dart 11 is not constructed from shoddy materials. The material used are of high quality and its design ensures a long-lasting sneaker. The outsole which is a part of the Nike Dart 11 is made of tough, durable carbon rubber that covers most units of the shoes to ensure it does not wear and tear easily. This coverage holds up so well that one can use the Dart 11 as an everyday shoe without finding the tread wearing down or tears appearing in its upper.
      The Dart 11’s synthetic overlays are fused to the mesh to provide a snug fit after lace-up. It does not utilize unnecessary layers that may add unwanted weight to the shoe but its synthetic mesh upper still protects the foot against light weather conditions. The runner is also safe from slippage by its carbon rubber outsole. The midsole cushioning also ensures that the foot is well-protected from impact and provides a great amount of responsiveness. The outsole is also flexible, being neither too thick to be stiff, instead of allowing for greater surface control, which bars missteps from being made during a run that can lead to injury. In addition, increased balance is ensured thanks to the rubber wrap that’s placed mid-foot in the midsole. However, this is a lightweight running shoe included in the Nike Dart 11 review, and as such cannot be counted on to protect the foot from harsher weather elements or conditions.
      The midsole foam unit of Nike Dart 11 that’s comprised of high-quality resin foam ensures responsive underfoot support that runs the entire length of the shoe. This enables the foot to move forward while being lifted up and also cushions the landing. The rubber outsole is also highly responsive, providing excellent surface control and reliable traction which is an important part of this Nike Dart 11 review.
      The Dart 11 is a neutral shoe specifically designed for neutral runners. It provides strong arch support that cannot easily wear out and is suitable for a supinator. In addition, it helps prevent shin splints. The midsole foam unit is highly responsive and curved to follow the natural shape of the foot. For those that require specialized support for over- or under pronation, however, there may be a need to purchase a separate insole to insert into the Dart 11 to address their condition, after reading the Nike Dart 11 review.
      The Dart 11 is specifically designed for regular running surfaces—asphalt, concrete, and springy tracks. And the traction that this shoe provides is great for these surfaces. However, it has been noted that the shoes included in the Nike Dart 11 review is somewhat unstable on slippery surfaces so runners should be cautious on slick terrains while wearing this shoe. But for the runner that sticks to the sidewalks and streets of their town, or on dry surfaces in general, the Nike 11 will ably perform on these common terrains.
      The Nike Dart 11 review included in this post, are made from a brand name shoe that comes with an affordable price. This agreeable price point will be happily greeted by fans of this long-running shoe line and may even encourage runners who have yet to try out the Dart series to give these shoes a spin. After all, this is Nike we’re talking about, and their reputation more than proceeds them.
      The Dart 11’s carbon rubber outsole provides a fair amount of traction on dry surfaces. Its solid traction guarantees runners safety from slips and slides, especially when running on asphalt. Composed of solid carbon rubber included in the Nike Dart 11 review, runners can expect excellent performance on all standard dry running surfaces.
      Thanks to the mesh upper and welded overlays that comprise the lace-up system, runners can expect a customized fit each time they slip on a pair of Dart 11’s. Its outsole is similarly flexible, with the right amount of giving that allows for solid surface control. Although not the loosest pair of running shoes on the market, runners will still feel comfortable every step of the way thanks to the nominal amount of flexibility the Dart 11 affords.
      The Nike Dart 11 provides just the right amount of stability for a neutral running shoe. In particular, the rubber wrap placed on the medial side of the midsole provides much more balance than most comparable running shoes. However, this shoe is not specifically a stability shoe but a neutral shoe that features good stability. Those that require a medial post—in particular, under-pronators, may look into options that can be inserted in the Dart 11 to address this issue.
      The Nike Dart 11 features a drop of 12mm, which is slightly higher than the average drop (10mm) by 2mm. This will not affect runners who are used to the standard drop, although obviously those used to zero-drop or even a maximalist high drop may require a period of adjustment before they are comfortable wearing this sneaker.
      Key Features
      • Improved two-layer carbon rubber outsole
      • Reslon Tech midsole cushioning that’s both responsive and springy
      • The breathable upper mesh that’s durable and comfortable
      • Made of long-lasting and highly durable materials
      • Fused synthetic overlays provide a perfect fit with no extra weight
      •The midfoot saddle has been molded to offer a supportive, lightweight fit
      Bottom Line
      The design of the Nike Dart 11 review has new and updated features while retaining the classic look and feel of this long-running line of shoes. With an updated Reslon Tech midsole that’s both responsive and comfortable, a dual-layer carbon rubber outsole that provides great surface control and traction, and a breathable upper mesh with welded overlays that guarantee a comfortable fit, the Dart 11 will find an appreciative audience in long-time fans of the Nike Dart line while also appealing to runners looking for a solid, affordable everyday running shoe. Simply put, as mentioned in the Nike Dart 11 review, the shoe is a reliable, versatile trainer that’s great for casual use, light exercise, and neutral runners.
      Where to Buy
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