Skechers Stamina Cutback

The company that produces a full range of shoes, from light-up running shoes that any kid will like to a charity-focused brand and an award-winning performance shoe is back with another lifestyle shoe that is heavy on comfort as well as style. Skechers hit the scene in 1992 with one of the founders of the LA Gear brand as well as his son. They were more interested in the popular Doc Martens at the time but diverted from that line to manufacture and sell their own line. Fast forward over 25 years, and Skechers now has over 3,000 styles available in over 160 countries all over the glove. Combining the performance focus with the comfortable lifestyle brand is a blend that works perfectly. This is evident in the Skechers Stamina Cutback.

These highly flexible, shock absorbing shoes are lightweight, true to size, and feature a Trubuck durable leather upper with synthetic overlays. The Skechers Stamina Cutback are incredibly breathable but have a fully supportive, comfortable feel. The stitching accents on this model add personality and the padded collar and tongue both are reinforced to reduce fraying. The toe has added leather and rubber that curls up to protect from any obstructions. With a midsole of Air Cooled Memory Foam along the full length and outsole of a sturdy rubber with an additional traction-focused design, the Skechers Stamina Cutback is shock-absorbing, comfortable and ready for your adventure.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Mesh fabric panels
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam footbed
  • Highly flexible shock-absorbing outsole
  • Lightweight materials throughout the shoe
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Dura-grip flexible rubber
  • Cons
    • This shoe features a very large toe box
    • The insole is memory foam for comfort and stability
    • Key Features
      The Dura-Grip rubber outsole of the Skechers Stamina Cutback is highly flexible. With deep grooves surrounding the foot as well as across flex points, the sole will flex with your foot naturally at each step. The coverage areas have a variety of patterns and designs to add to the flexibility and reduce any resistance to the natural flex. Each level of traction provides additional stability with movement, despite any debris or obstacles in the way. Connected to a shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole and an Air Cooled memory foam insole, the base of this shoe is so soft, it’s like you’re walking on a pillow.
      The midsole of the Skechers Stamina Cutback is an EVA foam construct, articulated from heel to toe. An Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole also covers the full length of the foot, providing a fully cushioned, comfortable base. The foam design will help to absorb the impact of the activity, protecting knees and legs from high contact fatigue and overuse.
      The upper of the Skechers Stamina Cutback is a lightweight leather upper with synthetic overlays and mesh fabric panels for a cooling effect. Breathable cordura mesh panels are on the side of each shoe, encouraging additional air flow into the shoe and around the foot. This creates a combination of a comfortable and breathable fit. The engineered mesh fabric panels are designed exclusively for cooling and air flow through the shoe. Skechers also incorporated padding into the tongue and collar. They’ve also added a smooth, synthetic detail at the heel, toe and along the laces for increased durability, additional support and to reduce fraying.
      This shoe is described as a lightweight shoe. That is supported by the breathable mesh upper, synthetic overlays and foam midsole/lightweight outsole combination. Each attribute reduces potential weight. Weighing around 13 ounces, depending on sizing, this shoe will feel extremely light on your foot.
      The Skechers Stamina Cutback features lightweight mesh fabric panels that encourage fresh air flow into the shoe for a cool, dry feel. The cordura mesh side panels allow air into the shoe and around the foot, evaporating excess moisture and keeping the foot cool and dry. The engineered leather construction of the upper ensured Skechers that they could keep the Stamina Cutback lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing any cushion. Even on a walk through downtown New York in the heart of the summer, your feet will be cool and comfortable.
      Skechers has created a name in the lifestyle footwear industry, as well as being a performance shoe manufacturer. With the combined focus on performance and style, the designers are also responsible for ensuring a great fit, a durable product, and a comfortable experience. They have done that and more with the Skechers Stamina Cutback. With the addition of cushioning on the tongue and collar, a soft fabric shoe lining, relaxed fit design for even the widest feet, and an Air Cooled Memory Foam insole along the full length of the foot, they have checked all the boxes.

      The lightweight, snug, mesh and leather upper keeps feet cool but adds support at the same time. Additional stitching around the foot, all-around cushioning and a padded collar and tongue create a soft feel all around the foot. The breathable mesh upper and sides allow air into the shoe while creating an optimal comfort and fit.
      The design of the Skechers Stamina Cutback is similar to most Skechers but with an updated midsole and variable pattern outsole design, bringing back the original Skechers design and feel. The main is a black or white design with a two-tone midsole/outsole combination. Skechers Stamina Cutback features a colorblocking style with gray, white and black being the main sellers. The familiar S for Skechers is on the outside of the foot as well as on the tip of the tongue. The tongue lets you know this model is from the Skechers’ sports family but the design tells you this can be your favorite shoe, every day.

      With a comfortable mesh and leather combination, the entire upper is a comfortable fitting piece. The fabric panels are dual purpose for additional cooling and to add to the design. The mesh material blends with the shoe’s overall color, adding to the dramatic design effect. Cushioning along the collar and tongue add to the solid appearance of the shoe and the comfort of your foot.
      The Skechers Stamina Cutback is exactly what you want from a Skechers product. The rubber outsole is thick and comfortable with a memory foam midsole and variable pattern outsole combination for traction and insane flexibility. The thickness of the rubber is fairly standard with a traditional makeup but appears thicker with the exterior design as it wraps up onto the toe cap. These shoes should be expected to last the average number of miles with daily use of standing, walking or running. If rotating them into a cycle with other shoes, they should last considerably longer. With so much focus on breathability, the Air Cooled Memory Foam insole should also stay in good condition since there will be less heat and sweat to break down the inner padding and lining. As more of a lifestyle shoe, the Skechers Stamina Cutback should last for a decent amount of time as there is typically less strain and not as much stress on the construction.
      The combination of lifestyle shoe and performance shoe means Skechers is doing something right. Marathon runners have featured this brand of shoes for good reason. This company is focused on performance, comfort, and protection. The excess flexibility added into the midsole/outsole combination of the Skechers Stamina Cutback, along with the variable pattern design on the rubber outsole, allows the foot to flex wherever it does so naturally, without resistance from a hard rubber outsole. The more shallow grooves provide additional traction on various surfaces, enabling better traction on rocky surfaces or compact surfaces with obstacles. The breathable upper enables air to flow through the shoe, reducing sweat and speeding evaporation of any moisture that does accumulate. This reduces slipping, rubbing, chafing and blisters. Extra cushion around the collar holds the foot in place while also reducing any rubbing or blisters. And the memory foam insole lets the foot sink naturally into the base of the shoe, holding it stable and secure.
      The Skechers Stamina Cutback is a lightweight, mildly responsive shoe. With the memory foam midsole working together with the rubber, high traction outsole; it absorbs shock more than adding a response. Since this model is designed more for comfort than performance, it still measures fairly well in this department.
      The Trubuck leather and mesh fabric upper on the Skechers Stamina Cutback is lightweight yet remains supportive over the entire foot. The design is such that it supports the foot with leather structuring over and around the foot while still allowing the flexibility necessary with a natural step. Additional side mesh panels on either side hold the foot steady for a comfortable fit with the additional stitching reinforcing the leather supports. With the memory foam midsole/variable pattern outsole design and cutouts for traction, the outsole supports the full movement with the foot seated securely in the base of the shoe, providing stability and traction as needed.
      The Skechers Stamina Cutback is a lifestyle shoe but can also be considered for the road and additional versatile terrain. The shoe will be most effective on roads, clear pathways, compact tracks, and treadmills but should easily handle light to medium trails and gravel roads. The memory foam midsole/variable pattern outsole combination with cutout traction pattern increases terrain capabilities for whichever you choose.
      As a lifestyle shoe, you’re probably looking for the Skechers Stamina Cutback to be near the higher end, especially given that it has the memory foam insole, an extremely comfortable fit and an outsole that accommodates almost any type of use you’d put to it. But the beautiful part is that it isn’t. This shoe has a middle-of-the-road price that is comparable to other lifestyle shoes of its caliber. The quality is more than worth the figure you’ll find.
      The outsole of the Skechers Stamina Cutback is comprised of a rubber, variable pattern design that creates a full groove around the shape of the foot at normal flex points, whether you have a flat footfall, pronation or supination. Smaller pattern cutouts are located throughout the remaining coverage areas for added traction and freedom of movement. The articulation allows the foot to flex anywhere it would naturally without resistance from a stronger rubber base. This reduces foot fatigue and ankle strain when wearing the shoes for prolonged periods of time. It also saves the foot from the potential strain of a forced flex when shoe design dictates it. With the base of the shoe flexing with each footstep, the foot will not get tired so quickly and a longer distance can be reached or you can be on your feet all day without any foot fatigue.
      The leather and mesh fabric panels of the upper on the Skechers Stamina Cutback allow for a higher degree of flexibility on the top of the foot than with alternative uppers. The memory foam midsole and variable pattern design and cutouts in the outsole emphasize flexibility and encourage a natural bend throughout the forefoot. The benefit of the memory foam midsole is that it is incredibly lightweight and allows the foot to flex naturally, reducing foot strain and fatigue.
      For a neutral shoe, the Skechers Stamina Cutback is stable and comfortable. The structure of the Air Cooled Memory Foam insole and the EVA midsole sinks the foot into the base of the shoe, making it feel more secure with little to no movement. Added traction on the outsole with the variable design pattern and cutouts give a better grip on the terrain keeping the run stable and secure while enhancing the heel-to-toe transitions with a better flex of the foot from heel strike to toe off. Cushion around the collar as well as a cushioned tongue and upper with a standard lace-up design help to secure the foot firmly into the base of the shoe for a more stable experience overall.
      We weren’t able to locate a measurement on the drop of the Skechers Stamina Cutback but a glance at pictures of both the inner and outer angle of the shoe makes us believe there is a fairly neutral drop. The toe is obviously higher than the heel though not dramatically so. It appears to be a neutral shoe with an emphasis on comfort for a fairly natural, cushioned experience.
      Key Features
      • Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole
      • Highly flexible, shock absorbing lightweight outsole
      • Heel tab at ankle for ease of wear
      • Durable leather and mesh fabric upper allow for additional breathability and cooling
      • Fits true to size with a larger toe box for wider feet
      Bottom Line
      The Skechers Stamina Cutback is an incredibly comfortable, versatile shoe. It can be worn as a solid walking shoe, for work or for prolonged periods. The extensive traction and incredibly breathable upper make this shoe great for just about any daily activity or as a go-to shoe for work.
      Where to Buy
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