Saucony Cohesion 7

The Cohesion 7 is another light and comfortable neutral running shoe from Saucony outstanding with its decoupled heel and flexible forefoot. It's another incarnation of a popular model with the best features from its predecessors and some enhancements to the previous Cohesion 6. The trainers have good characteristics of durability, breathability and even visibility, and are sold at an affordable price. Not surprising that the model gathered mostly positive reviews. Discontinued at the moment, it is still available in some stores and stays popular among runners. As some of them note, the shoe feels so good and has such a good overall quality that it is not worse than many other competitors that cost twice or even trice as much. So why pay more?

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Excellent fit.
  • Great cushioning and support.
  • Very breathable upper.
  • Provide enough arch support and lateral stability.
  • Good quality and performance on a budget.
  • Cons
    • The shoe may feel a bit flat, especially for runners with high arches.
    • Ideal for comfortable running but not necessarily for competition
    • This model runs large, so it’s advised to order a half size smaller.
    • Key Features
      The XT-600 carbon rubber outsole is very grippy and suitable for various surfaces. It is also very lightweight and high-abrasion, and therefore durable. The model is characterized by the decoupled design of its sole that provides a smoother transition from heel to forefoot. There is additional padding in the heel which makes it especially shock absorbing. The shoe is intended for road running and similar surfaces. But the lugs and their arrangement on the outsole make it grippy enough even for more difficult terrains.
      The Cohesion 7 is equipped with IMEVA or injection molding EVA midsole which adds to the shoe’s light weight, comfort and durability. Its main feature is Saucony’s GRID technology incorporated in the rear of this section of the shoe. The GRID system is a cassette made of interwoven Hytrel™ filaments that absorb shocks on impacts and at the same time keep the heel from slipping. The GRID is the only cushioning that provides stable impact absorption. The design of the midsole and molded insole ensures underfoot stability and convenience.
      The upper is made of a pretty thin synthetic mesh that lets one’s feet feel cool and breathing. At the same time, the material is durable enough to stay unaffected for hundreds of miles. The upper also helps hold the foot in place from heel strike to toe-end.
      The weight of the shoe is 10.2 oz (in US Men’s size 10). The Cohesion 7 is not the lightest in Saucony’s range but it is still a lightweight shoe suitable for various kinds of running, including long distance runs.
      The very breathable upper of this shoe makes it suitable for various sports activities, from running to gym exercises. This characteristic also makes the Saucony Cohesion 7 a good choice for running various distances in warm weather. You may be sure that your feet won’t sweat even on longer runs under the Sun. In fact, this quality is one of the most praised by users. They often note that the shoe is so breathable that it makes it suitable for the most intense physical activities. People wear it not only on running roads and tracks but also while intensely exercising in a gym.
      Users note nice fit and comfortable lacing of the Cohesion 7. Compared to its predecessors, the shoe has a better-designed tongue that does not move side to side but stays in place. The plush collar embraces the top of the foot making the fit even more comfortable.
      Saucony running shoes are often loved for their stylish looks. The Cohesion 7 is available in Men's and Women's versions both in a few not very bright but good looking color combinations to choose from. Their style is also very functional: reflective elements on the upper enhance visibility which makes the shoes a good choice for those who love running in early mornings or late evenings. However, for some users, the design may look a bit old-fashioned.
      All the components of the shoe are made of durable materials that make the Cohesion 7 a very long-lasting purchase. From high-abrasion XT-600 carbon rubber outsole to a thin but strong mesh upper, the shoes may serve for years — depending on how they are used. And they can survive even extreme use! Some buyers note that they bought the model because it was cheap, and they were going to wear it for extreme runs and not to feel sorry if they're quickly worn. But the shoe exceeded their expectations as to its durability.
      The Cohesion 7 provides good cushioning thanks to its outsole construction and the GRID system incorporated in the midsole. It protects from the shock of impacts and keeps runner's feet stable. The model is best suited for warm/hot weather running, so it protects from the corresponding elements. However, it will not provide adequate protection when running in cold or rainy weather.
      The design of the shoe makes it responsive enough but not extraordinary. As with the Cohesion 6, the Cohesion 7 is a good running shoe for every day running, but not the most responsive on the market. The responsiveness is provided by the IMEVA material and the GRID system in the midsole. These technologies turn the impact of landing into energy for a responsive take-off.
      The Cohesion 7 is positioned as an everyday athletic shoe for an average runner not requiring more support and/or cushioning. For those who need additional support there are more suitable models in Saucony’s range of shoes, for example Saucony Guide 7 for flat runners or Saucony Omni 13 for overpronators.
      The shoe is created for road running. However, its outsole is grippy and durable enough for other surfaces, too. The traction is enough for trails, wet surfaces, and even grass. But since the upper is not waterproof, the Cohesion 7 is not the best choice for trail running.
      Relatively low prices are one of the key benefits of the brand of Saucony. The company manages to produce really good running shoes incorporating the newest technologies, and make them really affordable. The Cohesion 7 is offered for low prices compared to its competitors. This is another reason — in addition to the quality and other characteristics of the model — why people re-purchase the shoes over and over again.
      In addition to outstanding abrasion, the XT-600 carbon rubber outsole gives the shoe very good traction properties. The traction created by the material and also by the careful positioning of the lugs on the outsole is enough to feel confident even while running on slippery surfaces.
      The design of the Cohesion 7 with its decoupled heel and flexible forefoot not only helps running smoothly. Combined with the IMEVA midsole and mesh overlay, it makes the whole construction very flexible and comfortable for running and other activities.
      The stability of the Cohesion 7 is supported by the GRID System. This is a Saucony's patented technology that provides superior cushioning and stability by centering the heel on impact. That is exactly what makes it special: unlike other cushioning systems in technical running shoes, the GRID is a stable cushioning. The GRID is a cassette in the rearfoot section of the midsole. When an impact happens, the interwoven Hytrel™ filaments bend to the shape of the heel. And that is how the cushioning works while the heel is kept stable and in place. The GRID technology is still exclusive to Saucony, and this is one of the things that help the company stand out among its competitors.
      The Cohesion 7 has a 12mm drop. This means that the heel of the shoe sits 12mm higher off the ground than the forefoot. The lower is the drop, the easier it is to land on the midfoot or forefoot while running. The 12mm drop is quite typical for general use running shoes.
      Key Features
      • XT-600 carbon rubber outsole is grippy and durable.
      • Light and flexing IMEVA midsole is cushioned and comfortable
      • Saucony’s proprietary Heel Grid System technology enhances stability and absorbs shocks.
      • Triangular Lug Design provides traction and durability.
      • Reflective components increase visibility
      Bottom Line
      Saucony is one of the most respected manufacturers whose products are well known for their fit, feel and performance. The company puts a lot of efforts and investments into studying the biomechanics of running. The result is a range of shoes for various types of racing and athletes. The Cohesion 7 is an example of an almost ideal trainer for a neutral jogger. Incorporating many innovative Saucony concepts, the shoe has a lot of features sought after by amateur runners. Perfect fit and good cushioning combined with effective stability are just a few of them. Add here excellent grip, durability and other positive characteristics, and you will understand why people re-purchase the model. Even though it does not feature the best of the best Saucony’s technologies, the Cohesion 7 has enough great qualities to make it a good choice for those who look for decent running shoes for a low price.
      Where to Buy
      By Lena Hagen
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      Where to buy
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