Scarpa Mojito Fully Reviewed & Compared

The Italian Scarpa brand has celebrated 80 years of existence this summer and indeed, they have a lot to celebrate: with the Mojito shoe being one of the all-time most popular approach shoes on the market, it seems that the brand pin-pointed a niche of light-hiking and bouldering enthusiasts and made a shoe to suit their needs perfectly. The lifestyle Scarpa Mojito shoe is a mix of an approach and hiking shoe that is made out of durable materials resistant to the elements and has a balance of features from both categories. The only thing that makes you think twice before buying it is the higher price point, but if you like to travel with minimal luggage, it might turn out to be the cheaper option over investing in two pairs of shoes.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Moosejaw Link
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Backcountry Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Hybrid shoe for light hiking, short approaches and bouldering
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Versatile
  • Water-resistant suede leather upper
  • Flexible, especially after the upper softens up
  • Vibram rubber outsole for great traction and grip
  • Stylish and simple design
  • Comfortable on short hikes
  • Good ground feel
  • Lightweight, given the materials used
  • Cons
    • Lacks the protection of a regular hiking shoe
    • Pricey
    • Not a lot of ankle support
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Scarpa Mojito lifestyle/approach shoe is made out of molded Vibram Spyder rubber. The design of this grippy sole indicates the level of versatility this shoe has to offer. Throughout the middle of the outsole are suction pads that are reminiscent of a honeycomb, but they’re slightly rounder that a typical hexagonal shape and they provide excellent traction.

      On the outlines of the sole are the rougher, larger lugs that ensure a good ground feel and grip on various surfaces. On the front, there’s a dedicated ‘climbing zone’ area that ensures a secure grip on different terrain and makes different rock climbing techniques easier.
      The intriguing-looking midsole of the Scarpa Mojito is a dual-density thermoform molded EVA compound, which provides a balance of cushioning, comfort and stability through reinforced arch support. The dual-density midsole consist of a low-density EVA foam positioned below the heel, which has anti-shock properties, and the high-density full-length EVA foam with anti-torsion properties. While a number of people looking for a comfortable approach shoe are more than satisfied with the cushioning the Mojito’s midsole offers, there are some who expected more cushioning from a shoe that is advertised as a lifestyle shoe as well.
      The upper of the popular Scarpa Mojito is durable and made from water-resistant suede leather and features a stretch textile lining and slight collar padding on the heel to provide greater comfort. As most leather shoes, it takes some time for the upper to ‘break in’ and mold to the foot. During the breaking-in period, the upper lacks in comfort a little bit, but that all changes once the leather upper adapts to the individual foot shape.

      The lacing system on this approach shoe goes all the way to the toe and ensures a secure fit throughout the upper. On the front upper area is a durable and protective rubber toe-cap which, together with the lacing system reinforces the Mojito’s status of a good and thought-out approach shoe.
      At 12oz or 345g for a half pair of men’s EU size 42 (the EU sizes are due to the fact that Scarpa is an Italian brand) the Mojito approach shoe is moderately lightweight – in the approach shoe category. While there are approach shoes that are much lighter than the Mojito, such as the La Sportiva TX2 that weighs in at 9.8oz, the Mojito’s weight isn’t something to be frowned upon, given the fact that it dons a suede leather upper, a material that is naturally heavier than the mesh knit found on TX2.
      Breathability isn’t the primary (or secondary, for that matter) focus of the Scarpa Mojito. Approach shoes aren’t meant to be worn on long hikes, but rather be carried around for specific climbing tasks at hand – hence the name approach shoe. However, because the Mojito is a crossover between an approach and a lifestyle shoe, it’s meant to be worn on hikes, as well as tackling steep rocks, which makes breathability somewhat important.

      It doesn’t feature any dedicated breathability features, save for the miniature holes throughout the length of the tongue, but this airflow won’t be sufficient in the hot summer months. The leather upper naturally has some breathability to it and will not suffocate the foot in a way a foam or a thick polyester upper might. With all that being said, it’s worth noting there weren’t many customer complaints on the Scarpa Mojito's breathability.
      The lacing system of the Scarpa Mojito allows for the shoe box to accommodate both narrow and wide feet alike because the laces provide the needed adjustment and flexibility to the upper which allow it to mold itself to the foot. The overall opinion on the Mojito’s comfort is extremely positive. A lot of people have bought it just as an approach shoe and continued to wear it throughout their day, even in the city.

      On the other hand, there are some who feel like the dual-density midsole lacks the typical lifestyle shoe cushioning. This is true because, in order to climb rocks, it is necessary to wear shoes that give you a barefoot-but-stable feeling. To counteract the ground feel, there’s a padded insert that increases the comfort of the shoe and brings it into the lifestyle shoe category. For those who appreciate the unrestrictive fit that stems from minimal cushioning and flexible upper, the Scarpa Mojito will be a very comfy shoe.
      Because of the prominent rubber toe cap and the lacing system that goes all the way to the toe cap, the Scarpa Mojito looks more like an approach shoe than hiking or a lifestyle one. However, the various, yet subdued colorways that go with most casual outfits are what makes this shoe the best-selling Scarpa model in the lifestyle category. The shoe is discreet enough to allow you to go straight from the trail to the pub and from the office to an afternoon hike, without looking like it doesn’t belong in any of those places.
      The combination of the Vibram rubber outsole and the Italian water-resistant leather upper makes the Scarpa Mojito extremely durable and worth a couple of extra ounces it comes with. Additionally, the leather upper doesn’t have any exposed seams, and the outsole is shaped so that it’s slightly raised around the edges which protect the upper from abrasion, especially around the forefoot flex point.

      In general, the Vibram outsole is resilient enough to protect the shoe from untimely wear and tear. That doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible – after a few hundred miles, the Mojito, like any other shoe, will start to wear down, but there isn’t a component of the shoe that will deteriorate much faster than all others. This, combined with the fact that this isn’t a shoe meant to be worn on technical hiking trails, guarantees that the Mojito will be your approach/lifestyle companion for quite some time.
      Depending on the way you intend to use the Scarpa Mojito, you’ll find the shoe to be adequately protective or not protective enough. If you intend to wear the shoe everyday on short walks, as well as in nature while rock climbing and on short hikes that lead to the rock in question, chances are that you’ll find the mix of lightly cushioned dual-density midsole and the sturdy and firm toe cap rubber on the upper to provide just the kind of protection and comfort your feet need, while retaining good ground feel. However, if you mean to take the Mojito on long walks and intensive hikes that go on for miles and miles, you’ll probably find that additional cushioning is needed in order to offer adequate shock-absorption and impact-protection to the foot.
      The Scarpa Mojito isn’t a running shoe, so the responsiveness of the sole isn’t a factor of the quality experience it offers while hiking and climbing. The dual-density EVA midsole does offer some basic responsiveness in terms of the sole being structured and providing a firm and flexible base to the foot; however, this doesn’t have any effect on the speed or energy return that is usually present with a classic running shoe.
      Although the Scarpa Mojito has a reinforced arch, it still isn’t a shoe that should be worn while carrying heavy backpacks. If you’re going on a long hike with a heavy load, we strongly advise you to consider going with a dedicated hiking shoe and carrying the Mojito for approach purposes.
      Scarpa Mojito is a trail and climbing shoe that provides good performance while edging, smearing, crack climbing and bouldering, but can also be used for short hiking routes that lead to the rock you intend to conquer. The Vibram rubber outsole and the dedicated toe ‘climbing zone’ will provide a good grip on a smooth rock, but will have performance issues on more technical climbs.

      The Scarpa Mojito can also handle pavements, light gravel, and any other type of light hiking trail. But if you want it to be comfortable and efficient, do keep your trails light – any type of bigger rocks will make you feel every inch of the surface beneath you, which can prove to be an uncomfortable experience.
      The price of the Scarpa Mojito goes well into the three-digit territory, which makes the shoe pricey, regardless of its high-quality and durability. There are some better approach shoes that cost less, that’s for sure. However, this isn’t only an approach shoe.

      The Mojito is a hybrid which is greatly appreciated amongst the Globetrotters: it’s the kind of shoe you can wear when exploring urban environments and visiting world capitals, but if your travels take you on an unexpected day trip into nature or into an off-beaten path, you won’t need to change your shoes or worry about packing lots of footwear with you. In that sense, the Scarpa Mojito actually has a great price point for travelers, which explains its immense popularity.
      The Vibram rubber sole delivers what you’d come to expect of the compound material: it’s sticky, grippy, and durable. The Scarpa Mojito will provide great traction on most surfaces, and with the added stickiness of the toe bumper, you’re looking at a shoe with some great traction qualities.
      The Scarpa Mojito is a very flexible shoe, especially after the upper softens and adapts to the shape of your foot. The leather upper will practically learn your foot’s movements and mold itself accordingly, so that after a while, it becomes flexible in all the right places, while still retaining a snug fit around your foot. Additionally, this flexible upper will easily bend down towards the footbed when you wish to store the shoes or carry them around in your backpack, which is always a welcome trait, especially with an approach shoe.

      As far as the sole goes, the large lugs that are spread on the outlines of the outsole allow for a flexible movement of the foot without any restraints. This shoe is made for walking and climbing, so it allows you to flex your foot whichever way you feel is best.
      The sole of the Mojito is wider than the upper, which allows it to cradle the foot and provide a good amount of stability, especially while hiking or bouldering. The very back of the heel of the upper is reinforced with an additional layer of thick suede leather so as to increase stability further.
      The drop of the Scarpa Mojito isn’t substantial and in general, this shoe is considered to have a normal to low-drop, which is in-tune with its approach nature that requires plenty of ground feel and skews towards the barefoot sensation. However, the thickness of the sole on the heel is around 20mm, which provides the protection that allows you to comfortably hike in this shoe as well.
      Key Features
      ● Vibram Spyder rubber outsole with ‘climbing zone’ at the toes
      ● Dual-density EVA midsole
      ● Water-resistant suede leather upper
      ● Not very breathable
      ● Comfortable on light hikes
      ● Very durable, high-quality materials
      ● Pricey, but affordable to those who like exotic travels and want to carry only 1 pair of shoes with them
      ● Lacks cushioning protection
      ● Hiking/bouldering hybrid shoe
      ● Extremely flexible
      ● Great traction
      ● Simple, stylish look
      Bottom Line
      This relatively light, very durable hybrid shoe is a great investment if you lead the life of an adventurer that likes to go on hikes through nature, climb some rocks, but not go overboard with any of it. The stylish and simple design of the Scarpa Mojito shoe allows you to wear it on the trail and to the pub without looking odd.

      The price point of this dual-density midsole shoe is a bit steep, but it’s very well worth the cash if you like to carry only one suitcase on your travels and you make it a point of having only one pair of shoes that can do it all. The only thing to hold you back in the Scarpa Mojito is the minimal cushioning protection which can result in tired feet after a day of walking; however, a lot of customers have reported they’ve grown accustomed to this hybrid shoe which became more and more comfortable the more they have worn it.
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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