Saucony Breakthru 4

Saucony has a long history of dedication to the sport of running. With their first factory founded in 1898 on the high banks of the Saucony Creek, the company has grown in leaps and bounds, committing themselves to the comfort and performance that the company name has become synonymous for. Model after model of running shoe has been introduced over the years, resulting in amazing performance, outstanding records, and a strong reputation. Continuing on its predecessors’ footsteps is the Saucony Breakthru 4.

With a more adaptable and comfortable hold than the Breakthru 3, Saucony’s Breakthru 4 features a redesigned, engineered upper, changes to the outsole design for improved durability and underfoot rebound, the Everun topsole, Pwrfoam midsole, Tri-flex outsole, and IBR+ in the forefoot. Tweaks and adjustments throughout have made the Breakthru 4 even more comfortable and responsive than the prior model.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Mesh upper is soft and supportive
  • Natural drop at 8mm
  • iBR+ outsole rubber is responsible and durable
  • Lightweight, neutral cushion gives a smooth, fast ride
  • Added Everun topsole provides enhanced energy return
  • Neutral shoe with a responsive cushion
  • Cons
    • iBR+ outsole is not thick enough for trail runs or rocky surfaces
    • Loose midfoot regardless of lacing adjustments
    • Key Features
      The Saucony Breakthru 4 features the traditional Tri-flex outsole expected from Saucony. This helps increase flexibility and adaptability. The design itself disperses force over a greater surface area while delivering optimal traction. In the forefront of the shoe is the iBR+. This is a lightweight, flexible material that offers enhanced cushioning and a responsive ride as well as increased durability. This outsole is the Breakthru 4’s claim to fame.
      The midsole is where the majority of the adjustments were made on the Saucony Breakthru 4. They introduced the EVERUN topsole. A change from the SSL EVA foam previously used to the PWRfoam gives an increased underfoot comfort and maintains a lightweight, springy feel in addition to a more enjoyable running experience.
      A redesigned upper was also a new introduction with the Saucony Breakthru 4. The engineered mesh is more adaptable and comfortable than the Breakthru 3. It has a dynamically crafted fit that still provides a lightweight feel and breathability. The molded heel support creates a secure hold on the heel and there is a less prominent heel counter, adding to the support frame of the upper. The shoe fits well in the toe box with a medium to narrow size, but the flexibility in the mesh still allows for movement in the shoe. A thick, cushioned tongue rounds out the upper and adds still more cushion to an already comfortable, lightweight shoe.
      The Saucony Breakthru 4 features a PWRfoam midsole and EVERun full-length topsole. The addition of these two components to the shoe has added significant cushioning but also shaved off 0.1 ounces from the previous model, the Breakthru 3. With the added savings, this shoe is still considered lightweight, typically weighing around 8.6 oz for men. This will reduce foot and leg fatigue on the longer runs and protect joints from impact discomfort.
      A good running shoe has to be breathable for racers so as to avoid excessive swelling and discomfort. The Saucony Breakthru 4 has taken breathability to a new level. The engineered mesh upper carries 360-degrees around the shoe. This negates any possibility of a hot spot. The moisture-wicking RunDry lining and textile material built into the upper are extremely lightweight and breathable.
      Saucony has evolved over the years. With each growing trend, they develop new technology to be at the forefront of running again and again. With the addition of the EVERun full-length topsole and the switch to a PWRfoam midsole, the cushioning has been compounded. Pressure is more evenly distributed for a smooth, responsive ride and the topsole provides continuous cushioning, giving an enhanced energy return as well as a springy effect. Overall, the result is a cushioned, flexible underfoot experience.

      With the lightweight, flexible iBR+ rubber in the forefront of the outsole and the Saucony Tri-flex design, the landing zone returns energy at the heel strike and the flex groove design allows the shoe to adjust to uneven surfaces. The design of the iBR+ is such that it enhances the cushioning created by the other components of the Saucony Breakthru 4. This also increases flexibility and adaptability, providing more traction and comfort in each new step.

      The lightweight dynamically created fit of the engineered mesh upper provides an incredibly lightweight feel and increased breathability. The foot will stay cool and comfortable while being held snugly in place. The molded heel support serves as a support frame, keeping the heel secure. The Rundry technology Saucony uses with the upper wicks away sweat to help the foot stay dry, increasing comfort and reducing potential friction or slippage. And a thick, cushioned tongue is held firmly to the foot with lacing, adjustable to the runner’s preference.
      Saucony’s brand logo has evolved over the years, as has the overall look of the shoe. From a minimalist appearance to a larger, more cumbersome shoe, they have run the gamut. The Saucony Breakthru 4 is a streamlined, visually appealing update to the product line. Available in any color of the rainbow, it is black at the heel, gradually changing to the chosen color at the toe. The logo, representative of the two rivers and large boulders along its banks, has a smoother, sleeker appearance on the outside of the foot. The mesh surrounding the foot allows for extra breathability but is also dynamic in appearance, causing the shoe to look faster. The midsole is always white with the iBR+ rubber on the outsole in a complementary color to the upper.
      The main improvement on the Saucony Breakthru 4 is increased durability. Adding the iBR+ rubber to the outsole enhances cushioning as well as giving a responsive ride. However, the design of the rubber itself is incredibly lightweight but just as incredibly durable. Combining the iBR+ with the Triflex outsole was central to increased durability. With the increase in dispersed force, the larger area will absorb the impact of each footfall, increasing the flexibility and traction and causing less wear and tear on specific areas of the outsole itself. This shoe is great for daily training both in the gym and out.
      The protection offered by the Saucony Breakthru 4 comes mainly from all the extra cushioning. The combination topsole and midsole provide a cushioned underfoot experience that enhances comfort on every step. The increased dispersal of force in the Triflex outsole creates additional flexibility and traction, allowing the foot to flex naturally, reducing strain on the forefoot and Achilles. The iBR+ rubber outsole, while thick, is lightweight and reduces fatigue and increases traction on roads and track surfaces. Breathability from the engineered mesh upper as well as the moisture-wicking textiles used help keep moisture away from the foot and reduces slippage and rubbing. The molded heel support holds the heel in place securely, reducing potential rubbing and blistering.
      A lightweight, neutral cushioned shoe, the Saucony Breakthru 4 has an 8mm drop giving a natural ride with a lightweight feel enabling smoother, responsive runs. With the Everun topsole and the Pwrfoam midsole, the amount of fatigue is reduced and runners are able to maintain a longer run. The iBR+ outsole is a lightweight, flexible material keeping the show lightweight but adding to the responsiveness of the ride without sacrificing traction.
      With the redesign of the engineered mesh upper, the Saucony Breakthru 4 has a more adaptable and comfortable hold and dynamic fit than the previous version. With flexing at natural points in the foot, the support is where it’s needed most. A molded heel support is built into the topsole, giving a support frame for the heel and placing a secure hold. This reduces the potential for movement, friction and blistering.
      The Saucony Breakthru 4 is a traditional road racing shoe. With good lateral stability, the outsole is best optimized on the road or track surfaces. On trails or dirt paths, the Triflex will not have the ability to flex as well without causing slippage and possible falls. This model is great for training and races on tarmac or concrete multi-use paths, for any extended or shorter period of time.
      With Saucony’s dedication to the running community, they make every effort to provide the latest technology in every aspect of the shoe. That could mean a redesign with very subtle tweaks and improvements that make a huge difference in a runner’s PR. With that said, this is an extremely reasonably priced shoe. What’s even better is that the price is reasonable and it is an incredibly durable shoe. This is one that will last for more miles and costs less. That’s the optimal situation. Even with such a reasonable price point, the Saucony Breakthru 4 is not a shoe to take for granted. It epitomizes everything Saucony is and stands for and includes all the bells and whistles.
      The combination Triflex outsole and IBR+ customized rubber work together perfectly to make the Saucony Breakthru 4 a flexible, adaptable shoe while dispersing the force of the footfall over the major points and increasing traction. The enhanced cushioning also works to reduce shock and absorb the force into the base of the shoe, grounding the runner and allowing a more dynamic toe-off.
      The Triflex outsole in the Saucony Breakthru 4 disperses force over a larger surface area. This enables it to also deliver optimal flex throughout the foot and increased traction. In addition to the Triflex design, Saucony has added the IBR+ rubber in the forefoot. As a softer rubber, it is automatically more flexible and lightweight, but also offers cushioning and a responsive ride.

      The upper on this shoe is engineered mesh, making it much more breathable and flexible. Because it is a lightweight material it also flexes with the foot naturally, enabling the runner to forget the shoe and run.

      An extra addition to this model is the Everun topsole. This additional cushioning provides enhanced energy return and a consistent, springy cushion. Based on that design, it also adds to the flexible underfoot experience.
      A step up from the Breakthru 3, the Saucony Breakthru 4 added a molded heel support within the upper to improve the hold of the shoe at the heel. This keeps it from sliding and reduces friction. Saucony also added the Everun topsole in combination with the midsole of Pwrfoam. This makes for a better underfoot feel and overall fit. They also redesigned the upper with an isofit concept, making it more adaptable with a more secure fit. Each element combined creates a feeling of stability within the foot and little to no movement in the heel.

      With the Triflex design on the outsole of the shoe and the IBR+ rubber in the forefoot, this shoe grips the road better and distributes the force evenly over all points where the foot contacts the ground. This also adds the feeling of stability and overall confidence in the shoe.
      The Saucony Breakthru 4 has a neutral drop of 8mm. This is a natural drop and allows for a neutral ride with a smooth feel. With such a light shoe, this shoe is great for a variety of race lengths.
      Key Features
      • Everun full-length topsole provides enhanced energy return
      • Pwrfoam midsole distributes pressure for a smooth, responsive ride
      • Engineered mesh upper for flexibility and breathability
      • Molded heel support creates a secure support frame
      • Extremely comfortable and versatile daily trainer
      Bottom Line
      Saucony has developed a shoe that is built for comfort and versatility. They have redesigned an already great shoe and created the Saucony Breakthru 4. This shoe is lightweight and performs well at a wide variety of paces. The springy, full-length topsole, layered over a highly cushioned midsole sets the runner-up for a smooth, responsive ride. The redesigned upper is more adaptable and comfortable than previous models. With small changes in design, Saucony has managed to improve durability and create an incredibly comfortable shoe. With this model, you definitely, as they say, “earn your breakthrough.”
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      By Jennifer Frazier
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