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Skechers Gorun Forza 3 Fully Reviewed Review Facts

The Skechers Gorun Forza 3 is light stability running shoe that has just about everything. It is a shoe with a natural drop, made for overpronators and people with low and normal arches. The 3D structural mesh upper has some great stability features and provides a comfortable, snug fit, while the triple-density full-length foam midsole makes the shoe responsive, durable and stabilizes the forefoot instead of just ending midfoot – which isn’t that common, even with stability shoes. This is also the main difference compared to Forza 2, its predecessor. Forza 3 is arguably one of the best stability shoes on the market, and it’s worth every penny.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely durable outsole – up to 450-500 miles
  • Lightweight
  • FLIGHT GEN™ triple-density midsole
  • Responsive
  • Versatile
  • Flexible, provides swift toe-off
  • Appealing sporty design
  • Comfortable
  • 6mm natural drop that favors mid-strikers as well as mild heel-strikers
  • Breathable
  • Great stability features
  • Supportive, great for mild overpronation, low and normal arches
  • Everyday running shoe that can sustain marathons
  • A few runners experienced blistering
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  • There is a lot of praise for the overall comfort and stability.
  • The upper is comfortable yet sturdy.
  • The flexibility of the upper won't add pressure to bunions.
  • Buyers say this is a good update in the GORun Forza line.
  • The materials are lightweight and won't weigh you down.
  • The forefoot is roomy while the heel cup has a snug fit to prevent slipping.
  • There are good reviews from people who wear these all day at work.
  • There are good reviews from casual wearers and avid runners.
  • These work well with orthotics.
  • According to buyers, these can help people who overpronate.
  • The upper dries quickly.
  • Laces stay tied during runs.
  • These have cushion without being too squishy.
  • The cushioning and design helps to take stress off of knees.
  • According to one runner, these work well for uphills and downhills.
  • There are some sizing inconsistencies with other Skechers running shoes.
  • The tongue design is not for everyone. It affects the fit of these shoes.
  • There are a few reports of rub and blisters on the instep and ankle.
  • These are not ideal for wide feet.
  • A few reviewers report squeaking from the soles.
  • The insole does not have as much cushion as some other Skechers.
  • There are limited sizes.
  • From the design of the laces, it is difficult to get a snug fit around the midfoot.
  • One reviewer noted issues with the sole separating from the upper within the first 6 months.
  • There are limited customer reviews on the long term durability.
  • There are limited reviews from runners.
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The outsole of the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 stability shoe is made out of a rubber compound that is sturdy, durable and able to protect the outsole from wear and tear caused by asphalt and other abrasive surfaces. Instead of the lugs, we’re used to seeing in durable outsoles, this one features linear indents throughout the length of the sole that, offer good traction and control.
The thin flex grooves located mainly in the midfoot and the center of the forefoot area of the shoe make the sole flexible and able to move with the foot during the running session, providing smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

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The lightweight FLIGHT GEN™ compound is the key material used in the unorthodox midsole unit of the GOrun Forza 3. Instead of opting for a stability midfoot shaft or another stability system that ends midfoot, the brand decided to make triple-density foams throughout the entire length of the midsole. The three different-density foams increase the durability of the midsole significantly, while also providing a lot of stability and responsive cushioning.

Additionally, the three layers do a great job of protecting the foot from shock impact during the landing phase of the gait cycle. This innovative midsole features an M-Strike configuration which enables the runner to feel the midfoot part of the foamy midsole as the point of ground contact, which not only provides a more efficient ride but also lessens the strain on the joints and bones that usually occurs with heel-striking.


The woven, 3D structural mesh covers the entirety of the Skechers GOrun Forza 3’s upper. Apart from increased breathability which is somewhat to be expected of these types of uppers, it actually offers a lot of stability, as well. The woven upper provides a snug fit on the foot, and the wrap-around pattern enables the lacing system to be effective in locking the heel in place, so as to avoid any slipping, while also adhering to each individual shape of the foot.

On the back section of the upper is a supportive strap that adds a layer of stability, and the padded collar and molded heel provide comfort and discreet support. On the back of the heel is a practical pull-tab that makes putting the shoe on and removing it a breeze.


The great thing about this stability shoe is that it isn’t traditional and exceeds expectations. While a number of stability running shoes tend to be on the heavier side due to the elaborate shafts and firm upper materials used in their construction, the GOrun Forza 3 is actually quite a lightweight shoe. At 9.2oz or 261g for the men’s and 7.3oz or 207g for the women’s half-pair, they are definitely in the lightweight category. This can be contributed to the lightweight, triple-density midsole that enables you to do a variety of workouts and wear the shoe for a long period of time, without feeling like it’s weighing you down.


The woven mesh upper of this fresh stability shoe is moderately breathable – it won’t leave your feet wet or overheated, but it’s protective enough so that you won’t feel the breeze just piercing through the fabric. Some runners have noted that they were completely satisfied with this shoe’s breathability in the middle of the California summer.


One thing is certain: the GOrun Forza 3 will provide you a comfy ride for as long as you wear it. The triple-density midsole is on the firmer side, due to the fact that this is a stability shoe, so don’t expect the ‘walking-on-clouds’ feel to it; we’d best describe it as supportive comfort, which isn’t that easy to find in the stability shoe category. The toe box of this running shoe is roomy enough so that you can flex and wiggle your toes without an issue.

The widths available are B – Medium for the women’s version and D – Medium for the men’s. This isn’t a very wide shoe, but the snug, yet flexible upper will have no problem in adjusting to wider feet. A few runners have complained about blisters and a hard insole, but this isn’t unusual when switching from a cushiony neutral to a sturdier supportive shoe and it will go away after a few wears.


The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 comes in several different colorways that are modern and easily blendable into a variety of sporty outfits. The two-toned mesh upper looks sleek, and the thick midsole features two colors on the separate lateral sides, which adds a note of stylishness to the shoe. However, this shoe isn’t meant to be worn as a lifestyle shoe when it comes to looks – it is apparent that we’re dealing with a running shoe that will have a hard time doubling as your everyday walking shoes unless you’re really into hoodies and jeans. However, this doesn’t take much away from its appeal and sports elegance design.


Durability is one of the great traits of this amazingly-built shoe. The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 will easily surpass the average running shoe lifespan of 300-350 miles and will go on to up to 450-500 miles, depending on the terrain you’re running on and a variety of other factors. This shoe has proven to be a great choice for marathons and half-marathons, due to the rare combination of their light weight and durability.


The triple-density midsole offers a lot of comfort and impact protection for the foot. This makes the shoe a great choice for everyday runs, as well as walking. Also, the M-Strike configuration featured in the midsole prevents putting too much strain on your muscles, knees, joints, and back, lowering your chances of getting injured while running, which wouldn’t come as a shock to any heel-striker.


The sole of this running shoe is built in a way that promotes fast take-off. With the flexibility and traction linear indents in the sole, the forefoot is flexible enough so as to not require too much responsiveness in order to provide a smooth and springy ride. The responsiveness of the midsole is consistent throughout its length, and the M-strike configuration promotes a fast gait cycle. The ride in the GOrun Forza 3 is firmer and more responsive than any other Skechers running shoe thus far.


Arch support and stability go hand in hand, and seeing how this is a stability running shoe, intended for people who have overpronation and require mild-to-moderate arch support, the GOrun Forza 3 does a great job at supporting the foot. It’s meant for runners that have low or normal arches – some runners with high arches have complained that the shoe wasn’t as comfortable for them.

The triple-density midsole will prevent the arches from collapsing, while not being too aggressive with the sometimes overbearing support of stability shoes. Instead of going completely against your natural movements, this shoe is built in a way that ‘nudges’ you in the right direction.


The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 stability shoe performs best on roads, pavements, gym floors, tracks, light gravel, and other kinds of flat surfaces you usually find in the city. This has proven to be a reliable shoe to wear during a marathon race, so feel free to run in them for as long as you please.


Given its durability, stability features, comfort, and the overall quality, the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 is an adequately priced shoe. There are many shoes that offer less quality for almost double the price of the Forza 3; while it’s true that you’re paying upwards of a C-note for a pair of running shoes, we are absolutely sure that you won’t regret buying them.


The traction linear indents on the outsole provide a good level of traction, and they grip especially well on dry surfaces. The compound rubber used to build the outsole provides security and control over your step and you won’t experience any issues with traction while running on appropriate terrain, even on a lightly wet surface.


The upper of the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 creates a great balance between having stability properties and having supreme flexibility as well. The upper will mold to your foot, gently supporting it and preventing it from twisting or slipping inside the shoe box. The fit it offers is consistent throughout the upper and the material will hug your foot, moving together with it.
The outsole flex grooves are shaped in a way that promotes the foot’s forward roll and provides a swift toe-off. While stability shoes don’t usually have (almost) any flex to them, the Forza 3 showcases how both can be achieved when the shoe is well thought-out.


All overpronators who have tried the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 are more than pleased with its stability features that correct their step, helping them to prevent any discomfort that would’ve been inevitable with a neutral running shoe. The upper has specific traits that serve the purpose of stabilizing the foot, without jeopardizing comfort and flexibility.

Additionally, the sole of the shoe is wider than the shoe box, especially in the lateral forefoot and the lateral heel areas so that your foot always has a secure landing. The triple-density foam plays a crucial role in the category of stability due to the fact that it goes all the way to the forefoot, increasing its stability, instead of just stopping midfoot, as most stability shoes do.


With the heel measuring 23mm and the 17mm forefoot height, the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 has a 6mm drop, which could be considered as a compromise zone. This is a shoe that midfoot strikers will enjoy immensely, but the M-strike configuration in the midsole will make it enjoyable for mild heel-strikers as well. This is also a great drop to try out if you’d like to try and develop a more natural gait without shocking your locomotor system.
Key Features

Key Features

● Durable rubber compound outsole
● Lightweight FLIGHT GEN™ midsole with triple-density full-length foams
● Woven 3D structural mesh upper
● Breathable
● Very comfortable
● Good price point
● Extremely durable
● Road, track and treadmill shoe
● Appealing design
● Stability shoe suitable for overpronators
● Moderate flexibility
● Good responsiveness
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 has been dubbed as one of the overall best light stability shoes on the market. Its stability and support features, along with it's out of this world durability to have been the main points of praise for this running shoe. The innovative triple-density midsole offers a lot of support while providing stability as well, thanks to the full-length foam, which isn’t a norm in the stability shoe world. Other brands – take note.

This is a performance shoe that can be used for daily runs around the block as well as marathons. It provides more than enough energy-return and a bouncy ride. Although most runners agree that it’s a comfortable shoe, there are some who have experienced blistering and who think that the insole is too firm. However, this isn’t that strange for a stability shoe, it’s all part of the game.

Overall, this is a great light stability shoe that doesn’t have any great flaws. If you do require more stability, consider getting the Brooks Adrenaline. However, if you just need some gentle, mild gait correction with appealing design and immense durability, there really isn’t a shoe on the market that fits better into that description than the Skechers GOrun Forza 3.