Saucony Grid Cohesion 5

Saucony is a popular company, existing for more than 100 years, that focuses particularly on running footwear. Saucony focuses mostly on running shoes nowadays, and have dished out many excellent lines. The Saucony Cohesion 5 is the 5th version of one of Saucony’s neutral running shoe models. The Cohesion is a bit more bare bones than other higher models, like the Ride for example. That said, the Cohesion makes up for this by offering solid quality at a low price. The Cohesion 5 is a bit old in terms of when it was released, and as such is outdated in a few aspects, though it can still hold its own thanks to its good price and quality.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Good lifespan
  • Excellent price
  • Foam midsole for cushioning and shock absorption
  • Lugs for traction
  • Cons
    • A bit outdated
    • Lacks newer technology in some aspects
    • Lacks flexibility
    • Not suitable for everyday use.
    • Key Features
      The outside and bottom of a shoe, or the outsole, is an important section that heavily influences the durability in a shoe, as well as the grip. The Saucony Cohesion 5 uses a carbon rubber outsole material, dubbed the XT-600 in the heel. This rubber is built to provide good grip, and also be impact resistant and last a long time. This XT-600 is an older model of this rubber, however. For comparison, the Ride 8 by Saucony uses XT-900 in its outsole. The outsole of the Cohesion 5 also features rubber lugs, which are included to increases traction on various terrains. Overall, the shoe's outsole is solid, and offers solid traction and durability, despite having a bit outdated technology.
      The midsole is far and away one of the more significant aspects in a shoe. This is because it is responsible for providing energy return and also for mitigating shocks and impacts. The Cohesion 5 has a midsole made of molded EVA foam, which has been a staple of running shoes for quite some time. EVA foam is generally used because it is lightweight, and provides good energy return, while also cushioning and retaining its shape fairly well. Apart from this EVA filling, the midsole of the Cohesion 5 does not offer any other features. The midsole of this shoe is fairly average. EVA foam is usually a good choice for a midsole, but the lack of other features to maybe help prevent shock or stabilize is a bit disappointing.
      The top part which encloses the feet from above is known as the upper of a shoe. The job of the upper is to give protection andstability, while not limiting the breathability and flexibility of the shoe. The Cohesion 5's upper is a synthetic design. This was a common choice before mesh designs really began to dominate the market. Generally, the mesh is preferred for its comfort and ability to naturally allow ventilation of the shoe, but the upper of the Cohesion 5 is still quite good. It has been reported as comfortable by many, and there were no major complaints about the breathability. As a whole, the upper is well constructed and appears to be a very solid design.
      A running shoe's weight can be fairly significant, though it may not seem it. Lighter shoes tend to offer more natural feeling strides, while shoes with more weight usually provide better protection. For the Cohesion 5, the shoe is pretty average when it comes to weight. Weighing in at around 11 oz, which is pretty common for the type of shoe that the Cohesion is. The Cohesion's weight shouldn’t be a major source of problems unless one is specifically seeking lightweight shoes.
      Breathability, or airflow throughout, is a useful trait for a shoe because a shoe lacking in ventilation causes clamminess and sweaty feet. The Saucony Cohesion 5 is fairly breathable, primarily stemming from the upper design, which does its job of allowing air in and out of the shoe. Generally, the upper is most important in determining breathability, and it this is the case with the Cohesion 5 as well. Overall, the breathability of these shoes is solid.
      Every runner knows the feeling of wearing uncomfortable and also should know just how necessary comfort is for any shoe. Discomfort is made worse because the shoes will be worn for long periods. Luckily, the Cohesion 5 is a very comfortable shoe. The midsole cushioned foam and the upper are the main components of this. Many reports from users said that the cushioning of the midsole made for a very comfortable run and that their feet felt well protected from impacts. The upper adds comfort by snugly securing the foot without being overbearing or too loose. Comfort may be a very important issue with running shoes, but the Cohesion 5 is not a shoe that struggles in this department as it is quite comfortable.
      Saucony features slightly different design choices in contrast with other well known running brands like Nike or Adidas. The Cohesion 5 is available in strong colors, primarily dealing with various silvers and whites. The Cohesion 5 offers a decent, but not huge, a range of color choices for women and men. The design itself is simplistic but clean and straightforward. These shoes would likely be less suitable for use as an everyday shoe mostly because of their coloring and styling, but the option definitely still exists.
      Durability is always a big factor when considering a new shoe. Buying shoes frequently is certainly not fun for runners. The Saucony Cohesion 5 is quite durable thankfully, mainly due to the outsole and midsole. The carbon rubber of the outsole, though an older model, is still very good at preventing abrasions from impacts and common tear and wear. The midsole contributes with its molded EVA foam which retains its shape well and is fairly resistant to wear and tear thanks to the inherent properties of the foam. Overall, durability is a solid aspect of the Cohesion 5.
      For protection, the Cohesion 5 does a decent job. The outsole, as explained above, gives solid protection through its rubber lugs and carbon rubber material. Additionally, the upper adds protection as well, with its tight fit and solid construction. Finally, the cushioning of the midsole comes in again, protecting from hard impacts. Overall, the Cohesion 5 gives some good protection from most common impacts and grievances while running.
      Responsiveness refers to a shoe's ability to give back energy with each impact. Basically, this is how a shoe feels with every step. The Saucony Cohesion 5 is decent but not amazing when it comes to responsiveness. The main proponent of responsiveness tends to be the midsole, and which material is used in it. EVA foam here is a good choice as it offers a pretty solid return on energy, but the Cohesion 5 lacks any other features or designs to further its responsiveness. As a whole, the shoe's responsiveness is still solid, but could definitely be improved with other features or technology.
      The support of the Cohesion 5 is fairly good. The upper and the midsole are the main factors that contribute to this. The upper’s solid design and construction contribute by securing the top of the foot well, but still allowing a good range of movement while running. The midsole contributes again through its molded cushion, which supports the foot through impacts with every stride. Overall, the support offered by the Cohesion 5 is definitely one of its stronger aspects.
      The Cohesion 5, in a similar fashion to most shoes, are best if used on road. They can however, be effectively used on most terrains, including grass or trails . They are also capable of being used in rain, but they aren't waterproof, and care should definitely be taken.
      Price is a big factor to think about with any new shoes. The Cohesion 5 excels here as it is significantly cheaper than most popular shoes on the market. This stems from the fact that it is a bit older and also offers a bit less in the way of features and technology. That said, the shoe is definitely still a solid value for its price.
      Traction in a shoe refers to how well it can grip different terrains. The Cohesion 5 has good traction, mainly stemming from the outsole. The carbon rubber design is what provides most of the traction. The material is designed to grip various surfaces, and the rubber lugs on the outsole also are big contributors. The Cohesion 5 offers good traction overall.
      Flexibility is very helpful in alleviating bad twists or potential strains, and additionally for allowing wide ranges of movement. The Cohesion 5 is solidly flexible, but could definitely do a better job. If the upper was mesh as opposed to its single construction design. The midsole does help though, as its material is quite flexible. Overall, the Cohesion 5 is a decently flexible shoe, though it is definitely not exceptional by any means.
      The Cohesion 5 offers great stability for a pair of trainers. The main components of this are the upper and midsole. The upper stabilizes by being snug and securing the foot via the top. The midsole adds stability via its cushioning material. Overall, the stability of the shoe is fairly solid.
      The drop of the Cohesion 5 is 12mm. The drop of a shoe refers to the size of the heel essentially. In the case of the Cohesion 5, the 12mm drop is a very reasonable size and does not raise any concerns or major issues regarding it.
      Key Features of the Saucony Cohesion 5
      • Molded foam midsole EVA midsole material
      • Synthetic upper
      • Good durability thanks to carbon rubber outsole
      • Good price
      • Vibrant colors and designs
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Saucony Cohesion 5 is a very solid pair of running trainers. It offers less than more modern shoes in terms of technology and features but makes up for this with very strong pricing, and good value. The solid overall design and its attractive color choices make it a good shoe all around. For anyone looking for a long lasting but still low-cost pair of trainers to run with, the Cohesion 5 is definitely a good choice.
      Where to Buy
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