Scarpa Moraine Plus GTX

Scarpa's Moraine Plus GTX hiking boot is one of their simpler outdoor models. Its fairly basic yet rugged design allows it to fit in just as well in both casual settings and on the trail. Its Vibram outsole features a Dynatech 3 design to provide equal amounts of stability, cushioning, and amazing traction. A dual-density EVA midsole outlasts standard materials and ensures a responsive wear. The upper is made from 1.6mm nubuck, and it includes a Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining for waterproof protection. When paired with extra stability features, hikers have a protective and surprisingly versatile boot for outdoor treks and everyday life. Aside from its neutral colorways, the only other downside is the shoe's less-than-consistent sizing.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Highly durable

-Waterproof wear

-Strong traction

-Comfortably insulated



-Does not fit true to size

-Bland colorways

Key Features
As with many of trail running and hiking models, Scarpa has relied on Vibram to create the outsole for their Moraine Plus GTX hiking boot. This particular model uses the Dynatech 3 design, with multidirectional gripping lugs clustered mainly within the center along the forefoot and heel. Around the edges are larger, more aggressive lugs that not only aid during uphill and downhill runs but also permit proper drainage to ensure that the runner gets the most consistent traction possible. It's this design that allows for ideal cushioning and lightness, as well as a more stable run.
The Moraine Plus GTX has a dual-density EVA midsole unit made from compression-molded EVA, ensuring long-lasting responsiveness and cushioning on rugged terrains. While this would already work just fine on its own, hiking boots call for some extra features. An added cushioning unit is fixed into the heel for greater support and protection against impact. A TPU anti-torsion shank is also located within the midfoot area to prevent rolling and keep the runner's gait as smooth and stable as possible. Added support comes in the form of a removable Arch Suspension insole, which is equal parts cushiony and sturdy for optimal comfort.
The Moraine Plus GTX's upper is made with full-grain 1.6mm nubuck to ensure both durability and support. It also features an aggressive rubber toe bumper at the front to shield the runner against possible impact. Its truly defining feature is its Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining, which ensures a completely waterproof and comfortable wear while still allowing some breathability. Unlike many hiking and trail-running models, its lacing system features the same longer laces that are used in the climbing world for a more custom fit.
It's not entirely clear how much the Moraine Plus GTX actually weighs. Based on listings of the regular Moraine GTX, men's and women's sizes averaged at 13.7 oz. and 12.1 oz. respectively. Considering that the models upper was made with less nubuck and more mesh, it's reasonable to assume that its successor weighs a little bit more. And while this definitely seems heavy when compared to a typical running shoe, reviewers say that it actually feels very lightweight for a hiking boot. This not only makes it easier to wear on hikes but also a smoother transition onto paved roads.
As protective and comfortable as the Moraine Plus GTX is, it doesn't provide much breathability. This, of course, is thanks to its heavy use of nubuck for the upper. Its tongue is made of mesh, which does allow for some airflow into the foot chamber. But otherwise, it could get quite uncomfortable during hikes in warmer weather. The regular Moraine GTX is available for those who prefer more ventilation with their footwear, as made with mesh materials and nubuck overlays.
Reviewers on all platforms have stated that the Moraine Plus GTX is a very comfortable hiking boot. Its dual-density EVA midsole already does a great job of providing a cushiony and responsive wear on its own. But with the addition of an anti-torsion shank and Arch Suspension insole, runners are able to achieve a smooth and stable form that truly works to reduce pain, injuries, and fatigue. While the full-grain nubuck upper keeps dirt and debris out of the foot chamber, its soft Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining ensures a completely waterproof wear. As an added bonus, its Dynatech 3 outsole stays sturdy enough for hikes but it also provides lightweight and easy wear on paved roads. Aside from its lack of breathability, the only other downside is that this model doesn't always fit true to size.
While it's not meant to be a stylish shoe by any means, the Moraine Plus GTX is still able to fit in just as well in everyday settings as it does on a hiking trail. Its overall shape and measurements are identical to the regular Moraine GTX, the only major difference being that this one has an upper made entirely of full-grain nubuck. Its simple yet rugged look can easily pair with casual clothes and could be especially useful during the colder months. Like the original, it's only available in neutral colors. The only available shade for this model is Charcoal, a light brownish-grey. Accent colors on the heel are Air, a light blue, for women's sizes and Mango, an orange, for men's sizes.
It's no surprise that the Moraine Plus GTX is able to hold up so well against rugged terrains. Vibram is known for creating sturdy outsole units and this model's Dynatech 3 design is no exception, as it's able to hold up to both rough uneven terrains and paved roads. The dual-density EVA midsole is made from compression-molded EVA, which is known to be much more durable than standard materials. Full-grain nubuck makes for a much sturdier upper unit than mesh, as it's able to better withstand constant use and resist accidental tears.
Since it is a hiking boot, the Moraine Plus GTX does an incredible job at protecting the wearer against any hazard they might come across. Its Vibram outsole features a Dynatech 3 design to not only provide exceptional traction but also to stabilize the wearer and encourage a lighter wear. Its lugs are also self-cleaning in order to prevent loss of traction and possible slips. Its dual-density EVA midsole gives long-lasting shock absorption and energy transfer, safeguarding against pain and fatigue. A TPU Anti-Torsion shank and Heel Tension unit work to stabilize the foot and prevent injuries. The use of full grain-nubuck completely guards against dirt and debris, while its Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining ensures a waterproof wear as the hiker moves through heavy rain and streams. In addition, a rubber toe bumper is placed at the front to shield against accidental impact.
The Moraine Plus GTX's dual-density midsole was designed to provide an incredibly responsive wear that lasts. It's made from a compression-molded EVA unit that features two different densities which ensure a stronger level of shock absorption and energy transfer than standard EVA material. Hikers are able to walk and stay powered up for long distances without worrying about any of the chronic pain or fatigue that would result from walking on challenging terrains.
Reviewers seem very satisfied with how supportive the Moraine Plus GTX's wear is. The dual-density EVA midsole already provides the wearer with plenty of sturdy cushioning that keeps the foot properly supported as it moves across rugged surfaces. It also comes complete with a removable Arch Suspension insole that's more molded to the foot's natural shape and provides more cushioning in the arch area for those who need it. Furthermore, its Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining forms a soft, padded collar at the top to support the ankles.
Its Dynatech 3 outsole features multi-directional lugs that are clustered near the center of the foot for more stability and grip on challenging surfaces, while its outer lugs enable better uphill and downhill movement as they permit proper drainage. The combined use of 1.6 mm nubuck and Gore-Tex Extended Comfort encourages a completely dry wear that also insulates the foot during cooler weather. Hikers are encouraged to wear this boot on rocky terrains, forest trails, and even through small streams. As an added bonus, its outsole's design enables it to effortlessly transition onto paved roads and other everyday surfaces.
Though its price seems to vary depending on the online retailer, the Moraine Plus GTX seems to have the median price point of $150. Amazon sells this model for anywhere between $160 and $200, while other websites such as Sierra sell it for as little as $75 on sale. Though its average cost range definitely seems hefty to a lot of buyers, it's almost expected that a high-quality hiking boot will cost more than a standard running shoe. And considering this particular model's advanced levels of comfort, protection, and durability, many buyers consider it to be well worth every dollar they spend on it.
All good hiking boots are expected to provide incredible traction, and the Moraine Plus GTX definitely delivers. Its lugs are focused more in the center for greater stability, and they're multi-directional for a stronger grip on surfaces that include rocks, roots, mud, and streams. The lugs on its outer rim are more aggressive for a safer uphill and downhill walk, and they're specially designed to drain out dirt and snow to maintain its level of traction. Reviewers also appreciate the fact that they can easily wear this boot in everyday environments.
Considering its intended use, it goes without saying that the Moraine Plus GTX focuses more on protection and stability than it does flexibility. Its ability to transition from rugged hiking trails to paved roads and casual settings does mean that it's capable of providing some sort of ease to its wear, as evidenced by its outsole's Dynatech 3 design. Still, its sturdy and stabilizing features do mean that it will offer buyers a pretty stiff wear. Those who are looking for more pliability would want to keep looking, or they might prefer the mesh/nubuck upper of the regular Moraine GTX.
Any piece of footwear that's meant for use of rugged terrains has to provide the wearer with a great deal of stability. All of the Moraine Plus GTX's features work together to keep the foot secure throughout the day. Its Vibram outsole features a Dynatech 3 design with gripping lugs placed more in the center to ensure a truly stable gait. The dual-density EVA midsole ensures plenty of shock absorption and energy transfer to provide a smooth run. Though this, and the 1.6 nubuck upper, already keep the foot secure, they're aided by a Heel Tension unit, TPU Anti-Torsion Shank, and a lacing system featuring longer laces. All three work to prevent accidental removal, rolling, and possible injuries.
There's no online information that lists the Moraine Plus GTX's heel-to-toe drop height. Even the Morain GTX's product listings and reviews don't give the measurement of this feature, and they both share the same silhouette and overall structure. Based off of product photos, however, it's safe to estimate that it's anywhere between 5mm and the average measurement of 10mm. This means that runners are provided with plenty of heel cushioning throughout their hikes, yet they're still able to walk with a more natural gait cycle.
Key Features
-Vibram Dynatech 3 outsole
-Dual-density EVA midsole
-TPU Anti-Torsion Shank
-Full-grain nubuck upper
-Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining
-Longer laces for a custom fit
-Only available in neutral colors
Bottom Line
Overall, the Scarpa Moraine Plus GTX seems to have been largely well-received by both critics and hikers. It has all of the expected qualities that buyers look for in a hiking shoe such as incredible traction, supportive comfort, and a great deal of protection against accidents and the elements. Reviewers are especially happy with the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining, which ensures a completely waterproof wear when moving through small streams and heavy rain. As an added bonus, its simple yet rugged design allows it to fit and perform just fine in casual settings. There are some buyers who wish that it came in more colors, and its narrow fit did disappoint several of them. Still, hikers of all levels could definitely get a great deal of use out of this model.
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