Puma Ignite evoKnit Fully Reviewed

Puma is known for its excellent quality and stylish running shoes, and with their Puma Ignite evoKnit, this brand’s reputation for style continues. A unique high-top with an upper design featuring a sock-like fit that reaches up to the ankle, the evoKnit wraps the shoe comfortably for a shoe that mixes casual fashion with the sports capability.

With comfortable breathability and a responsive cushioning, the Ignite evoKnit offers a midsole with great flexibility. The signature Puma logo is displayed prominently on the tongue with a traditional lace closure, this high top covers the whole foot from toe to ankle, with an ankle strap that secures the foot firmly into the shoe.

The dynamic knit upper wraps comfortably around the foot while the midsole provides a good amount of cushioning. The entire upper is made of Puma’s proprietary EvoKNIT material, which provides great ventilation while also being comfortable. The evoKnit’s outsole is flexible, with deep flex grooves placed throughout. This helps balance out a thick midsole foam, which may feel a little stiff, by having a flexible outsole.

This throwback high top is reminiscent of a style of sneaker that once dominated the world of trainers. While Converse and Reebok have turned away from this sort of style, Puma, always a leader in fashion in the sports shoe world, is reintroducing this style in the Ignite evoKnit. With a fresh, kinetic aesthetic and eye-catching design, the evoKnit will find fans in retro gear enthusiasts.

More of a casual everyday shoe than a running shoe, the evoKnit is more than capable of functioning as a great workout or activity sneaker. With a slightly higher than average price, the Ignite evoKnit is still not extravagantly expensive, and those who demand a little style with their active wear will appreciate the extra bit of flair that has been added to this line.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great style and several color combinations available
  • Great for both casual and workout activities
  • Surprising amount of traction
  • Durable and flexible outsole
  • Cons
    • Some have found the width options lacking
    • Slightly pricier than comparable shoes
    • Key Features
      One of the Puma Ignite evoKnit’s strongest features is its outsole. Outfitted with a number of deep flex grooves for excellent flexibility, this also serves to balance out the thick, plush midsole, which some may find a little stiff. Besides the many horizontal flex grooves, a large vertical flex groove runs from heel to toe on the outsole, which enhances the transition from heel to take-off. The outsole also has Puma’s EverTrack rubber, which outlines high-wear areas of the outsole for additional resistance, while other areas of high traction are covered in soft blown rubber.
      The midsole of the evoKnit is made from Puma’s exclusive Ignite foam, which covers the entirety of the midsole. Providing soft cushioning, this material is both durable and responsive. The midsole’s full-length design also aids in efficiency during the gait cycle. While some runners have found the midsole to be slightly stiff, this is offset by the flexibility of the outsole.
      The completely seamless upper of the evoKnit is covered by Puma’s proprietary EvoKNIT material (and from which the name of the line was derived). This material provides a sock-like fit that is smooth to the touch and comfortable from the toe to the ankle collar. This one-piece upper is flexible and stretchy, which allows it to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes. The Ignite evoKnit’s external heel counter provides structure and its ankle strap secures the foot firmly in the shoe. In addition, a heel loop is placed at the back of the collar.
      A somewhat chunky sneaker, the evoKnit is not a particularly graceful shoe and some runners may be turned off by this factor. Weighing in at 11.9 ounces/337 grams, it’s a relatively bulky sneaker, but it’s also a durable one that will hold together even after heavy wear.
      The tightly woven one-piece upper of the evoKnit is lightweight and flexible, and the foot feels very secure when in the foot chamber. However, it’s not a particularly breathable sneaker--instead, the tight mesh is quite dense. In colder climes and for those not expecting a heavy sweat during a workout will find the evoKnit a comfortable sneaker, but not one that offers much ventilation.
      The Ignite foam, a responsive EVA that comprises the midsole of the evoKnit, is used in all of Puma’s sneakers and emulates the runner’s natural gait. It accomplishes this by making the midsole slightly thicker in the heel, providing energy return and rebound, while the midsole levels out towards the forefoot, providing a comfortable ride. The knitted upper feels smooth, while the sneaker offers a sock-like fit.
      For fans of the old school high tops that were in style during the 1980s and 1990s, the Puma Ignite evoKnit is a solid throwback shoe. Its one-piece upper features an eye-catching multicolor pattern that’s secured in place by its plastic and fabric heel lock and overlays, making it look like what the 80s would think futuristic shoe wear would look like.

      Meanwhile, its heel-high design makes it look more like a trail gaiter than a sneaker. For sports enthusiasts looking for a dash of fashion in their active wear, the Ignite evoKnit certainly provides on that level.
      Meant as a running shoe, the evoKnit really seems to shine as a highly durable everyday, all-around activity shoe. The evoKNIT material the upper is made of is very durable and will keep your feet from getting wet in a downpour, while the high-wear areas on the outsole are protected by Puma’s EverTrack rubber. The welded overlays of the upper are similarly durable, keeping the foot firmly in place even after a long day of activity.
      Although at first glance the evoKnit doesn’t look like it would offer much in the way of protection, especially since the upper mesh is stretchy and flexible, runners and sneaker fans alike will find a fair amount of protection in a pair. The upper will keep your feet dry in wet conditions and its sturdy outsole will similarly protect your feet against the unexpected elements while out on a run or walk. Its ankle-high structure encases the entire foot, protecting it from the elements from the ankle to the toe. While it’s not a trail running shoe, runners will feel safe with the evoKnit on their feet.
      One particular aspect of the evoKnit that has been getting attention is its responsiveness. The midsole features Puma’s Ignite EVA foam, shaped to emulate the runner’s natural gait by having extra cushioning in the heel and thinning out towards the forefoot. Its traction-heavy outsole is lined with a number of flex grooves to provide the runner with a great amount of surface control, and the snug fit of the upper, which extends to an ankle lock, keeps the foot firmly in place throughout a run.
      Puma’s Ignite EVA foam midsole is comfortable without being plush, while the heel lock design on the evoKnit is as sturdy and tenacious as any other on the market. However, this shoe is designed for neutral runners in mind, so those looking for a support shoe may find that this trainer doesn’t provide for that explicitly.
      The Ignite evoKnit is an all-around athletic shoe, so besides runners that take their rides out on traditional running surfaces like concrete, pavement, and running tracks, the evoKnit will also find fans in basketball players who like high tops on the court and gym rats that enjoy a solid support during a workout. Even those looking for everyday shoes that can handle a trip to the grocery store as well as a run through town will find the evoKnit a comfortable shoe.
      While its initial release found the Ignite evoKnit at a substantially higher price point than many runners would want to spend on a trainer that’s not specifically a high-performance running shoe, since then the price has dropped considerably. Those who enjoy the retro look that the evoKnit offers and are looking for a great everyday shoe for an active life will find that this durable sneaker is well-priced.
      Thanks to the EverTrack rubber that coats the outsole, which is outfitted with numerous flex grooves, the durable traction found on the evoKnit remains tenacious even after heavy wear. Thanks to said flex grooves, a great amount of surface control is allowed, which are cut into the forefoot and heel, with one large diamond-shaped flex vertical groove in the center of the outsole, the shoe flexes for easy transitions. The evoKnit has great traction on hardwood, pavement, cement, and other traditional athletic surfaces.
      Here’s something about the evoKnit: it’s an incredibly flexible shoe. From its tight one-piece upper mesh that stretches and allows for a sock-like fit, to its outsole that features numerous flex grooves, the evoKnit is a secure but ultimately flexible trainer.
      Puma’s Ignite EVA foam in its midsole is designed to match the natural running gait, with a plush heel and a thinner forefoot padding. Meanwhile, its outsole, which is made of sturdy EverTrack rubber and soft blown rubber, provides great traction and balances out the somewhat firmer midsole. However, this is not specifically a stability shoe but one designed for the neutral runner in mind. Those with over or under pronation may want to find a shoe better suited to address those issues.
      The drop on the evoKnit won’t come as a surprise to the neutral runner and those used to the average drop of most sneakers: at 12mm heel-to-toe. Its drop is only a few millimeters higher than the average, which doesn’t present any problem for most neutral runners.
      Key Features
      - Ignite EVA foam midsole shaped to follow the natural running gait
      - Sturdy outsole made of EverTrack rubber
      - Numerous flex grooves for great flexibility and surface control
      - Very stylish design that will appeal to fans of retro high tops
      - Durable construction makes it a long-lasting sneaker
      Bottom Line
      The Puma Ignite evoKnit maybe won’t be the first choice for serious runners. With such a crowded marketplace and with shoes built to such specificity to address numerous needs and wants for every type of runner out there, the evoKnit’s high top design and relatively limited appeal to serious runners probably won’t make it the most sought-after running shoe out there.

      However, for those looking for a specific style reminiscent of the high top designs of decades past and enjoy the more colorful style of old Reeboks may take another look at the evoKnit and decide this is the shoe for them.

      In fact, this shoe is probably better as an all-around athletic everyday shoe than one dedicated solely to running. After all, its ankle-high design will probably not appeal to most runners, but it will appeal to those whose days are spent on their feet, constantly in motion or those who transition from sedentary to active pursuits at a moment’s notice.

      Its eye-catching kinetic design and retro feel will certainly appeal to fans of the nostalgic aesthetic, while its ability to function as both a casual and activity sneaker will find fans in those looking to get the most out of their sneaker purchases.

      With a tight mesh one-piece upper that offers a sock-like fit, the Ignite EVA foam midsole that provides good cushioning, and a flexible but durable outsole, the Puma Ignite evoKnit is a great sneaker for those that have an active lifestyle and can enjoy its colorful, retro design. It may not be the best running shoe out there, but it’s a solid all-around activity sneaker.
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