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Suunto Spartan Trainer Review Facts

The Suunto Spartan Trainer wrist HR watch is an amazing activity tracker and GPS watch that will help you track a plethora of activities, whether you run, bike, or swim, this product will be able to keep up with you. It is well put together and can take quite the beating so you will not have to worry about it falling apart on your too soon. You will get all the basics you would expect from such a device like the ability to track steps, calories, and distance as well as your sleep and heart rate. Customers seem to generally really like this product and do not have a whole lot of complaints when it comes to the watch. The high price point might steer people away but for the most part, users are happy with their purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Built-in GPS
  • Custom watch faces
  • Interchangeable¬†bands
  • Tracks many different activities
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water resistant
  • Compatible with other apps
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • High price tag
  • The band is easily broken
  • Poor battery life
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  • For an exercise tracker, this watch offers a wide range of activities to track.
  • Although larger than a normal watch, this is not excessively bulky or cumbersome.
  • Many buyers agree that the GPS accuracy is satisfactory.
  • The trackback feature is helpful and convenient.
  • Alerts can be set to vibrate.
  • Interval training can be programed with alarms and alerts.
  • The look is stylish and sleek.
  • The band is designed to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.
  • The face is large enough to easily read a variety of data.
  • The Movescount app is a great tool to train for events.
  • It can be set up to get push notifications for phone calls, messages, and emails.
  • A variety of training modes and customizations are available on the Suunto website.
  • The battery life is decent, and it is quick to charge.
  • It is water resistant.
  • This is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's not as top heavy as some watches from competitors.
  • The buttons are easy to activate and are more practical than a touch screen during heavy activity.
  • The GPS tracking and maps are intuitive.
  • The heart rate monitor is not as accurate as a chest strap.
  • The app can be slow to sync.
  • Alarms cannot be set to vibrate only.
  • Interval training can only be done if intervals are equal in duration.
  • Setting up interval training can take some time and effort.
  • The included manual is not very informative.
  • Customizing the display can only be done via the app.
  • The watch face options are mediocre compared to other training watches on the market.
  • There are some reports of the initial bluetooth pairing being difficult.
  • The Movescount app lacks social motivation and interaction aspects that some other fitness apps have.
  • Some reviewers note inaccuracy in the step counter and swimming lap tracker.
  • The app does not include any food or calorie tracking or logs.
  • Some features can only be activated during activities.
  • There are mixed reviews on the value for the price.
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There are a lot of activities that you can participate in while wearing the Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker. This device itself comes preloaded with a variety of workouts that you can choose from, including swimming, cycling, running, hiking, and your gym workouts. The fact that this is water resistant and can be worn in the pool or shower is a big plus for this watch as it means you can truly wear it all day, only having to remove it when it needs a charge. It is not overly bulky or too heavy so it will not get in the way of your normal everyday activities either which is much appreciated.
Basic Features

Basic Features

The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker has a variety of features that customers love. You will get all of the basic features that you have grown to know and love from an activity tracker, such as tracking steps, calories, and distance. This device comes preloaded with 80 sports modes right on it to make it easier to track your workouts. It uses GPS to track your speed, pace, distance, and altitude while you are on the go. You will also get sport-specific displays for running, swimming, and biking which will give you real-time training information based on graphs displayed on the watch. The graphs are clear and easy to follow, showing you all of your stats 24/7. You can track your daily steps and calories on your device and the watch face will show you your progress to your daily goals to help you stay active. You will get the added bonus of having a heart rate monitor on this device as well to track your heart health and to ensure your heart is staying in the correct range for the exercise you are doing.

If you wear this watch to bed you will be able to track how well you slept, as well as how long. The heart rate monitor will continue to work through the night to let you track your average heart rate while you are sleeping. You will be able to access this, and all of your data, on the device and track your 7-day and 30-day trends.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

There are a few more advanced features available with the Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker that customers love. This product comes with GPS route navigation as well as an automatic breadcrumb view so you can go out and explore new routes without the fear of getting lost and not being able to find your way back. You will have the ability to use Suunto's premade routes or you can create your own. Customers also have the ability to browse new locations for training and new routes using heatmaps. The GPS features of this watch are great and many runners love it.


There are some mixed reviews when it comes to the accuracy of the Suunto Spartan Trainer wrist tracker. Some customers have commented that they feel like it is giving them an accurate representation of their daily activity levels and the heart rate seems to be spot on. However, there are some who think the opposite and swear that this does not track anything accurately.

For the most part, the heart rate monitor is not going to be spot on but that is to be expected from anything that is tracking from your wrist. If you want the most accurate heart rate reading then it is highly recommended that you use a chest strap as that will give you the best results. If having a fairly accurate account of your heart rate is important to you and you want to use this product, instead of the chest straps, then you can fiddle around with the placement on your wrist. Many customers have said that where you wear the watch is a big factor in how accurate the heart rate monitor is.

As for sleep tracking, it is a common issue among any of the wrist trackers that they will not give you a great account of your sleeping patterns. The tracker uses your movement, or lack of movement, to determine when you are sleeping so it is to be expected that you may not get the best results.


The Suunto Spartan Trainer watch connects to your phone through a Bluetooth connection that seems to be relatively easy and pain-free to use. When you are just starting out with this tracker you will download the Suunto Movescount app onto your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. From there the app will walk you through the setup process and once you have that initial connection there really should not be too much hassle in the future when you want to connect again. Some customers have complained that sometimes they will lose the Bluetooth connection to their phones which can be frustrating for many users.

Not only can you connect this device to your smartphone but you can also use other Bluetooth enabled devices such as foot pod, bike speed and cadence sensors, and chest strap heart rate monitors.


The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity trackers use Suunto's Movescount app which you can find on the App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for those with Android devices. You will need to download and use this app in order to connect your watch and get it all set up and ready to go. Once you are all set up and ready to go you will not be limited to only using this one app to track your data. This tracker is compatible with other popular running apps that are on the market these days such as Strave, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, and more. Whichever app you chose to use for your fitness journey is up to you, the Suunto Spartan Trainer is just along for the ride.


Customers love and appreciate just how comfortable it is to wear the Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker. Comfort is important because this product was designed to be worn all day and all night so if it was uncomfortable people would not wear it. It is lightweight which is nice, you do not have to worry about feeling like there is an additional weight attached to your wrist. Reviewers mentioned that the band is soft and comfortable, although at times it can get a bit grippy and pull at the hairs on your arm so that is something to keep in mind. Overall though, the lightweight and comfortable design of this watch makes it great to wear all day, every day, and you will not have to worry about it getting in the way or slowing you down.


Customers like the look and style of the Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker. When you purchase this watch you will have several color options to chose from so you can find something that will best fit your style and personality. You will be able to purchase black, amber, blue, coral, gold, ocean, sandstone, steel, or white. Something to note when deciding what color you want to buy is that a lot of customers stated that the photos of the colors are a bit misleading and that the pictures are a little saturated. The actual colors of the watches as slightly duller and more muted than what is shown in the pictures.

This is a sporty looking watch and as such, it may not be the best fit in an office setting or when going out for a night on the town, but for your normal everyday activities and when you are hitting the gym this will fit right in.


When it comes to buying an activity tracker you are going to want something that is durable. You do not want to spend your money on a product only to find out that it suffers from premature wear and tear. You will not have to worry about that with the Suunto Spartan Trainer watch. This device was made for those with an active lifestyle and as such, it was designed to keep up with you and not fall apart too easily. There are been a few instances of the bands breaking after a while but for the most part, there are no complaints about the durability of this product.


Customers love the fact that you can change the clock face of the Suunto Spartan Trainer watch. You will have the ability to find a face that will look the way you want and allow you to find something that is going to help you meet your fitness goals. There is not a whole lot to choose from but there are a couple different ones. Some customers have complained that the face can be a bit dim and hard to see, but there is a backlight option that you can use to make it easier to see and read.

The glass is made out of polyamide which is a synthetic polymer. The use of this material helps to ensure that you are getting a durable watch face that is not going to crack or scratch to easy. You can go about your travels and not have to worry too much about breaking the screen of your watch.


The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker uses the traditional and very common silicone strap. There is a reason that you find most similar devices on the market using the same kind of band and that is because it works. It is comfortable and lightweight which customers love. The bands are also interchangeable so if you decide that you are ready for a change you have the option to swap out the bands.


The Suunto Spartan Trainer watch does not give you a size option, it comes with just the one strap. The band that does come with it, however, it fairly large and will fit a wide array of people. The watch itself is pretty small and lightweight which customers love because it will not get in the way of their daily routines. The watch measures in at 46mm x 46mm x 15.7mm (1.81" x 1.81" x 0.62") and weighs in at 56 grams (1.98 ounces).
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker seems to be relatively easy to use. Connecting it and getting it set up is super easy, barely an inconvenience. You simply download Suunto's Movescount app onto your smartphone and connect through the Bluetooth connection on your phone. The app will walk you through the setup process, as easy as that. Once you are set up it is fairly easy, there are no overly complicated aspects to this product so there really should not be too much difficulty when using it.
Power Source

Power Source

The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker is powered by a rechargeable battery and is charged using a proprietary cable which can be rather frustrating for some customers. It makes it a little harder and less convenient when you have to replace your cord as they are not as easy to come by as some other charging cables out there.

The battery life of this product has some mixed reviews. The battery life of anything is dependant on a lot of different factors. If you are running this watch using the training mode with GPS then the battery is going to die significantly faster than if you were just using the product in time mode. Some customers have complained that they get a poor battery life with this watch so that is something that you may want to keep in mind when you are purchasing it.


The Suunto Spartan Trainer activity tracker is on the higher end of the spectrum when you compare it to other similar products on the market. The MSRP of this product rings up at $380 but as with many things on sale these days you can generally find it cheaper online somewhere.


You will not get any additional accessories with the Suunto Spartan Trainer tracker when you purchase it. You will get the watch itself, a USB charging cable, the quick start guide, and the warranty information. You do have the ability to purchase additional bands for this watch as well if that is something that you want to do.

This product is compatible with a plethora of other running and workout accessories. Certain Bluetooth enabled trackers, such as chest strap heart rate monitors, foot pods, and bike accessories, can be linked right up with this device.
Key Features

Key Features

-Preinstalled with over 80 different sports modes
-GPS navigation
-Water resistant up to 50 meters
-Heart rate monitor
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an all-around good activity tracker that will let you take it swimming and with keeping up with your active lifestyle then you have come to the right place. The Suunto Spartan Trainer watch was built to take a beating and keep on ticking. You get a variety of fun color options and the ability to customize the watch face so you can make your watch your own. Some customers were not happy with the battery life of this product but for the most part, they seem to be quite satisfied.