Salomon Sense Marin

Salomon is a brand that is known for their innovation and excellent with outdoor adventure gear. The Salomon Sense Marin is a technological powerhouse that is perfect for your adventurous trail running adventures. This shoe is designed with some of the more advanced protective elements to keep the runner safe from the surprising elements of the trail that can come up without notice. The outsole provides superior grip and traction via the aggressive lug system. Running on wet or slippery conditions is not an issue for the runner who is wearing this shoe due to Salomon’s patented Wet Traction ContaGrip technology. The upper of the shoe does a great job of protecting the runner from the dangerous elements on the trail, but it is also lightweight and breathable enough to provide the runner with a ventilated ride that is designed to keep the runner comfortable even during their longer adventures on the trail. The design of the shoe bright and athletic. This is not a shoe to be worn while running errands around town, instead it should be reserved for the intense physical activity it was designed for, taking the toughest trails and off-road terrains that you can find.

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Pros & Cons
  • Powerful trail shoe
  • Rugged look
  • Added cushioning
  • Great for distance
  • Lightweight upper
  • Cons
    • Too rugged for road running
    • Runs half a size small
    • Key Features
      The key to a good trail running shoe is an outsole that is designed to carry the runner safety and comfortably across difficult terrain. Salomon has one of the best outsole designs in their patented Wet Traction Contagrip. This outsole system provides an aggressive lug design. The lugs are various sizes and face in a different direction to act almost like a cleat to attach itself to the ground and hold on tightly. This outsole material is also designed to keep the runner safe from slips and falls on the wet ground beneath them. Finally, this outsole is made from a highly durable rubber that is designed to hold up to wear and tear. It not only protects the shoe from breaking down, it also protects the runner from the harmful elements of the trail.

      There are a few different interesting elements to consider in the Sense Marin. When Salomon created this newer model, they focused on the midsole design to increase the durability and comfort of the shoe. Salomon started their design with a traditional EVA midsole foam. This is a lightweight midsole foam and provides a comfortable landing pad for each footfall. From there they added their patented Energy Cell Technology. This is designed to absorb the shock of each footfall and return that energy to the runner. Runners reported that this shoe provides a high level of springiness and bounce as well. Finally, Salomon added one additional midsole element to create the most comfortable ride possible. This is the Pro Feel Film. It can be found between the midsole and the outsole of the shoe and is included in the shoe to protect the foot from the jagged elements of the trail via a TPU film.
      The upper of this trail shoe is designed to simultaneously provide the runner with protection and breathability to keep the foot cool and dry on long runs. The entire upper is comprised of a 3D stretch air mesh. This material is flexible and lightweight. Runners reported that the open mesh design provides the runner with maximum airflow and ventilation control the temperature inside the shoe. This airflow helped to keep the foot cool and dry, practically eliminating the risk of blisters. This shoe also features Salomon’s patented Endofit technology that is designed to provide a second skin feeling to the runner. It also provides support for the runner and keeps the foot secure and snug during their workouts.
      Just by looking at this shoe, runners can see that Salomon took the breathability of this shoe seriously when they were designing it. The 3D mesh upper is made using an open mesh design. This allows for air to flow both into and out of the shoe. This circulation helps keep the runner comfortable during their runs, even in hot weather. There are ventilation holes along the heel and the through the midfoot and forefoot areas of the shoe.
      Salomon does a great job of keeping the weight down with this shoe. Even though it is durable and provides a high amount of cushioning, the weight of the shoe is low enough that runners can feel comfortable and confident in picking up the pace. The men’s size nine weighs in at 10.1 ounces while the women’s version is 8.6 ounces.
      Due to the Energy gel technology of the midsole and the Endofit technology of the upper, runners can expect to find an extremely comfortable ride. Since this shoe is designed to take runners on their longs runs, Salomon was thoughtful in their additional comfort elements to allow runners to go longer without discomfort. These different technologies work to conform to the shape of the foot and create an adaptive fit that is snug and supportive. The midsole foam is designed to rise to meet the foot and support the arch, especially. The upper is lightweight and breathable and keeps the runner comfortable on their long, challenging runs.
      This is not a shoe that is designed as a fashionable accessory for the casual outfit. Instead, the look of this shoe is all about intensity. The shoe is offered in a few different brightly detailed options and runners appreciated that this shoe helped them to stand out on the trail. In addition to that, the bright colors and reflective details worked to keep the runner safe.
      Runners appreciated the high level of responsiveness that this shoe provided. They reported feeling connected to the ground below them, and this helped them make changes to their speed and direction without fear of injury.
      The key supportive details of this shoe can be found in the upper. The lacing system keeps the runner's foot secure and locks down the entire foot to reduce friction and irritation. Runners reported that the entire upper acted like a second skin to provide a secure, supportive wrap-around feel for the foot.
      Trail runners know that a good trail shoe has to protect the runner in a few different areas. For one, the outsole has to be durable enough to protect the runner from dangerous elements on the trail. This shoe offers a TPU protective plate between the outsole and the midsole. This acts as a barrier between the foot and any sharp or jagged debris that can injure the runner. Additionally, the upper of a trail shoe need to keep dirt and debris from entering the shoe. The upper of this shoe is constructed using an open air mesh that lets air flow freely into the shoe but also keeps debris from entering the shoe and causing irritation or injury.
      Runners were pleased with the durability of this shoe. The outsole is made using Salomon’s patented Wet Traction Contagrip. This is a thicker, more durable rubber than others on the market today. It holds up extremely well to wear and tear and stretches the life of this shoe so runners don’t need to worry about replacing their hiking shoe too quickly.
      This shoe is designed for the trails. It has an aggressive lug system that lines the outsole. This is designed to attach itself to the ground below and help keep the runner safe and secure on a variety of different trail surfaces. The underfoot design is too rugged for the road and should be reserved for off-road adventures only.
      This shoe is not for the runner on a budget. This shoe is more expensive than the average trail running shoe on today’s market, and while it isn’t by much, if you are on a super tight budget, those few extra dollars can really make a difference. However, runners did report that this shoe lasts longer than other trail running shoes they have purchased in the past, so they argued that the price tag is worth it.
      This shoe provides superior traction and grip. Salomon’s patented Wet Traction Contagrip is designed to provide a safe and secure ride for runners even on wet and slippery surfaces. Runners commented that this shoe helped them run safety on terrain, like wet leaves, and loose rocks on downhill decent, that other trail running shoes couldn’t handle.
      Although this shoe provides a variety of different support elements, runners were pleased with how flexible it felt underfoot. This shoe moves with the natural movement of the runner, and it doesn’t impede the natural gait cycle. The upper uses Salomon’s patented Endofit that stretches and moves with the foot to provide a customized, sock-like fit. The Energy Cell midsole technology is designed to move with the foot and provides amazing bounce and energy return.
      This shoe is a neutral running shoe. What this means is that the design of this shoe is best for the runner who doesn’t suffer from issues of over or under pronation (the unnatural inward or outward rolling of the foot while running) and who doesn’t need assistance to improve their gait cycle. This is a shoe for the runner who is looking for a natural running feel.
      This shoe has a heel height of 23 millimeters and a forefoot height of 17 millimeters which gives it a drop of 6 millimeters. There are different schools of thought around the ideal heel drop for a trail running shoe. Some prefer a higher drop, arguing that a higher drop gives the runner more cushioning and protection from the elements on the trail, while others argue that the lower drop is better because it helps provides the runner with a feeling of security as they traverse the uneven terrain of the trails. The 6-millimeter drop of the Salomon Sense Marin keeps the runner closer to the ground below them and makes changing directions and speed safe and efficient. Runners who ran in these shoes reported that they liked feeling loose to the ground.

      Key Features
      - 6-millimeter heel drop
      - Pro Feel responsiveness in the midsole
      - TPU plate between the midsole and outsole to protect against punctures
      - Wet Traction Contagrip outsole for added traction and durability
      - Multi-directional, multi-shaped lug system on the underfoot
      - Energy Cell Technology in the midsole
      - 3D stretch engineered mesh upper
      - Endo Fit technology provides a second skin feeling
      - Quick lacing system
      Bottom Line
      Runners will have a hard time finding a better all-around trail running shoe than the Salomon Sense Marin. Runners love this shoe for all of their off-road adventures. They found the added cushioning and comfort from the midsole helped them go on longer runs, while the lightweight responsiveness helped them to reach personal bests in their races. The upper of the shoe is stretchy and adapts to the shape of the foot. Runners liked the overall natural fit and feel of this shoe and the free and flexible movement. This is a neutral running shoe and is not designed for the runner who is looking for assistance with over or under pronation issues. The price may be a bit higher than some runners felt comfortable paying, but those that did purchase this shoe said that the high level or durability kept this shoe looking and feeling newer for longer and saved the runner money in the long run. This shoe features a rugged look that comes in a variety of bright colors that protected the runner in low visibility areas of their run.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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