Skechers GOrun 600 Refine

Are you a runner who is looking for a neutral shoe that is good for running on road, track, or treadmills? Are you looking for something that is comfortable, flexible, and durable? Are you looking for an all-around good, but budget-friendly, running shoe? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, you might want to consider purchasing the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine shoes, as they are all of the above. The durable construction of the outsole helps elongates the life of your shoes. The 5 GEN construction of the midsole offers the runner superior comfort and responsiveness to give you a bounce in your step. In addition to the well-put-together outsole and midsole of these shoes, the upper gives the runner amazing breathability and a nice snug and secure fit. Many customers love these shoes, as they are perfect for running and gym time, but they are also stylish enough that they can be worn as an everyday casual shoe. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Stylish design 
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Runs small
    • Traction slips slightly on wet surfaces
    • Key Features
      The rubber outsole of the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine are made to be flexible, durable, and offer excellent traction for the runner. The bottoms of the outsole has a wavey pattern and grooves throughout to help you keep your grip whether you are running on the road or in the gym.
      The midsole of the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine is made with Skecher's 5GEN technology which is super responsive and provides amazing comfort for you when you are out on a run. The 5GEN is a foam material that extends the full length of the shoe to help give you that little bounce with each step you take. In addition to the 5 GEN midsole, Skechers gives you the Goga Run insole for a little bit of additional cushioning for added comfort and support. The midsole and insole work together to help with shock absorption, responsiveness, comfort, and support.
      The uppers of these shoes are made with 3-D sandwich mesh material to allow for ultimate ventilation to help keep your feet dry, cool, and happy. The sandwich mesh is very similar to regular knit mesh, except that there are multiple 3-D layers both inside and out of the upper. This unique mesh design makes up the majority of the upper and increases the durability of the shoe without sacrificing the much-needed airflow to your feet. In addition to the materials that make these shoes, they offer a padded tongue and collar as well as a traditional lacing system to keep the shoes from moving around while you are running and maintain comfort.
      The light breathable mesh of the upper and the construction of the midsole and outsole of Skechers GOrun 600 Refine work together to keep these shoes very lightweight and perfect for those who need a lighter shoe for their runs. The shoe weighs in, on average, at 8 ounces for a men's size 9. The weight of these run about the middle of the line for a lightweight running shoe.
      The breathability of these shoes is amazing, especially compared to other similar shoes on the market. The construction of the 3-D sandwich mesh upper is porous and allows excellent airflow through the material to your feet. These shoes are perfect for those who are running for long periods of time, as no one wants to be in the middle of a long race and worry about their feet overheating and suffocating. The airflow not only will keep your feet cool, but it also helps keep your feet nice and dry.
      The mixture of the midsole and the insole of the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine gives these shoes superior comfort to whoever is wearing them. Whether you are wearing them for a marathon, daily training, or simply wearing them as a casual shoe, your feet will be happy and comfy. The 5 GEN technology in the midsole is a foam padding that extends through the length of the shoe seamlessly for great cushioning. The Goga Run insole sits on top of the midsole, inside the shoe, to give you a little more padding to keep you comfortable. In addition to the comfort you will experience underfoot, the upper construction, with the sandwich mesh material, padded tongue, padded collar, and snug lacing system, will have your feet thanking you after a long day in these shoes.
      Customers really like the look of these shoes. Many people have stated that the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine not only looks good on the run or in the gym, but can be worn on the daily as a casual shoe. Runners have many colors to choose from when ordering these shoes. Men have the option of purchasing: black, charcoal and blue, black and white, navy, charcoal, and black and blue. Women, on the other hand, have slightly fewer options to choose from. Women can choose from red or white. Just because the women's shoes do not offer as many colors, that has not stopped them from going with the men's shoes and choosing a color that is more suited for their tastes.
      The durability of these shoes is up for debate among many customers. The design of the outsole, materials of the upper, and quality of the midsole work together to keep these shoes from premature wear and tear. A lot of consumers have commented that they have not had any problems with this and that these shoes have lasted through many, many miles of running. On the other hand, other runners have commented that the outsole has worn out on them faster than it should have. Overall, these are a fairly durable shoe and should last.
      These shoes do not offer much in the way of protection from the elements. The way the uppers are constructed, with the mesh materials, water will get into the shoes fairly easy and soak through. On top of the water getting into your shoes, some customers have commented that the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine's do not keep their grip very well in wet condition, meaning that they do not have the best traction on wet roads. If you are going to be using these shoes to run in the rain, you may want to take some extra precautions and keep yourself safe from falls. The shoes might not give too much protection from the wet weather but they do protect your feet in other ways. The synthetic overlays on the uppers of these shoes help keep your feet snug in the shoe and keep your foot from sliding around inside them to help prevent injury. The midsole also offers additional protection in the way of shock absorption. It is important to protect yourself from the impact of your feet hitting the ground with each step and the extra padding of the insole on top of the midsole helps protect you from that very thing.
      The Skechers GOrun 600 Refine shoes are incredibly responsive due to the way that the midsole is made with an additional insole located on top of it. The 5 GEN Midsole not only adds additional comfort but helps provide an amazingly responsive shoe. You'll get that extra spring in your step with every step you take. In addition to the 5 GEN midsole, Skechers also gives you the Goga run insole to provide a little bit of extra cushioning, shock absorption, and additional support. The extra cushioning is important because it assists with the responsiveness of the shoe and gives you a higher energy return with each step to help propel your forward, giving you an easier and speedier run.
      The Skechers GOrun 600 Refine is a neutral shoe, which means that they do not have the best arch support for those who may need it and they are not made for those runners who have the tendency to over or under pronate while they are running. If you are one of the thousands of runners out there who tend to roll their feet either inwards or outwards while running then this shoe may not be best suited for you. On the other side of that, if you are a runner who uses, and needs a neutral shoe for your running needs then these are going to give you adequate support due to all the additional cushioning in the midsole and the insole of the shoe.
      The Skechers GOrun 600 Refine is definitely a running shoe for running on flat, non-abrasive surfaces, such as roads, tracks, or treadmills. Although they may be okay to run on other surfaces, it is not recommended. Customers have commented that these shoes can get somewhat slippery if you are running on a wet surface so it might be wise to pay attention to the weather when running outside and to take extra precautions if running on a wet road or track.
      These shoes are very budget-friendly compared to other running shoes in their class. The MSRP or manufacturers suggested retail price of the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine shoes is $90, which is on the cheaper end of running shoes. The shoes may have a cheaper price tag than others but that doesn't mean that they skimp out on the quality, as they are an all around good shoe especially for the value. Consumers agree that the shoes are definitely worth the price they paid for them and some customers even commented that they would recommend these shoes to friends and fellow runners.
      The outsole design on the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine shoe makes for pretty decent traction. The bottoms of the shoes feature a pattern of wavy lines and grooves to help you keep your grip while out on the run. It is important to know that these shoes may not have the best traction if you are not using them on the recommended flat non-abrasive surfaces. As long as you stick to the surfaces like roads, tracks, or treadmills then these shoes will give you adequate traction and keep you from slipping and falling.
      The elasticity and lightweight mesh materials of the upper combined with the rubber outsole with lines and grooves on the bottom, work together to help make the Skechers Go Run 600 Refine more flexible for you while you are on the go. These shoes offer a snug fit and a durable sole without sacrificing the natural movement of your feet so you don't feel trapped in your shoe.
      If you're one of the thousands of runners around the world who have a problem with over pronation or supination then you know that stability in a shoe is extremely important. The Skechers GOrun 600 Refine is a neutral shoe, which means they are aimed more towards those who have more of a neutral gait. Because these shoes are a neutral shoe and don't need that added stability, they do offer the runner more cushioning for added comfort and responsiveness while on the run.
      The Skechers GOrun 600 Refine shoes are a zero drop shoe which means, as the name suggests, that there is no drop to them. The drop of a shoe is essentially how thick, or fat, the shoe feels on your heel. It is the measurement of the distance between the heal and the forefront of your shoes. Zero drop means that the heel and the forefront of your feet are the same distance from the ground, with no incline at all. Shoes with no drop, also known as minimalist shoes, are nice for some runners because it helps to keep you from striking on your heel with each of your steps you take. It also makes it so your whole foot is the same distance from the ground, which is going to help encourage you to strike the ground with your mid-foot, instead of your heel.
      Key Features
      -Rubber outsole
      -Extremely lightweight and flexible
      -5GEN cushioning that is very responsive
      -Breathable mesh upper
      -Features Skechers Goga run insoles
      -Additional rubber points on the outsole for increased traction
      Bottom Line
      The bottom line is if you are looking for something to run in that is not going to be too harsh on your wallet without sacrificing quality, then these are the shoes that you are looking for. The shoes are super comfortable and will help you out even on the longest of runs. The breathable mesh uppers are fantastic and will help keep your feet cool and dry and your feet will thank you for that after a grueling run. Whether you are looking for a shoe for long, intense training sessions, short frequent runs, or a stylish daily shoe, then you have found what you are looking for with the Skechers GOrun 600 Refine.
      Where to Buy
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