Saucony Ride 10

Saucony is a huge name in the running world, known for their extremely popular running trainers. Having existed for more than 100 years, it is clear that Saucony has a good sense of what they are doing. The 10th version in their Ride series was released in Spring of 2017. The Ride 10 is designed to be a neutral shoe for all sorts of runners, while others feel they are one of the better high arch shoes on the market. This review will take a closer look at some of its features and whether it is right for you.

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Pros & Cons
  • Fair price
  • Engineered mesh for flexibility
  • Strong responsiveness
  • Comfortable
  • Cons
    • Some complaints regarding shoe sizing
    • Key Features
      The Saucony Ride 10 features an outsole that is made of a carbon rubber blend called XT-900. Carbon rubber is frequently used in outsoles because of its durability and its solid gripping ability. This XT-900 blend, in particular, is designed to have extremely high traction while not mitigating any durability from the shoe. Additionally featured is Saucony’s special Triflex technology. This is a special piece designed to increase the overall flexibility of the outsole and shoe. Finally, the front of the shoe features a slightly different rubber called IBR+. This rubber is designed to be a bit more cushioning and provides some comfort at the top of the feet. The outsole of the Saucony Ride 10 is pretty solid with these components, and as a whole, it does its job of gripping and remaining durable pretty well.
      The midsole of this shoe features a good range of Saucony’s different technologies. Primarily it features Saucony’s Power Run Foam, a foam designed to maximize responsiveness and energy return. This foam also is designed to center the foot and absorb impacts and pressure for a smoother ride, according to Saucony. Also in the midsole is an Everun topsole, which sits above the midsole. This extra layer serves to increase energy return, as well as providing a bit of extra cushion. Additionally, the midsole features some materials in the heel to reduce impacts there and stabilize the stride further. The midsole of the Saucony Ride 10 is pretty impressive, as it fulfills its purpose very well and is unique in several aspects.
      The Saucony Ride 10’s upper is made up mostly of a mesh design, a trend that has become hugely popular in running shoes. Mesh is great for running shoes in particular because it allows for good circulation of air and flexibility, due to the holes intentionally woven into it. Atop the mesh sits overlays, called Flex Film Overlays, which can be found on many of Saucony’s shoes. These overlays provide some stability to the upper, which the mesh can be a bit lacking in. As the name suggests, it does this without limiting much of the flexibility in the upper. The heel of the shoe also is woven, at the edge area where the heel slips into the shoe. This helps prevent the back from getting bent when quickly putting the shoes on. These are the main features of the upper, and they do a pretty solid job at ensuring a flexible, breathable, and comfortable environment for the foot.
      The Saucony Ride 10 weighs right under 10 ounces. This puts it very slightly on the lighter end when compared to standard running shoes. When compared to actual lightweight shoes however, the Saucony Ride 10 definitely fits in more with regular weight trainers. Overall, the heaviness of the shoe is not really a major plus or minus and is fairly standard.
      Breathability is strong in the Saucony Ride 10, due mostly to the upper. This generally is the case for running shoes, as the upper is what wraps around the foot, making it a key factor in breathability. The upper of the Ride 10 is mesh, as mentioned previously, and as such does a very good job allowing air in and out of the shoe. The woven holes and the material choice by Saucony are the main factors in this. Apart from the upper, the Ride 10 actually does not really have any other features to promote breathability. Luckily though, the upper does a good enough job to secure solid breathability for the shoe overall.
      Comfort is quite good in the Ride 10, and stems from the upper and the midsole. The upper is comfortable thanks to the combined factors of the mesh and overlays. The mesh gives the feet the ability to move naturally and comfortably, while the overlays ensure stability, creating a very comfortable range of motion. The previously mentioned breathability in the upper also adds to comfort a bit. The midsole’s main comfort contributions are its various foams. The Power Foam is comfortable thanks to its springiness and responsiveness, which makes each stride feel very efficient and light. The cushioning provided by this foam helps as well, by mitigating impacts and shocks. Also, the topsole adds another layer of cushioning and helps with responsiveness as well, compounding on the effects of the Power Foam. Finally, the heel cushioning provides even more comfort and shock protection in the heel. Overall, comfort is strong in the Ride 10 thanks to these features.
      Saucony shoes have a pretty standard running shoe style and feel to them. The growing trend in today’s shoe world is for running shoes to also double as everyday shoes. These types of shoes tend to look less like classic running shoes, and have a more discreet design, seen in some brands like Nike or Adidas. Saucony generally follows the more classical running shoe design, and this is pretty visible in the Ride 10 as well. The Ride 10 has a fairly standard design, though the mesh coloring does stand out a bit. The shoe is also offered in several colors, meaning there is likely a choice for everyone. Overall, the Ride 10 is a pretty standard looking running shoe, but that isn’t to say that it looks bad.
      Durability within the Ride 10 is mostly a factor of the outsole, midsole, and upper. The outsole’s durability comes from the different rubber materials it employs. The XT-900 rubber is great at resisting impacts over extended periods, as is the special rubber located in the heel. This ensures that the bottom of the shoe won’t wear out too quickly. The midsole gets its durability from the Power Foam and topsole above it. These two foams are both very springy and are good at retaining their original shape after repeated impacts even. This allows them to continue providing good responsiveness and cushioning after many miles have been put on them. Finally, the upper contributes a bit to the FlexFilm overlays. These overlays help prevent tears or rips in the mesh, extending the lifespan of the shoe as well. The durability of the Ride 10 is very good overall.
      The main pieces of the Ride 10 that provide protection are the midsole and the upper. The midsole protects the feet via its various cushioning foams. The Power Foam as well as the topsole and the foam in the heel all help to reduce shocks and impacts while running. This prevents damage to the feet, and also makes missteps and twists less likely. The upper helps via the overlays, which provide stability, making each stride safer. The mesh itself also protects the feet from outside elements. These factors all contribute to the protection of the Ride 10, and do a pretty good job overall.
      Responsiveness is one aspect that the Ride 10 does very well in, which is good considering responsiveness is one of the main selling points of the shoe. The midsole is the major player here and is largely responsible for the responsiveness of the shoe as a whole. The Power Foam in the midsole is a big part of this, as it does an excellent job of remaining springy and transferring energy with each step. The topsole above the Power Foam adds to this effect and has similar properties that help increase energy return. Finally, the foam in the heel adds even more response. The combination of these foams makes each step and stride feel very responsive and natural. The outsole also contributes a bit with the special IBR+ rubber used in the front of the shoe, which provides a bit of spring as well. Overall, the Saucony Ride 10 offers great energy return thanks to these components.
      Support throughout the Ride 10 mostly stems from the midsole and the upper. Once again, the midsole comes in with its various foams. These foams all help provide responsiveness, but they also help to cushion and absorb shocks to the feet. The Power Foam, topsole, and heel foam all do a good job of taking impacts and redirecting them. The upper contributes through the FlexFilm overlays. These help to support the feet by stabilizing them from above, making for smoother and safer steps.
      When it comes to terrains, the Ride 10 is similar to most standard running shoes on the market. For a majority of common terrains, the Ride 10 is perfectly well equipped. The best performance will probably be found on city terrains, but grass, dirt, or trails all should not hamper the shoe much. There were some complaints about traction in wet areas, however, so that is something to consider for those in areas with a lot of water, or frequent rain. The only other terrains that might cause trouble are very extreme terrains, where specialized shoes should be used anyways.
      Price is another strong point of this shoe. The price is fairly low for running shoes in today’s market. It definitely isn’t cheap by any means, but for the quality and features of the shoe, the price is definitely a good value. For those who want a shoe a bit below the common price for trainers, the Ride 10 is right around that price range.
      As mentioned previously, traction in the Ride 10 is pretty solid thanks to the features of the outsole. The carbon rubber blend itself does a pretty good job at gripping onto different types of surfaces, and the TriFlex contributes to grip a bit as well. Traction will definitely be best on roads and other materials commonly found in cities, but again, other terrains are also definitely runnable. Again, rain is something to consider, as some have claimed the shoes are a bit slippery in water. Overall though, there shouldn’t be many issues with traction in the Saucony Ride 10.
      The main features that help with flexibility in this shoe are its upper and outsole. The upper usually plays a big part in flexibility because it is the piece located above the foot that holds it in place. Thanks to the previously mentioned mesh design, the upper is able to flex and move accordingly with the foot while in motion, creating a flexible stride. The outsole contributes with the unique TriFlex design, which helps the bottom of the shoe flex and adapt to each step. This definitely helps with the Ride 10’s flexibility while in motion as well. Flexibility is decent overall in the Ride 10.
      The Ride 10 has decent stability thanks to the upper and the midsole. The main source of stability in the upper comes from the combination of the mesh and FlexFilm overlays. The mesh allows the foot to move around and flex in a comfortable way while the overlay helps to ensure stability without limiting movement. This makes for a very stable stride overall, as the foot can move around naturally while still being secure and supported. Stability also stems from the midsole’s various foams. These foams all help to cushion the feet and reduce the impact of shocks. This, of course, makes the stride more stable, even in the face of harder impacts.
      The Saucony Ride 10 has a drop of about 8mm, which is very average for a neutral running trainer. The drop isn’t low enough to be considered minimalist, or high enough to be considered maximalist. Overall, this shoe’s drop isn’t really a plus or minus.
      Key Features
      - Power Foam midsole with topsole
      - Mesh upper with FlexFilm Overlays
      - Carbon XT-900 outsole
      - TriFlex Technology
      - IBR+ rubber
      Bottom Line
      The Saucony Ride 10 is a great, all around well balanced shoe. Though it doesn’t really excel in too many areas, it is very solid in many. Its quality and features are a good value for its price as well. For those seeking a simple but effective pair of running shoes for a pretty good price, the Saucony Ride 10 is a great shoe.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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