Salomon Snowcross Advanced

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Editor’s Conclusion
What runners love most about this shoe is that it boasts a super-grippy rubber outsole that is equipped with metal spikes to conquer both snow and ice, but it retains its flexible and agile frame found in the Speedcross series.

The upper is composed of waterproof materials that keep your feet dry and warm, and a zip-up gaiter sits a few inches higher than your standard high top to keep snow away from your wool running socks.

Inside the gaiter is a drawstring lacing system that offers excellent lockdown, and TPU panel mesh that performs like a hiking boot but feels like a running shoe.

If you don’t want to move indoors this winter even as the snow piles up on the sidewalks, the Salomon Snowcross Advanced is worth checking out!

When the snow starts to pile up outside this winter, you have two choices. You can retire indoors to the treadmill, or you can gear up with the Salomon Snowcross Advanced running shoes.

It’s as if the Speedcross series had a baby with a rugged hiking boot.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Contagrip rubber outsole with metal cleats

Lightweight upper

Zip-up gaiter keeps the snow away from your socks

Ortholite liner for added comfort and moisture control

Lightweight design is made for speed

Mesh upper with TPU overlays keeps feet warm

SensiFit upper contours to the shape of your foot over time



Some runners found that they aren’t completely waterproof

Key Features

Key Features


While this shoe may look like a rugged hiking boot, the ride of the midsole is surprisingly lightweight and squishy. It is composed of a thin layer of EVA foam that helps to absorb shock and keep your joints nice and happy.

If you are worried that winter running shoes will feel too thick and stiff, the Speedcross Advanced is a happy surprise.

The midsole of this shoe is constructed to mirror the Speedcross series to provide runners with a lightweight and snappy ride. It offers just enough cushioning without weighing you down.

I also love that the midsole of this design is equipped with an Ortholite liner that can be removed as needed. This liner adds a layer of cushion and comfort, and it also works to regulate the temperature of your feet and wicks away moisture.

This insulated shoe helps to keep your feet nice and toasty, although a bit sweaty. The Ortholite liner helps to mitigate moisture to keep your feet warm and also dry.


There are few terrains that the Snowcross Advanced cannot conquer. The outsole is composed of Salomon’s Contagrip outsole that is durable and offers aggressive lugs.

The lugs on this shoe boast a chevron pattern that digs into the ground under your feet, but they are widely spaced to prevent rocks and twigs from becoming lodged in the outsole of your shoes.

This outsole is insanely durable and is built to tackle hundreds of miles, and provides runners with excellent energy return and flexibility as well.

Most trail runners are built with a durable rubber outsole with aggressive lugs, so what is it about this shoe that is made specifically for snow? On a few lugs in key areas of the foot. Salomon placed a few metal spikes to help you maintain a strong grip, even though the ground is a little icy.

According to previous users, these lugs work well in slightly slick conditions but are necessarily built for heavy ice. For seriously icy conditions, you may want to invest in a good pair of ice cleats.


When running in the cold, keeping your feet warm is just as important as maintaining a firm grip on the trail.

The upper of this shoe is built to keep your feet warm and dry without adding a lot of weight and bulk. It is composed of abrasion-resistant mesh with a durable TPU film welded on the top.

The mesh helps to lift hot air away from your feet, and the TPU mesh prevents cold air from penetrating the shoe. What you are left with is an upper that prevents your feet from overheating while also keeping them warm and dry.

It also boasts a gaiter system that locks in place high on your ankles. The gaiter design is great when running in a few inches of snow to keep it on the trails and away from your socks.

Inside the gaiter is a drawstring lacing system that allows you to simply pull on the strings to lock this shoe securely to your foot.

While the top layer of this shoe is lightweight and flexible, the internal system locks closely to your feet to prevent the shoe from shifting around during uphill climbs or downhill descents.


What makes the Salomon Snowcross Advanced unique is that it is a heavy-duty winter running shoe that is built for speed.

Often, winter running shoes are quite heavy and clunky and are designed more for long distances at a slower and measured pace. This shoe boasts a Speedcross design that is made for speed. Overall, I would recommend this shoe for runners that don’t want to be slowed down by a little bit of snow and ice.

While it’s great for speedy sets, it is also built for long distances as well. The Contagrip outsole is built tough, and runners can expect at least 400 miles of high-end durability from the outsole of this shoe.

The only downside to this shoe is that it doesn’t provide runners with the high-end cushioning that is found in other long-distance winter running shoes.

It will hold up for longer runs, but your muscles may be screaming the next day if you are used to highly cushioned trainers.


Overall, these shoes run true to size. If you are a size 11 in other Salomon running shoes, the same can be said for the Snowcross Advanced. Some users found that this shoe fits a little snugly in the forefoot, but it isn’t too uncomfortable.

The materials used are lightweight and stretchy, and the internal lacing system gives you plenty of room to play with a secure yet comfortable overall fit.

It boasts a SensiFit design that may feel a little too tight at first, but this is a shoe that gets better the more you wear it. The more miles that you rack up, the more this upper contours to the shape of your foot like a glove.

If you have never tried Salomon running shoes before, I suggest heading down to your local shoe store to give them a test drive before you buy them.

These shoes are quite expensive, so it’s important that they fit your foot properly. If you can’t make it to a store to try them on, be sure that you take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to Salomon’s detailed sizing chart.


Of all of the snow running shoes that I have encountered, this shoe ranks high on my list when it comes to style.

Often, winter running shoes are a bit boring, and look like grocery bags strapped to your feet! What I love most about the Salomon Snowcross Advanced is that it maintains the sleek design aesthetic of the Speedcross series.

The TPU overlays on the upper add a bit of running shoe-inspired style, and the heel counter offers a pop of bright color. It may be a shoe that is built like a tank, but it certainly does not look like one!


The downside of this shoe is that it comes in at a pretty steep price point. Unless you live in a part of the world that has more cold and snowy days than warm and sunny days, it’ll be hard to get the most out of these shoes.

The aggressive outsole is great for snow and ice, but it doesn’t transition very well during warmer months.

These shoes are almost twice as much as the Speedcross series, and users can only really wear them during the cold and icy season. The value of these shoes boils down to how much you hate running on a treadmill during the winter!


The Salomon Snowcross Advanced is a great shoe for runners that don’t want to be sidelined in the event of a little (or a lot) of bad weather. It boasts the durability and stability of a traditional hiking boot with the performance of a speedy running shoe.

What I love most about this Salomon design is that it is one of the few winter running shoes out there on the market that provides unmatched stability in a lightweight frame.

The outsole is made from insanely durable rubber with modest cleats that will keep you grounded and give you the confidence needed to keep your sets light and snappy.

Overall, I would recommend this shoe for runners that prefer light and snappy sets over running for long distances.

If you love running in the cold and snow, the Salomon Snowcross Advanced is a sleek and snappy running shoe that is worth checking out!