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Suunto 9 Watch Review Review Facts

The Suunto 9 is a multisport smartwatch made for adventurous people who are serious about their sport. There are a number of things that it can track and do, but the most impressive feature of all is for how long it can do it. The great battery life that isn’t achieved at the cost of GPS accuracy, is what makes this watch stand out from the crowd.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Amazing 120-hour battery life
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Great training features
  • 80 sport tracking options
  • FusedSpeed technology
  • Optical HR Sensor
  • Smartwatch functions
  • Simple design
  • Expensive
  • Complicated app sync
  • Chunky for small wrists


As the cream of the crop of the brand’s current offer, the Suunto 9 Watch features 80 different sports modes, ranging from different kinds of running and cycling to some more complex and rare activities.

While the number of sports that this fitness watch tracks is subpar compared to the Fenix 5 Plus, it’s definitely more than enough to satisfy the vast majority of fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. The only obvious thing missing from the sports listed in the 80 modes is golfing, but if you’re not someone who enjoys it often (or at all), you’ll be good to go.

Some of the activities you can track with the Suunto 9 are: running (both indoor and outdoor), cycling, mountain biking, swimming (pool and open water swimming), weight training, circuit training, triathlon, variations of ski training and many more.

This fitness tracker is also suitable for people who are in love with adventure and extreme sports, such as ultra-running, kayaking, and multi-day racing, not only because of the varying sports modes but because of the watch’s sturdy build and amazing battery life.
Basic Features

Basic Features

Aside from the considerable amount of activities the Suunto 9 Watch tracks, there are some typical and much-needed smartwatch features offered along with the fitness-oriented ones. If you’re interested in everyday fitness and health tracking, you’ll be satisfied with what this watch has to offer.

Your daily activity will be tracked and shown through the total number of steps as well as total calories burned – both of these measurements are customizable so you can set your own calorie and step goals for the day. Also, you’ll be able to see your progress on the home screen so you can pace yourself during the day if needed. Additionally, you can keep track of your weekly training goals as well, which you can customize in the Suunto app.

However, one of the useful features that a lot of fitness watches have, that this one doesn’t is the nudges and reminders to move more in order to hit your set goals. Some people find these vibrations and sound alerts helpful, while others are irritated by them, so depending on which side you’re on, this could be disappointing or welcomed.

Once you’ve paired your watch to your device, you’ll be able to receive notifications from your cellphone to the Suunto 9 watch, although there is no quick-reply function as with some other sports watches.

When performing an activity, the following parameters will be tracked and available for you to see: time, distance, pace, calories burned, as well as ascent and descent. Additionally, you can expect this watch to showcase a plethora of weather-related functions such as sunrise and sunset times, upcoming storm alarms, sea level pressure, as well as temperature.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

One of the main advanced features of the Suunto 9 Watch is the optical heart rate sensor located beneath the face. This sensor will showcase power zones training as well as HR-based calories burned. It will also measure your continuous heart rate 24/7 – provided you decide to wear the watch to sleep with you.

If you decide to track sleeping, you’ll be able to track not only your sleep times but the duration of your sleep, waking times and your sleep heart rate as well. In order to avoid boring night notifications, you can opt to set your Do Not Disturb hours, during which you won’t feel the notifications nudging away at your wrist.

This sports watch has GPS tracking on-board, but it also uses FusedSpeed technology, which allows the device to combine GPS and accelerometer data in order to get an accurate estimate when the GPS becomes unreliable on its own, or if you wish to preserve battery by only turning GPS on sporadically.

The FusedSpeed technology will come in especially handy if you’re an ultra-marathon runner because it will complement the Suunto 9’s Ultra power saving mode which logs GPS data every 120 seconds.

Just like Polar and Garmin, the Suunto 9 fitness watch offers pool and open water swim tracking, which will allow you to see your pace and distance in real-time, allowing you to adjust your performance. If you choose to connect your device to the Suunto's Smart Sensor chest strap, you’ll also be able to see your swimming heart rate – something you’ll want to invest in if swimming is your sport of choice.


As far as the accuracy goes, the Suunto 9 Watch performs well across all parameters, especially in GPS tracking, thanks to the combined data from compass, gyroscope and accelerometer data calibrated through FusedSpeed.

The Suunto GPS navigation offers real-time breadcrumb maps that are very accurate, along with the point of interest navigation, route planning and finding, and a personal route library. The one thing missing from this useful list is a way to save the route you’ve just run to the route library. In the situations where the GPS was turned on every 120 seconds, this fitness watch provided stable results that were practically the same, if not even better than the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.

Although the optical HR monitoring greatly depends on each person’s physiology, this sports watch gave more than satisfactory results when compared to the Polar H10 chest strap – an industry standard. The watch’s performance during swimming was also solid and without major hiccups, so you can count on all-round good performance both in the water and on the ground.


The Suunto 9 Watch connects to your preferred device via Bluetooth Smart. Upon pairing the watch to your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll get all the important notifications directly to the watch. Unfortunately, you won’t have the option to choose which notifications you receive – the app does that for you.

The only way you can take control over the notifications received is if you turn this function off inside the app, and then turn it back on once you’re ready to face the world again, and by setting your Do Not Disturb hours as well.

This Bluetooth smartwatch doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, but that’s not a deal-breaker, seeing how a small number of watches has it.


The Suunto 9 Watch is compatible with two apps that both require some sacrifices and have some advantages. You can connect the device either to the new Suunto app, or you can pair it to the older Movescount.

The Suunto app is more health-oriented, focusing on data regarding steps, sleep, calories burned, and your recent exercises, while the Movescount app offers a much deeper insight into your training performance, individual sessions, and progress. Upon pairing, you’ll be prompted to connect the watch using the Suunto app, which indicates the brand’s desire to improve its interface and capabilities and slowly let go of the Movescount.

There are some disadvantages to using the Suunto app at the moment, seeing how the app doesn’t sync data with third-party apps such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, and MapMyFitness – nor does it sync to Movescount, for that matter. This transitional period will be a bit irksome, especially if you’re coming to the Suunto team after using an Apple watch or Garmin, both of which have smooth and completely functional apps.

Until then, the only way to get the best of both worlds is to sync the watch to the Suunto app on your phone, and then repeat the sync process, this time with your laptop or PC, that will have the Movescount app installed. Someday, possibly soon, all of the different functionalities of the two apps will be readily available on the same app.


The Suunto 9 Watch is surprisingly lightweight when on the wrist, although it can look a bit intimidating right out of the box. The silicone strap and polyamide casing does a good job at staying fit and secure on your hand, without creating discomfort.

The only comfort issue the people with small wrists will probably face is the fact that the watch can be too chunky to be worn to bed. While not that big of a deal, it will prevent some people from measuring their sleeping heart rate. However, seeing how this watch is marketed to adventurers and endurance athletes, the durability and a nice-sized screen were the top priority to Suunto.


The Sunnto 9 Watch features a simple and unassuming design that is easily blended into your everyday outfits. However, keep in mind that it has a rather robust and sturdy build, so it looks more like a traditional men’s watch that a women’s one. However, if elegance isn’t an issue for you, and you’re only after a reliable Suunto no-nonsense design, this is the way to go.

The basic design manages to look great, thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction, with the wristband being on the thicker side and the control buttons being as prominent as they are. Some users even noted that the buttons were too big, causing them to be pressed involuntarily. That being said, if you’re a fan of simple, chunky designs, this watch is right up your alley.


The Suunto 9 multisport watch not only looks like it’s made for the great outdoors, but it also has the build for it. The brand has stated that this resilient sports watch was tested in extreme conditions, and the choice of materials and the construction quality confirms that.

The stainless steel bezel won’t get scratched or chipped, and the thickness of the silicone band serves as a guarantee that it won’t break any time soon. Also, the Suunto 9 is waterproof up to 100 meters and capable of functioning in temperatures ranging from -20° C to +55° C / -5° F to +130° F.

You can expect this watch to last you for a good four years or more, and you probably won’t switch it because you have to because it got broken – it’s more likely that you’ll just get bored of it and wish to try a new, fancier watch.


The large sapphire crystal display of this multisport watch features a 320 x 300 color touchscreen that is big and easy to read, and capable of showing 5 different stats simultaneously. There are 8 different watch faces to choose from, each of them showing useful stats such as battery life, time, or step count.

Staying true to its battery-saving features, you can manually adjust the brightness of the screen if you wish to save battery, and you’ll also be provided with an option to use the display dimmer as well. However, even with the brightness on 100%, the display isn’t that easy to read in direct sunlight, so you’ll have to create some shade in order to read the screen.

The screen offers satisfactory responsiveness, although there are quite a few controls that are accessible via the three buttons, which come in handy when your hands are dirty and/or sweaty.


The Suunto 9 Watch features a simple, 24mm wide silicone strap that is sturdy, thick and adheres very comfortably to the wrist. The silicone used in its construction isn’t easily breakable, but is flexible and elastic, increasing its overall durability. The 18 band notches ensure that the band will fit almost all wrist circumferences, but if you have a smaller wrist, there might be certain fit issues due to an insufficient number of notches.


Compared to the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, the Suunto 9 is 6 grams lighter, weighing in at 81 grams, which is still considerably heavier than some other watches on the market, especially Fitbit fitness trackers. However, there aren’t many watches on the market that provide the same durability and battery life, so having to get used to the watch’s weight is very well worth it.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The ease of use isn’t something that Suunto has managed elegantly, and its sports watches feature a somewhat complicated and unintuitive menu. The Suunto 9 isn’t any different. You’ll probably take several weeks until you’ve found your way around the interface and figured out all of the controls that each button leads to.
Power Source

Power Source

The Suunto 9 Watch features amazing battery life, which stands out from the crowd by being able to save up battery without losing the coveted GPS accuracy. This watch offers 120 hours of sports tracking, and the tests have confirmed the brand’s claims.

Just like the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium, this sports watch features three battery modes: the Time mode (14 days battery life), 24/7 tracking mode (7 days battery life), and the Training mode with GPS.

The latter has three performance-oriented modes: the 25-hour Performance mode, the 40-hour Endurance mode, and the famous 120-hours Ultra mode. The Ultra mode doesn’t support HR tracking, it functions with the screen brightness dimmed to 10%, but it’s capable of providing highly accurate GPS data, thanks to the FusedSpeed technology.

Depending on your current activity, the Suunto 9 can tell you how much battery life you have left and it will suggest you switch between modes in order to prolong battery life. The watch will also alert you when the battery power comes down to 20% and 10%.


The Suunto 9 is one of the most capable, all-round sports watches on the market. However, that might not be enough to convince you to disregard the whopping price, and we really can’t blame you. Unfortunately, if you’re really into ultra-marathon races, hiking, or any other activity which involves spending multiple days outside, there really aren’t many viable options that will give you similar results as this watch.



The main accessory that you’ll probably want to purchase along with your Suunto 9 is the compatible chest strap that will allow you to measure your heart rate while swimming, as well as get more accurate data in general.

The straps on this smartwatch can also be swapped via a simple clip system, but the compatible Suunto straps are few, so you definitely won’t be able to enjoy the stylishness and versatility offered when you own a Fitbit.
Key Features

Key Features

80 different sports modes
● Smartwatch features, Calories, Sleep tracking, Weather notifications
● GPS, FusedSpeed technology
● Optical HR Sensor
● Solid accuracy
● Expensive
● Polar Flow, Strava, TrainingPeaks sync
● Bluetooth Smart connectivity, no WiFi
● 81 grams, 320 x 300 color touchscreen
● Stainless steel bezel, silicone strap
● Waterproof up to 100 meters
● Comfortable, but chunky
● Rechargeable battery, 120h battery time
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Suunto 9 Watch comes with its fair share of issues and perks, with the perks being drastically better and significant than the issues. If you can live with a subpar app and a complicated menu system while enjoying the exquisite battery life, build, durability and performance of this high-end sports watch, you’ll have no regrets if you decide to purchase it.