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Adidas Edge Lux Review Facts

The Adidas Edge Lux is a running/activity shoe designed exclusively for women. That’s right, no boys allowed here. This shoe is made to fit a ladies foot and can be used for running, walking, CrossFit, and any activity that requires a cushioned and supportive shoe. Although advertised as a running shoe, the Edge Lux is more of an everyday shoe in terms of style and design. Described as “very comfortable” by most wearers, these shoes are great for aerobics, the gym, Crossfit, boot camp, or other fitness activities, but lack the durability and stability needed by hardcore runners.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and breathable upper
  • Sock-like construction
  • Unique style and design
  • Abrasion resistant outsole for a durable grip
  • Women's specific fit
  • Good for multiple activities
  • Not a high mileage shoe
  • Runs large
  • Not enough padding around the ankle
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  • My pair ran untrue to size, I'm size 12 and had to get 13 in these, I do about 13 hours running a week in these, the shoe feels light, the style is nice and I like the reiable comfort.
  • Love these, bit like wearing thick protective socks, light, nice style and so far they support my feet nicely.
  • Got these in orange, comfortable, light, my feet are dry mostly in these, I like the style and comfort.
  • Super comfy, nice elegance, good for lots of sports, I'm sold, I love these
  • As a personal trainer i like these because they look good and they are very practical for all light sports
  • For me the style and design are very unique, the shoe is comfy and gives perfect grip
  • The outsole is amazing, so durable, I run everyday, ventialtion is very comfy on my feet especially in the summer months.
  • The shoe construction is great, the breathability really good, the shoe style is very individual so I use these both casual and running.
  • Name the sport and these are fine, I run in these a lot, use them for tennis too, very good shoe.
  • Forget high mileage, these do wear out fast, and the ankle area is very uncomfortable for long jogs.
  • These run a bit too large, I sized up and found that though I did this it just meant the shoe felt like I was wearing a size made to big for my feet.
  • Runs half even a full size off and that a problem for me, I got blisters on my ankle, so painful, not happy with these shoes.
  • The tongue is too big for the shoe and it is ripping? Very uncomfortable. The sizing is kind of problematical too.
  • I like long runs but these shoes are not built for that, they wear out really fast and become very uncomfortable.
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The shoe's outsole construction is put together with their ADIWEAR™ anti-abrasion rubber compound which is durable rubber used in many of the company’s running and athletic shoes. The compound has good traction on most surfaces and can stand up to everyday wear. Small raised lugs help with the lasting durability. Flex grooves allow enhanced flexibility in all directions, which allows the wearer’s foot to move naturally.


The Edge Lux has the brand's full-length BOUNCE™ midsole. BOUNCE is an Adidas foam material that is designed to be springy and flexible. It absorbs the energy of every footfall and transfers it back to the wearer in the form of momentum for a faster run or less tiring workout. Despite its flexibility, BOUNCE is very durable and will maintain its structural integrity, even after continuous hard use. This midsole material also provides most of the cushioning for the shoe which helps reduce foot and leg fatigue.


The upper is built up of a flexible and soft synthetic material which is lightweight and breathable. Mesh overlays, which are stitched to the upper, offer support and a secure fit. The upper's overlays are part of this model's lacing system. It allows the wearer to effectively adjust as needed. The lacing system is quite different when compared to other athletic shoes. The laces are wide, very wide, and make quite a fashion statement. Thinner laces also come with the shoe, but most wearers liked the wide laces which give the shoe a unique look. There were no reports of the laces coming undone despite their size.

Many shoes claim to have a sock-like fit and feel, but this shoe is truly sock-like in its design. One wearer said that when she wiggled her toes, she could clearly see them moving under the thin upper. The design of the upper and inner lining is so nice and comfortable that the shoe can be worn without socks.

The tongue is minimally padded. It is part of the midsole material and not a separate feature of this one like with most running shoes. A pull tab on the top of the tongue allows the wearer to adjust and center the tongue as needed.


Weighing in at about 8 oz. for a size 7, these are very lightweight shoe. The materials used are all very lightweight. That in addition to the thin upper, the weight remains rather light. Wearer’s enjoyed the near weightless feel.


The synthetic upper offers pretty decent breathability. The lightweight material used in their construction is fast-drying and provides good airflow throughout the shoe. Even though the heavier mesh overlays cover the sides, they don't take away from the ventilation. A sockliner also offers fairly decent moisture control, effectively helping to wick away sweat. Many wearers commented on the excellent breathability. This feature is quite important for indoor activities where fresh airflow can be limited.


They are really comfortable model and don't need much time to break in. The shoes can be taken right from the box for a short run or workout. The great moisture control properties throughout keep the feet nice and dry, reducing the chance of irritation. They offer a well-cushioned ride, mainly owed to their foam midsole. additional padding in the ankle and heel maintain added comfort and a secure fit in the shoe. Some wearers thought the padding was a little thin for a shoe meant for activity. Some extra underfoot cushion is added by the rather thin sockliner which is removable to allow the use of custom insoles. A few wearers said the shoe was not very supportive in the arch area.

The shoes get good reviews as an everyday shoe and have adequate cushioning for long periods of standing or just being on one’s feet. Nurses praised the shoes for their comfort. They are available in white.


The style is a bit unique. Although billed as a running shoe, it is more of a fashion statement. The wide laces and extended heel collar are not traditional running shoe components. The synthetic upper has a woven look which makes the shoe look more like a house slipper than an athletic shoe. Because they are designed for women, this look appeals to most wearers who are bored with the traditional athletic shoe look. They also comes in a multitude of colors. Wearers can pick from solid, standard colors such as gray, black, and blue or go for something a bit more bold and energetic with a choice or brighter colors and some almost tie-dyed options. This shoe is also good for everyday wear. It’s standard colors compliment most wardrobes.


They are fairly durable, depending on the use. Wearers who use the shoe for CrossFit, indoor exercise, weight training, Zumba, and boot camp related workouts will probably be pleased with the shoe. Runners and long distance walkers may find that the shoe breaks down quicker than dedicated running shoes. The midsole and outsole are made of durable components, but the shoe lacks the overall structure needed for hard running. There are no overlays over the toe, so the forefoot structure is limited. Many runners reported that the upper material wore through over the big toenail area and their toes were soon poking through. Treadwear was also apparent after 50 miles.


This is not the most protective shoe on the market. As a road running shoe, the ADIWEAR anti-abrasion outsole and BOUNCE midsole provide adequate protection to the underfoot from the road, but the upper lacks the structure to keep the feet secure and centered. The mesh overlays help secure the foot, but are not designed for long distance or frequent running. Runners complained of pain in the arch area after a few miles. The shoes are good for indoor activities, but not really meant to withstand the elements. The upper is not waterproof and once these get soaked, it takes a little while to totally dry.


These shoes are quite responsive due to the cushioned midsole and flex grooves. The grooves allow more flex and freedom of motion. Women who do a lot of jumping and twisting as part of their exercise routine will appreciate the responsive nature of these. One wearer described the as the perfect burpee shoe. Runners who do short distance runs and treadmill runs had no real complaints about that responsiveness. This model's outsole and midsole work together to provide a cushioned landing and an energized to-off. Quick stops and starts were no problem for the shoe.


This one is a neutral running shoe designed for women with narrow to medium feet. The cushioned midsole keeps the wearer’s foot secure and offers some arch support. Some runners said the arch support was inadequate and caused foot pain. The synthetic upper and thin mesh overlays provide most of the support by enabling a secure and snug fit. As an activity shoe, most wearers were pleased with the fit and support. The wide laces help the shoe wrap around the foot and also have enough flexibility to move with the foot for an unrestricted fit.


This particular model is really intended for road running and indoor activities. The design is great for use over harder road surfaces, and their well placed flex grooves underneath add flexibility to every step. This shoe would not make a very good trail shoe. It lacks the protective components needed to keep the runner’s foot stable on uneven terrain and the upper material would not hold up well to trail hazards. As an indoor activity shoe, the Edge Lux will perform well for many hard workouts.


This shoe has a price tag of $85. Depending on where you shop, you will probably be able to find it for much less than that. Because this shoe has multiple uses, it can be found at many retail stores such as Sears, JC Penny, and Target. Your local running shoe store will probably not have this shoe.


The ADIWEAR abrasion resistant outsole offers good traction over most of the usually encountered surfaces. The tread design promotes a smooth heel to toe transition which is good for pavement running. The tread is also good for sudden starts and stops and changes in direction. Wearers felt very “sure-footed” in this shoe and did not worry about slipping or tripping. These also gets good reviews on wet floors.


The overall flexibility is pretty decent. This comes mostly from the shoe's flex grooves designed into their outsole which allow them to follow the natural movement of the feet. The midsole cushioning is also giving enough to appropriately flex for every step, offering good responsiveness throughout the entire run or workout. The soft material used in the upper, in addition to overlays, certainly help create a very flexible shoe that retains its structure.


Although not an overly stable shoe for running, these have a bunch of stability-focused features to help correct issues like overpronation (inward roll). An extended heel collar places the feet in a neutral position, and the cushioning in the midfoot carries the foot better to offer a stable ride. A moderate drop also contributes to the stability. Wearers landing on their heels will experience a cushioned landing and a natural roll onto their forefoot. The forefoot of the Boost 6 is fairly wide for safe landings and push-offs. As an indoor activity and workout shoe, the stability for aggressive side movements and lateral jumps is sufficient.


The Edge Lux has a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm. An 8mm drop helps to promote a safer heel strike which lowers the risk of injuries. Most described these as responsive and bouncy. the shoe's drop didn't seem to interfere with movement at all. Most runners prefer a slightly raised heel for more efficient running.
Key Features of the Edge Luxe

Key Features of the Edge Luxe

    • Full-length BOUNCE midsole
    • ADIWEAR rubber outsole offers durability and abrasion resistance
    • Unique style and color options
    • Vertical forefoot flex grooves
    • 8mm drop gives a cushioned landing
    • Breathable and comfortable mesh upper
    • A conveniently removable sock liner
    • Sock-like design for a super comfortable fit
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Whether you're going for a casual run with friends or pushing through your WOD (workout of the day), your feet need a stable foundation and some extra energy to get you up and moving. The Adidas Edge Lux is a multi-activity shoe that won’t slow you down or affect your performance. The shoe has adequate cushioning and support for most high impact sports and also looks great. Serious runners and CrossFitters will probably find this shoe lacking many important features and will want to get a more dedicated shoe the sport. For everyday activities, this shoe offers superb comfort and support and will certainly turn some heads with its unique look.