Puma Tazon 6 FM Fully Reviewed & Compared

Puma is a pretty well-known brand in the athletics world, popular for their stylish apparel, shoes, and equipment. Based in Germany, Puma has been making products for more than 30 years to pretty good success. Though they don’t quite specialize in running shoes, Puma definitely has a wide range of good quality athletic shoes. The Puma Tazon 6 FM is one such model, that can see everyday athletic use as well as use for running specifically. This review will explore the different vectors of this shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Great all around use
  • Strong cushioning
  • Durable
  • Cons
    • Not as running specific as other models
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Puma Tazon 6 FM is made of a pretty standard rubber compound. This rubber compound is functionally quite similar to other rubber compounds, in that it provides good grip and good durability. It isn’t particularly advanced in these departments, but it does an ok job overall.

      The outsole also features thermoplastic urethane in the center of the outsole. This plastic-like material helps to provide additional support and protection from underneath the foot. Finally, the heel of the outsole contains EVA foam, which helps to provide cushioning and a bit of springiness. Overall, the outsole is very diverse in its materials and is a very strong piece as a result. It offers a lot more than many other shoes’ outsoles, which might only feature rubber compounds.
      The Puma Tazon 6 FMs midsole is made of a pretty standard EVA filling. EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate, often sees use in midsoles thanks to the fact that it is inherently light and springy, and also retains its shape well. It does these here, and makes the midsole effective, though fairly standard also.

      Apart from this, the Tazon 6 doesn’t really have much that sets itself apart in the midsole department. This is a bit disappointing, as any materials that provide more cushioning or response would definitely have been a plus. Overall though, the midsole is at least decent because it does its job.
      The Puma Tazon 6’s upper is one of the stronger aspects of the shoe. The upper is made of synthetic leather, which is a departure from other popular uppers, which tend to be mesh designs. The synthetic leather gives the Tazon 6 a sleek look and also doesn’t skimp out on breathability thanks to perforations throughout the upper.

      The flexibility is a bit less than a regular mesh or traditional synthetic upper, but it, in turn, does offer more durability. Atop this synthetic leather is overlays which help to secure the feet and stabilize them as well, another staple of modern running shoes. The upper additionally uses Puma’s T-Toe construction, which helps to stabilize the feet as well, using a special construction also made of leather.

      Another feature of the upper is its EcoOrthoLite liner within. This is both breathable and antibacterial, helping to create an airy and odorless environment within the shoe. This piece also adds a tiny bit of cushioning under the foot, which is a nice plus too. Finally, the lacing mechanism of the Tazon 6 is specially designed to minimize laces coming out and to provide the most secure but comfortable fit.
      The Puma Tazon 6 FM weighs about 11 ounces. This is a fairly standard weight for trainers and athletic shoes modeled in this style. It definitely would have been nice for the shoe to be a bit lighter, but that probably would have been a tall order considering the myriad of features in the outsole, and the leather upper. Overall, the shoe isn’t too heavy, nor is it particularly light either. Weight isn’t really a big positive or negative in this shoe, and is fairly standard and expected.
      Breathability is quite often largely dependent on the upper because it is the piece wrapping the foot and enclosing it. In the Puma Tazon 6 FM’s case, the upper is synthetic leather. This material is not as breathable as mesh, which is a shame, but the perforations throughout help to mitigate this a bit. The perforations, in general, do a pretty good job allowing air to flow throughout the shoe naturally. The liner within the upper helps to add breathability as well, thanks to its perforations which help to wick away sweat. Overall, breathability is pretty good in the Tazon 6 FM, though it definitely could be better.

      Comfort is pretty strong in the Tazon 6 FM, mostly due to the upper, midsole, and outsole.

      The upper is comfortable thanks to the synthetic leather material and the liner within. The synthetic leather helps to securely and comfortably enclose the feet, making each step feel natural. The liner within helps to make the shoe more comfortable by improving breathability, making for an airy interior.

      The midsole contributes to comfort with its EVA foam. The foam helps make each step more cushioned and responsive, while also not adding too much to the weight.

      The outsole's additions to comfort are its TPU piece, and it’s EVA foam in the heel. The TPU piece adds comfort by helping reduce shocks and stabilizing each stride. The heel’s EVA functions similarly to the midsole’s in that it provides cushioning and a bit of response, which of course adds to comfort even more. Overall, comfort in the Tazon 6 FM is very strong.
      Puma is definitely strong in the style department. Their clothing and their shoes have a very distinct look and feel to them that make them stand out. The Puma Tazon 6 FM exemplifies this as well.

      The synthetic leather first off makes the shoe look very different from most running and athletic shoes. The sleek and dark design of the shoe also serve it very well and make the shoe good looking overall.

      The Puma Tazon 6 FM also could see use as an everyday shoe thanks to the previously mentioned sleek design. This is a nice plus for those who prefer to use one shoe for everything. The Tazon 6 FM is a stylish shoe overall, which is often to be expected of Puma.
      Durability is decent in the Tazon 6 FM.

      The outsole’s rubber material is pretty good at resisting impacts and not wearing out, though it isn’t really exceptional in any way. The outsole has pretty standard durability as a result.

      The midsole is much the same with its EVA foam. EVA foam is generally a pretty durable material, though compared to some other shoes which feature more refined foams, the midsole in the Tazon 6 FM is pretty average.

      The upper is probably the strongest piece in terms of durability. The synthetic leather that makes up the upper is the main component in this, as it is very good at resisting tears and general wear. Durability as a whole is solid in the Tazon 6 FM.
      Protection is acceptable, though it could definitely be better in this shoe. The primary pieces that influence this are the upper and the midsole.

      The upper protects the feet from the outside elements though enclosing the foot. The synthetic leather helps to do this, and it does an overall good job of keeping unwanted elements out of the shoe.

      The midsole’s main source of protection is its EVA foam. The foam does an excellent job of reducing harsh impacts and shocks, thanks to its cushion and springiness.

      These are the key pieces that affect protection in the Tazon 6 FM, and while they do a good job, more pieces would definitely have been nice for better protection.
      The midsole is the determining factor for the response, as is often the case for running shoes. The EVA foam makes its impact here once again. EVA foam is pretty good at providing response thanks to the inherent springy nature of it. Apart from this, the Tazon 6 FM doesn’t offer much to promote responsiveness. This is a bit of a disappointment, but the response is adequate at the least in this shoe.
      The midsole and the upper are once again big factors that help with support in this shoe. The upper’s overlays and synthetic leather material help with this greatly. In tandem, they create a very stable environment for the top of the foot, which provides great support for the feet. The midsole helps through the foam it employs. Once again, the foam provides support through cushioning the feet from below. Overall, support is fairly solid in the Tazon 6 FM.
      The Puma Tazon 6 FM, like most shoes, should be suitable for most of the commonly ran on running terrains. They will probably fare best on the less treacherous terrains, like sidewalks, roads, and grass, though they definitely should be usable on most trails too. On more intense terrains, however, the shoe is a bit lacking in proper support and traction. Overall, most terrains will not give the Tazon 6 FM any trouble.
      Price is a bit of a wildcard for the Puma Tazon 6 FM. The price fluctuates greatly, depending on different retailers or colors. For the lower end of the prices, the shoe is a fantastic bargain, but for the highest end, better shoes can probably be found for a similar price. Overall, though the price range fluctuates, the Tazon 6 FM will probably be a good buy so long as one can snag it for the mid to lower end of its prices.
      The outsole is the main thing affecting traction in this shoe. The rubber material it employs does a pretty good job of gripping onto most surfaces. As mentioned before, the Tazon 6 FM will probably fare best on less extreme terrains. Traction will likely be strongest in cities, though less treacherous trails should definitely not pose a problem. For very slippery or icy conditions, more specialized shoes should definitely be utilized instead.
      The Tazon 6 FM is a bit lacking in the flexibility department, though it isn’t bad. The main factor in this is the upper. The synthetic leather is a bit less flexible than more standard uppers which utilize mesh. That said, the leather isn’t too bad at flexing, it just isn’t as good as others. If other factors were included that improved flexibility, this shoe would be decently strong in this department. Because they weren’t however, the Tazon 6 FM is a bit lacking in the flexibility department, but still at least adequate.
      Stability comes mostly from the midsole, outsole, and upper. The midsole contributes to flexibility with its foam. As previously detailed, the foam helps to mitigate harsh impacts or forces which can damage the foot, or throw it off balance. This makes the stride more stable rather than allowing the stride to be affected by hard steps.

      The outsole contributes to stability with the TPU piece it uses, and the EVA in the heel. These together help to stabilize the feet by similarly reducing the effects of hard impacts. Finally, the upper helps stabilize the feet through its synthetic overlays, which keep the foot secure from above.
      The Puma Tazon 6 FM’s drop is not exactly listed, though it appears to be pretty average for a shoe of its type. It definitely is not small enough to be minimalist, and also isn’t overly large either. The drop is overall not a huge plus or minus for this shoe.
      Key Features
      - Synthetic Leather Upper
      - EcoOrthoLite Liner
      - Stylish Design
      - TPU and EVA enforced outsole
      Bottom Line
      The Puma Tazon 6 FM is overall a very solid shoe. For specifically running, there are more impressive shoes. When considering the price, style, and ability for everyday use, this is a strong shoe, however. For anyone seeking a shoe that can double as a running shoe or day to day shoe at a decent price, the Tazon 6 FM is a good choice.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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