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Tsugi means "next" in Japanese and these shoes are certainly the next big thing as a "form meets function" line of workout shoes. The main focus of Puma Tsugi Netfit is comfort and style. Athletes are drawn to their unique design, especially because the unique design allows runners endless, customizable styling options. They are lightweight and designed to take the athlete through their day or through light workouts in the most stylish way possible. Runners raved about the bootie like construction and the no-sew comfort of the upper. Due to thoughtful technologies, the shoe isn’t only customizable based on the particular fashion sense of the runner, but the fit is also customizable and adapts to the unique shape of each runner’s foot. The adaptive laces allow the runner to makes the shoe as snug and supportive or lose and flexible as they see fit. The Tsugi also offers more traditional elements of an athletic shoe like the Ignite Foam midsole for a responsive cushioning and a powerful rubber outsole for extended life and protection. The price of this shoe is reasonable and runners found the attention they get while wearing this shoe to be more than worth the lower price.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Stylish look
Comfort for all day wear
Great as a cross trainer


Not suited for long runs or races
Some found the durability to be lacking

Key Features
The outsole is the part of this shoe that features a more traditional design element. It features a durable rubber that is designed to protect the runner from the road but also protects the rest of the shoe from wear and tear. Although the outsole of this shoe is thinner than some others on the market today, runners commented that they were impressed with the long lasting durability this outsole provided.
The midsole of this shoe features Puma’s patented Ignite foam. This foam offers superior energy return to the runner and keeps the foot from fatiguing. It is also much more lightweight than traditional midsole foams, so it saves the runner from packing on unnecessary ounces which can slow them down. Runners commented that this shoe is a great option for the athlete who is on their feet all day for their job or for the athlete who needs an all day walking shoe.

The upper of the shoe is clearly the shining star of the Tsugi Netfit. It features a unique look and fit due to the signature Netfit design. This lacing system allows the runners to create multiple looks, which was well received by runners. The upper is made from a completely open, breathable knitted mesh. This provides a bootie-like fit that runners compared to sliding into a pair of slippers. The larger ventilation holes along the sides of the shoe enable the unique lacing system and design. The overall look of the shoe is inspired by Japanese architecture. The colors are fashionable and certainly eye-catching. They come in names like gray violet with lapis blue, black with scarlet ibis, and lapis blue with blue depth.
Athletes will have a hard time finding a shoe that offers more breathability than the Tsugi NetFit. The shoe features an open, knitted mesh design along the side that welcomes air flow into the shoe, keeping the foot cool and dry. The breathable design is unique in that it is specifically engineered for style and function. On top of the engineered mesh is the NetFit technology which adds another layer of breathability to this shoe. Not only does the air flow help the foot maintain a comfortable temperature, it is also an important part of the design element. These open mesh holes along the side are a part of the lacing system. These are referred to as the NetFit design element. They allow the runner to create different looks every day and an endless amount of styling options that are also perfect for finding the best fit for each runner as well.
This shoe is very lightweight and runners commented that it almost felt as if they were barefoot while wearing it. Puma worked hard to strip the shoe down to only the most essential elements to ensure a lightweight, comfortable fit for the athlete.
Runners commented that this shoe has a very comfortable, bootie-like fit. There is no need to lace and unlace this shoe every time you need to put it on. It is made with a seamless construction in the upper that runners equated to a slipper in its level of comfort. Additionally, the unique NetFit lacing system allows the runner to create a customizable fit for each runner. Finally, the midsole is Puma’s patented Ignite midsole foam that offers lightweight cushioning for the runner. Even folks who needed to be on their feet all day commented that these shoes provided superior comfort.
This is a shoe that is unique to Puma’s Sportstyle line. This shoe mixes functional elements like an Ignite midsole and rubber outsole with cutting edge style. This shoe comes in four unique color combination, and due to the NetFit lacing system, runners can customize the look of the shoe to fit their unique style and mood for the day. This shoe can be used for light workouts and cross training, but many runners used it solely as a stylish shoe to add as a fashionable accessory for their wardrobes. It also comes in a wide variety of interesting colors that are not your run of the mill athletic shoe color pallets.
The key protective element in this shoe can be found in the rubber outsole. This outsole is designed to protect the runner from the elements on the road and runners commented that even after all day wear, the shoe still supported them and cushioned the foot without any discomfort. This outsole is also uniquely designed to act as a protective element and reduce the wear and tear to the rest of the shoe.
This shoe received mixed reviews when it comes to durability. Runners reported that the rubber outsole held up well against all day wear and extended use. The Ignite midsole also kept its shape and provided the runner with great cushioning even after extended use. Some runner commented that the unique design and shape of the upper tended to fray after light wear. Not all athletes agreed with this, but some did voice concerns over the longevity of this shoe.
The Tsugi Netfit provided the runner with great responsiveness. This shoe features a neutral drop and a midsole that is designed to provide energy efficient feedback. Runners commented that they felt close to the ground below them and were able to respond to changes in terrain and direction quickly and efficiently.
The unique lacing system of this shoe provides the runner with some added support. Since the Netfit lacing system allows the runner to customize their fit and feel, this provides a fit that is as snug or as loose as the runner feels is right for their particular needs. Additionally, the heel of the shoe features a woven heel counter that comes with the Puma logo. This heel counter helps keep the foot locked in place and reduces the risk of blisters and friction.
This shoe is designed for the urban adventure. Runners found this shoe to be particularly perfect as a fashion for everyday wear around town while running errands or spending time with friends. Pavement is the number one best surface for these shoes. Runners also commented that this shoe was a good group exercise classes or cross training activities like the elliptical machine, bike riding, or walking. Some reviewers even raved that this is a perfect shoe for Zumba and other dance fitness classes.
Considering that this shoe’s primary function is to look good, you are getting a discount at its current price point. Runners found this shoe to be a good value because not only is it under the average cost of a high-quality athletic shoe on today’s market, it is also two shoes in one because it can function as an athletic shoe or a fashionable accessory as part of your leisure sportswear look.
The outsole of this shoe has bars that run across the length of the underfoot. These provide adequate grip to keep runners safe on the roads, treadmill, or track. This shoe does not off an aggressive lug system that will keep runners safe on trails. Likewise, many runners commented that the traction provided on this shoe was not enough to take the runner safely across a slick terrain.
This shoe is extremely pliable and runners appreciated that this shoe easily moved with the natural movement of their foot. The upper is made with an engineered open, knit mesh that conforms to the unique shape of each foot. Likewise, the Ignite midsole foam provides a bendable landing pad for the runner. Runners can also expect to find parallel flex grooves running along the underfoot.
This shoe is not suggested for the runner who needs additional supports for over or under pronation, rather this is a shoe that is designed for the neutral runner. The design elements in this shoe support the natural movement of the foot and do not include any additional supports to correct the gait.

The Puma Tsugi Netfit Training Shoe features a more traditional drop. Runners who are used to running or walking on a traditional drop shoe will not have a problem adapting to the fit of this shoe.
Key Features
- Unique colors and styles
- NetFit unique lacing and support system
- Ignite midsole foam is lightweight
- Knitted mesh upper provides great breathability
- Woven Puma heel counter to keep the foot locked in place
Bottom Line
Puma's Tsugi NetFit training shoe is a shoe that is designed for the athletic who is stylish and cares about looking good. The upper provides a breathable ride that is also uniquely designed to allow the runner to create new looks every day. The NetFit lacing system wraps the foot in support and allows the runner to customize their own unique fit. The shoe comes in a plethora of unique color options. It is also affordable and runners were pleased with the level of protection provided by the rubber outsole. This is not a shoe that will carry you through long grueling workouts, but it is a great companion for light workouts like cross training and Zumba classes or as a stylish accessory for your everyday outfit.
Where to Buy
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