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Your Garmin Watch Can Be Your Coach

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Are you just starting out with running and not sure where to begin? Or are you a more experienced runner looking for some guidance on how to achieve your next personal best time? Sure you might be able to do some research online, but it might not come as a surprise to you, that you may start to feel overwhelmed when seeking out a qualified running coach or trying to be decisive on picking the right running programs based on the numerous options that are out there.
Garmin has simplified this process and has recently developed an ingenious new program called Garmin Coach that includes free training plans, from real experts and running coaches, all on the convenience of your GPS smartwatch. Your Garmin watch can be your next running coach!

What is Garmin Coach?

Garmin Coach is a new feature bringing together your favorite GPS running watch with professionally designed running programs. It may seem too good to be true, getting a running coach on your wrist, but it is indeed possible. To obtain the Garmin Coach feature, you only need to follow 3 simple steps:
1. Synchronize your compatible Garmin watch with the Garmin Connect application.
2. Under the training section, choose your distance and goal.
3. Select your expert coach.
Each workout will then automatically sync to your Garmin watch so you won’t miss a beat. The program becomes completely adaptable based on your performance throughout. Additionally, the workouts are flexible to fit in your own personal schedule. And as an added bonus, you receive weekly advice from the experts which are also offered on Garmin Connect.

What Garmin watches are compatible with Garmin Coach?

Garmin is critically acclaimed for creating some of the most modern advancements on some of the most popular GPS running smartwatches. Each watch includes enhanced technologies and easy to use features to allow you to do what you do best, run and stay active.
Aside from purposefully engineered designs, the Garmin smartwatches provide easy to use functions on the watches themselves. The Garmin Connect app can provide you with several ways to track and analyze your running data, in addition to helping you find training programs through Garmin Coach to help all runners train smarter and better.

The Garmin Coach feature is accessible on the following compatible Garmin watches:

Tell me about the training plans…

From beginner to intermediate runners, everyone can find a suitable and free program from Garmin Coach. Race goals can vary from a 5-kilometer, 10k, or half marathon distances along with the desired pace and completion date. The professional and talented coaches have created versatile training plans, with varying program lengths, workout intensities and the number of workouts provided per week, for each distance according to pace goal (up to 7 minutes per mile).

There are a few enticing components to using Garmin Coach as the workouts can be uploaded right to your watch so you know each day what is expected of you as well as the versatility of the programs which shift based on your production and output during the plan. If you need the workouts to become a bit easier, it adapts, harder, it also adapts.  You have a daily advisor and motivator right by your side.

Training plans from Garmin Coach not only provide workouts from the experts but also supply the runner with informational videos and articles to give you the most current information from nutrition to running form. Because the more you know, the more you grow.

If you know in advance that you need to change your workout, you have the ability to reschedule it. If you miss your workout for whatever reason, the program will automatically adjust. If you miss several workouts, your program will send you a message to determine if you want to postpone the plan to a later date.

Who are the coaches?

When purchasing your Garmin watch, you are expecting performance and quality of excellence and when using Garmin Coach, you should expect nothing less. Garmin has partnered with 3 top experts within the running community to choose from and mentor you towards your goals.
Jeff Galloway

An All-American collegiate runner and Olympian athlete who participated in the 10,000 meters during the 1972 Olympics, Jeff Galloway is also a best-selling author encouraging and teaching more than a million runners and walkers. His books, retreats and running schools teach his method to help beginners use a run and walk approach since 1973. His programs, aligned with his methods, are a systematic approach to reduce fatigue and ward off pain and injuries.

Amy Parkerson-Mitchell

An experienced runner herself participating in several of North America’s largest marathons including Chicago, New York City and Boston, Amy Parkerson-Mitchell is a certified coach, running expert and owner of Roadrunners of Kansas City as well as a licensed physical therapist and owner of her practice Coach Amy PT. Her health and science education is predominantly seen in her training plans which emphasize proper biomechanics and physiology to help prevent running injuries. She respects the sport, acknowledging that each runner is an individual and that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach.

Greg McMillan – physiologist and online running coach

An avid long-distance runner and former national champion, Greg McMillan is a trusted physiologist with an esteemed online running coach forum. His training plans are said to be some of the smartest, as he combines his optimized coaching skills with his degree in exercise science. His coaching resume includes beginners to Boston Marathon qualifiers to Olympians. His comprehensive approach is backed by research and applauded by many in the running community.

Training plans vary in length from 6 to 20 weeks with 3 to 5 workouts per week, making it so you should be able to find a program with Garmin Coach that fits your lifestyle and goals. With dynamically changing programs based on your own performance from 3 well-renowned coaches, you will always have a personal coach from Garmin right on your wrist.

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