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Reasons To Love The Cupid’s Chase 5k

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The Cupid's Chase 5k is the perfect race to run in February. Reasons To Love The Cupid’s Chase 5k www.runnerclick.com

Love is in the air. And for many runners across the U.S., we celebrated our love for running by competing in the Cupid’s Chase 5k. Those who ran (or are running) the event know (or should know) that there are many reasons to love this race.

Held on Saturday, Feb. 9 in cities like Philadelphia, Newtown, Nashville, Baltimore, Corpus Christi, Brooklyn, Princeton, Queens, Austin, and Sante Fe—to name a few,—Cupid’s Chase 5k is Valentine’s Day themed race where proceeds go to a good cause. Organized by the nonprofit Community Options, all of the proceeds from the race support people with disabilities.

The race was founded in 2009 and since then has become an annual tradition attended by many runners. Expect to see lots of red including tutus and heart headbands by some participants. All runners, walkers, and rollers (including wheelchairs and strollers) are welcomed at the event.

Photo: Cupid’s Chase 5K | Facebook

New Brunswick Cupid’s Chase

An extremely humble, get pumped crowd gathered at Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick, NJ. It was either pre-race excitement, but most likely the freezing temperatures that had runners jumping up and down and taking small laps along the park’s path near the starting line.

Braving the cold wind with frozen fingers under gloves, the crowd of racers lined up on their toes ready to go at the countdown time.

The course included two loops around the park. There was a race map provided, with course being described at the starting line. But after listening, it sounded easy to get lost with the number of directions. Luckily, this was not the case thanks to arrow markers and clearly knowing when it was time for the second loop. When in doubt, just follow the racer in front of you.

This runner raced this event before, in the same location for the Cupid’s Chase 5k in 2015. This gave an advantage because of course familiarity. This included knowing that the steep hill is early on and that it is run twice.

Despite the cold, there was no ice and clear paths. This made it a great course to attempt a PR or start the year off with a fast time.

It was shocking to see the amount of crowd support on such a bone-chilling morning. Spectators cheered on runners at multiple parts along the course for that added feeling good boost.

After crossing the finish line all participants were awarded medals, among the prettiest ones for racers who run for the bling. This is the main change in the event over the past years, a plus for those who like to walk away with a medal for their accomplishment.

After being huddled up next to heat lamps and drinking complimentary coffee and post-run food, racers looked on for the awards ceremony. Awards were given to the top 3 finishers as well as the top runner for each age group. Raffles with prizes were dished out.

What To Expect At A Cupid’s Chase 5k

Photo: Cupid’s Chase 5K | Facebook
Its A Race To Start The Year Off Right

Cupid Chase 5k races bring with it a mixed crowd of runners who take racing seriously along with those just looking to support a good cause. Some race as fast as they can to the finish, whereas others take a nice stroll. It is a very welcoming event and people of all ages and abilities take part.

This makes it a great first race of the year.

While this depends on the location, there generally isn’t that many runners who are racing for the top spots. This means a great chance to place in age groups for those who are looking to set the tone for the year or to kick things up a notch compared to fall races.

Runners Can Dress Up

Many runners like to dress up for this race. It isn’t mandatory, so some just opt for the race T-shirts that either indicate the participant is single or taken. Some people really get into it, and who doesn’t love a themed race?

The Weather Is Iffy

The weather is the main factor to take into consideration for this race. This is especially true for those who live on the East Coast. That means it is still wintertime, so expect it to be cold. Some years there is snow on the ground. Those who aren’t used to running outdoors in the winter might not want to start with this race as their first 5k.

It’s A Local Race

Even though it is a national race, Cupid’s Chase events aren’t as packed as Color Runs or other popular national events. Instead, there is a great community feel to it with many residents living locally. Think of it as a smaller scale race with still a great turnout and all the bells and whistle from a DJ to great race swag.

Photo: Cupid’s Chase 5k | Facebook

Why We Love The Cupid’s Chase 5k

  • Great way to give back to the community, specifically show love for those with disabilities.
  • A fun event that is themed to Valentine’s Day.
  • Awesome swag including a “Single” or “Unavailable” race shirt and heart-shaped finisher’s medal.
  • A great way to get “warmed up” for spring races.
  • The next Cupid’s Chase 5k takes place on Feb. 17 in Pittsburgh, PA.


The next Cupid’s Chase 5k takes place on Feb. 17 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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