Salomon Speedcross 4

This is the 4th installment of the Salomon Speedcross line. Having put a lot of engineering into the first Speedcross shoe, they haven't had to do much to update or improve the line. If you're looking for a rugged shoe to take you the distance or even something to tackle the trails for a short time, this is the shoe for you.

Inspired by fell running shoes, the Speedcross 4 is built to take on the toughest terrain thanks to its well-built outsole that really digs into soft terrain. 

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Pros & Cons
  • The lacing system works to wrap snugly around your foot giving you a great secure feeling, the addition of the quick laces is great for adjusting the shoe on the fly
  • The Contigrip outsole does a great job of digging into any soft terrain and the sticky rubber does a great job of hugging surfaces
  • The durable mesh upper is great at keeping debris out while still being highly breathable
  • This shoe is perfectly designed for runners whether they are new to the trails or tackling an ultra distance race, it’s built well
  • Cons
    • Tight toe box
    • The durability of the lugs is questionable
    • The shoe is on the heavy side
    • The shoe has a narrow fit
    • Key Features
      There haven't been many changes to this shoe in general, but there are a couple of changes on the outsole. It still uses the Contigrip outsole rubber, but Salomon claims it is stickier than previously, which really helps you to stick to wet surfaces. They also made some slight changes to the outsole pattern. It’s still made of chevron-shaped lugs, but they are slightly smaller and there are more of them and in areas where it was previously covered in half a lug, Salomon has fit a full lug along the outside, making it slightly grippier than previously. Unfortunately, these lugs are still prone to wearing out prematurely if used on hard terrain.
      There haven’t been many changes to the midsole material, although Salomon did manage to shave off a little weight from the 3rd edition to the 4th, which is most likely due to them being able to put the same amount of dual-density EVA with a lighter weight. The cushion is placed specifically throughout the midsole to absorb shock where you need it most in the heel, while also allowing the shoe to retain its flexibility. The cushion also supports and cradles the foot to promote good form and dissuade runners from pronating.
      The upper of this shoe is still made with Salomon’s Sensifit technology which really works to wrap around the foot and offer a snug fit, especially in the midfoot area. The quick lace system makes it easy to adjust the fit on the fly, so you can make sure you get the proper fit every time. The mesh keeps out debris, is breathable, and effective at keeping debris out. The overlays are strategically placed throughout the shoe to tighten around the foot and also add durability to the upper and other areas that are prone to wear, such as the toe box. The shoe is lined with moisture-wicking nylon material, which is soft to the touch, and the Ortholite insole has anti-odor properties to keep your shoes smelling decent even after long, tough runs.

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      This shoe weighs in at around 11 oz for men and 9.2 oz for women, so Salomon was successful at shaving off around 1 oz of weight from both men’s and women’s while keeping the same design AND actually putting a full lug on the outer edge of the outsole. While this shoe is still a little on the heavy side, the lightweight design feels great underfoot and the way that it hugs and moves with you throughout your stride makes this shoe feel like it’s an extension of your body.
      The Anti-Debris mesh and the overall design of the shoe make for a very breathable upper. The synthetic overlays are used sparingly and the majority of the shoe is built with mesh. The way the shoe really wraps around your foot also makes for a breathable experience. Pair with thin socks in summer to make the most of this shoe’s breathability.
      The way this shoe hugs your feet and moves with you make for a very comfortable fit. The inner lining makes for a great next to foot feeling. The padded lace area along with the quick lace system means that you can quickly adjust the tightness around your foot adding to the comfort of the shoe. The dual density midsole material is also great at cushioning your ride. Some runners with wide feet might find this shoe a little constricting because of its narrow fit, so they might have to go up a size or even give this shoe a pass.
      I love all the color options of this shoe. No matter what kind of style you are looking for on the trails, there is a rendition of this shoe for you. Lots of bright, bold color choices and some more conservative ones as well. The whole shoe, with its big lugs and flashy looks, makes this shoe look very appealing for anyone who needs a shoe to tackle the toughest of trails.
      Salomon worked hard at creating a durable shoe that will go the distance. The outsole is all one unit which means that there are no areas of weakness between different types of rubber and the chance of them separating. While I do find this to be a very durable outsole, it is very terrain specific, the lugs will not hold up to time spent on the road or paved surfaces.

      This is a soft terrain shoe and some runners have had problems with the lug tearing or having excessive damage, which will happen if the shoe spends excessive time running on the road. I really like the way the upper and the outsole attach. There is a synthetic material and the 2 units just sort of weld together. This is great for standing up to rocks, sticks and trail debris in general, and it greatly contributes to the shoe’s durability. The mesh part of the upper, because it is so tightly woven, is also great at standing up to trail debris.
      This shoe stands up to gnarly trails and the greatest protective feature it has is the ability to keep you upright on the muddiest terrains or when tackling steep inclines or declines. The shoe is also really built to keep foreign material out of the shoe and keep your foot comfortable. The highly breathable, quick-drying upper is good at warding off blisters. There is also a little toe protection with the extra synthetic materials placed around the toe box. The midsole and outsole work well at cushioning your stride to keep impact-related injuries at bay.
      There isn’t a ton of midsole cushioning in this shoe which is great for maintaining flexibility and responsiveness. The outsole and lug design give this shoe a good grippy feeling and also makes you feel like you are low to the ground and really digging in. This shoe is great for a cushioned yet responsive ride, built for training and racing alike.
      There isn’t a ton of cushion in this shoe but it is placed in specific areas of the midsole to promote good form and keep runners from pronating. It is especially nice the way the shoe wraps around your foot to give you a nice secure fit, making it feel like the shoe is almost an extension of your foot.
      This shoe is built for soft, muddy terrain and is great for digging in and giving you the traction you need on steep inclines and declines. The stickiness of the rubber also helps with maintaining grip in wet conditions such as on slippery stones etc. This is not a shoe designed for the road and while you can do minimal road running between sections of trail, if you know there will be a lot of roads, leave this shoe at home.
      This is an expensive shoe, but you can get it online for a great deal! Do try to test this shoe in store before purchasing online through, as the sizing can be a little challenging, due to its narrow fit. This is a durable shoe that excels at tough trails, so if you think it belongs in your shoe rotation, it has a very reasonable price tag.
      The large lugs on the outsole of the Salomon Speedcross 4 are really good and providing traction on wet muddy terrains. The placement of the lugs and the space between them really allow for this shoe to dig in for a powerful stride and a strong toe-off. The stickiness of the outsole material also allows for traction on wet slick surfaces.
      This shoe has a very minimalist feeling and offers nice flexibility throughout, especially in the forefoot area. While the midsole and heel area is a little stiffer to give you the support you need, it still makes for a flexible feeling throughout the shoe.
      The Salomon Speedcross 4 really hugs your feet and with a 10mm drop has some stability features. The midsole is designed to promote good running form and get you onto your forefoot for a powerful toe off. The dual-density EVA material is also placed throughout the shoe to dissuade runners from pronating which can cause knee related injuries.
      Salomon has reduced the drop a little and this shoe now offers a 10mm heel to toe offset. This allows for more cushioning in the heel, great for protecting you from impact-related injuries. With an offset this high, some shoes might make you feel like you are dragging your heels, but not in this shoe, it really does a great job of moving with your foot and making your stride feel natural and effortless.
      Key Features
      • Highly breathable
      • Snug fit and quick lacing
      • Protective Toe Cap
      • Keeps feet dry
      • Ortholite insole provides cushioning and odor fighting
      • Stable ride
      • Great traction
      Bottom Line
      After years of refining their already superior technology, this long-awaited shoe is on the market. Salomon made some minor changes to the outsole to make it grippier and a little bit lighter. This is a highly durable, terrain-specific shoe, so if you are looking for something colorful to help you tackle those muddy, soft or even snowy trails, look into this shoe, its lightweight design makes it great for training or racing on the trails.
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      By Brian Price
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