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The Benefits Of TRX Workouts For Runners

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TRX is a strength training workout that uses gravity and body weight that has lots of benefits for runnres. The Benefits Of TRX Workouts For Runners www.runnerclick.com

Runners looking to be faster and stronger need to strap up. That is with TRX Suspension Trainer straps. Thought a 10-mile run leaves the runner sore the next day? Try a TRX workout first and chances are the athlete will think twice about squatting down to pick up the item they dropped. Incorporating a TRX workout has massive benefits for runners, along with sculpting the body and torching calories.

What Is TRX?

TRX (total body resistant exercise) suspension training is a full-body workout that uses the person’s own body weight and gravity to strengthen muscles. Created by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, the workout includes using the TRX System, which put simply, is two long straps at that are anchored onto a secure spot like a door frame or a weight machine.

The idea is that the athlete uses the straps to suspend certain body parts from the ground, using the straps to either lean in or away during moves. The straps are held by the hands to complete moves, as well as used to hold the feet for floor work.

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TRX Benefits For Runners

There are many benefits to doing TRX for runners. TRX workouts have the participant dripping in sweat depending on the combo, reps, and intensity of the moves done. It combines cardio with strength training, which both have positive impacts for runners.

This means burning lots of calories, getting that heart rate up and increasing endurance. The moves require both balance and strength. For runners, this means increased stability. Strength training, in general, makes for stronger muscles and joints. This helps to reduce the risk of injury when running. It can also help runners become faster since it increases Vo2 max since less energy is used to hit that target pace with stronger muscles.

Strength training by doing workouts like TRX increases flexibility and mobility, especially in areas like the hips—which often needs a little extra love from runners.

Many of the moves done with TRX straps focus on having a strong core. And a strong core is the foundation of good form when running. Core strength makes the runner more stabilized, so the body can run efficiently.

Working the lower body means stronger legs, which is what runners need for running long distance. But many runners neglect their upper body, which is just as important when running.

TRX Exercises For Runners

The good thing about TRX is that many gyms already have the straps mounted for members. However, they are available to purchase even though bundles can be a bit pricey. Having your own straps means being able to use them outdoors (mount to monkey bars at a park). This calls for more creative workouts that take the runner outside of the gym setting.

TRX exercises can be done by beginners as well as more seasoned gym goers. It does require the knowledge of basic moves like a plank, squat and lunge. Check out a TRX class offered at your gym or watch videos online to get an idea of moves. Then create your own workout.

It’s a good idea to complete each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of recovery in between. For lunges, for example, this means 30 seconds on the right leg with recovery and 30 seconds on the left leg with recovery.

The best TRX exercises for runners include doing a TRX row to squat. Lean back on the heels with tension on the straps with a straight back. Raise the body, keeping a straight line and row. Lower the body back down with the body straight and drop down to a squat. This works on good posture while focusing on the upper body as well as the legs and glutes.

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Another good move is the TRX hamstring runner. For this, the athlete lays on the ground with the heels of their feet inside the straps for the feet are cradled. Using the core, lift the hips up. Then raise knee, dragging the heel upward. Pretend you are running. Do each leg for one rep.

Do side-to-side lunges to work out other muscles, and work variations like jump squats and cursing the leg behind when lunging.

TRX Sprinters are another great move for quadriceps, hamstring and gluten action. This requires starting at a 45-degree angle, holding the handles so that the straps are between the arms and torso. Step one foot at a time back, lunging down and then lifting the knee forward.

Planks and pushups using TRX straps are challenging, but also great moves for core strength.

Aim to get a good TRX workout in once a week to see real results.


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