Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung’s around-the-neck wireless headphones are the perfect audio accessory for working out at the gym. A little too bouncy for running, perhaps, the Level U Pro headphones are an excellent choice for listening to music while lifting or running on the treadmill. There are no pesky wires to deal with, and if you need to take the Samsung headphones off quickly, you can let them rest around your neck without having to worry about losing them or dealing with a tangle of cables.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Convenient hands-free design
  • Cons
    • Some found the volume too quiet
    • Noise canceling might not work that well
    • Key Features
      The Samsung U Level Pro headphones are good for working out at the gym. Whether you’re an indoor runner or lifter, the comfortable wrap-around design eliminates the need to deal with wires and cables. The sweat-proof construction is another bonus for workout purposes. The noise canceling feature makes these a poor choice for outdoor running. Some reviewers also noted that they were a bit bouncy for running purposes. For doing work around the house or heading out for your commute via public transit, the hands-free design allows you to be fully mobile.
      Basic Features
      The headphones are UHQA (Ultra-high quality audio) enabled and feature two-way speaker earpiece units, this means that the earbuds can be used for taking calls. The Samsung headphones are designed to sit around the neck and feature a flexible joint design for maximum comfort.

      Advanced Features
      The Samsung Level U Pro accessory is splash and sweat resistant. The Pros can also be used to take phone calls. Connecting together the magnetic earbuds pauses music or ends a call while separating them initiates a call or resumes music. There are also buttons should you prefer to control your music manually. The headphones have a neat feature where they vibrate if there’s an incoming call or to otherwise alert you to anything else happening on your Smartphone.
      Sound Quality
      The Level U’s are ultra-high quality audio enabled and feature 24-bit digital audio. The earbuds have a gel-like design that helps to isolate noise and offers great sound quality. The headphones also have an echo cancellation technology, which helps to clarify sound during phone calls.

      Reviewers weren’t all ecstatic about the sound quality, unfortunately. Some reviewers found the noise reduction feature didn’t work as advertised and noted that the Level U’s were good for taking calls only in a very quiet environment. Some wearers also found the sound fairly quiet. Most reviewers were happy with the quality of the headphone’s microphone.

      The Samsung headphones are Bluetooth enabled and connect to your Smartphone (Apple or Android) to sync music. The Pros also work in conjunction with a Soundshare feature which allows wearers to share music with other U Pro users. The headphones are compatible with Samsung’s Level App which functions as an equalizer and offers users additional features such as SoundAlive and Volume Monitoring. The app also displays the headphone battery level. Some reviewers mentioned that the Level U Pro’s Bluetooth connection wasn’t always reliable.
      The headphones feature a lightweight and flexible design. They come packaged with alternative earbud sizes for maximum comfort. The design of the set is ergonomic. Gel-like earbuds sit comfortably inside the ear canal, and a magnetic locking mechanism keeps the headphones secured around the neck when not in use. The majority of users found the headphones very comfortable to wear but not quite perfect for running purposes since they bounced too much. However, keep in mind that not everyone likes this around-the-neck style of headphone.
      The Samsung Level U Pros are available in three colors including black, purple, and an ultra stylish bronze color. The look of the headphones is sleek and very stylish. Despite the around-the-neck design, the headphones don’t appear bulky when worn.
      The Samsung headphones are reasonably durable and are water resistant which makes them suitable for workout use. Reviewers appreciated the splash resistant design and liked that the headphones could handle a bit of sweat. We’d suggest that you avoid wearing these during a downpour, however.
      Ease of Use
      The magnetic earbuds offer a simple way to control music and phone calls but controlling the headphones this way may take some getting used to. The neck-worn design allows for hands-free use which makes the headphones a great choice for listening to music in situations where your hands are otherwise occupied.
      Power Source
      The Level U Pros have an advertised maximum battery life of up to nine hours in play mode. The set charges via micro USB and users reported that the battery life was impressive and matched up with what was advertised by Samsung.
      The headphones are more expensive than your average pair of in-ear buds, but the unique around-the-neck design and two-way speaker functionality make these an attractive buy. Reviewers seemed to feel that the price point and performance were on par with one another.
      Key Features
      - UHQA sound
      - Water resistant
      - 9-hour max battery life
      - Micro USB charging
      - Magnetic ear buds for sound control
      - Able to answer calls
      - Bluetooth connectivity
      - 24bit audio
      Bottom Line
      The Samsung Level U Pros are a decent pair of sweat-resistant headphones for active individuals. They’re a great choice for the music-loving gym goer but are equally well-suited to the gardener, dog walker, or frequent flyer who wants a comfortable hands-free way to listen to their favorite tunes. These aren’t the best option for running since they do bounce a fair bit around the neck, but the particular style may appeal more to some runners than others. The sound quality is fairly good, and the headphones have a barely-there feel around the neck. Bluetooth connectivity brings these up a notch in terms of value and allows users to easily listen to music stored on their smart device and take hands-free calls on the go.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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