Adidas Response 3

The Adidas Response 3 is the third edition of this line of shoes. Adidas is a German manufacturer of sporting equipment and it’s running shoes can now be found on shelves worldwide. They are known for their stylish yet functional shoes and the Response 3 is no exception. Since the Response 2, Adidas has changed the color scheme and perfected some of the popular features of this shoe. The Adidas Response 3 is built with the idea of balancing comfort and responsiveness for long grueling training runs.   It is a neutral road shoe with a unique look that is both lightweight and durable.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • A nice bouncy ride and a stronger toe-off
  • A highly comfortable and durable trainer 
  • A supportive heel cup 
  • Torsion system and secure midfoot fit
  • Very inexpensive shoe
  • Cons
    • This is a heavy shoe
    • Only 2 color choices
    • Key Features
      Stretchweb makes up the majority of the outsole. It is built to dissipate impact from heel to toe on foot strike while also giving the shoe a nice cushioned responsive feeling. It molds around surfaces to provide traction and support. This Stretchweb design can also be found on the Adidas Ultra Boost shoes and is made up of a round circle design that follows the natural arch of the foot. Because of the way the outsole is designed with web pattern there are lots of areas where it can bend and flex with the foot, especially in the forefoot area, great for a neutral ride.
      For the midsole, Adidas used its Boost technology instead of the usual EVA found in most running shoes. This Boost material is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is a lot of little plastic pebbles that are fused together with heat and steam. This type of midsole material is great for lightweight, fast, responsive cushion and, in the way this shoe is designed, the TPU material can be seen throughout the midsole and between the rubber on the outsole. The key in this shoe is the amount of energy return a runner can get from the Boost midsole material. There is also the Torsion System that is found in the midsole, which is a thermoplastic unit provides additional support and stability by allowing the rearfoot and the forefoot to move independently from each other.

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      This shoe has a ton of structure in the upper. The toe box is air mesh and designed with breathability and comfort in mind. It is flexible and has a nice open weave to allow air to pass throughout the shoe. The midfoot and lace areas are designed to wrap around the foot and give the runner a lot of midfoot support and a nice, snug fit. The outside of the midfoot sports synthetic overlays with the Adidas logo, while the inside is comprised of mesh with an elastic band that attaches directly to 2 of the lace eyelets to really give the shoe a snug customizable fit. The heel cup also has a lot of structure with synthetic overlays wrapping all the way around the back and relatively high up the ankle for added ankle support. The plush inner lining and padded tongue give the shoe a nice next to foot feeling.
      This is a heavy shoe, weighing in at just over 12 oz for men and 10.3 oz for women. Adidas does advertise this shoe as a long distance trainer, great for logging long slow comfortable miles. The impact protection is great for a trainer and the responsive cushion which promotes a quick stride is great for simulating race day scenarios or shoes with a little less weight and more ground feel. As a long distance trainer, this is an acceptable weight that has the durability to last a lot of miles.

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      In the Adidas Response 3, designers really balanced the structure that the synthetic overlays provide with the breathability of the air mesh. The structure of the shoe is really found in the heel cup and the outer midfoot section of the shoe. The forefoot and inner midfoot are made of extremely breathable mesh. Designing the shoe with unobstructed mesh on the top and front of the shoe really allows the air to pass throughout making this is great all weather shoe.
      The full-length boost material in the midsole is great for providing a cushioned ride. Testers were impressed by how this cushion didn’t break down after several hundred miles and provided the same great comfort run after run. Testers also liked how the heel cup wrapped around the ankle to provide comfortable support. The inner lining of the shoe and plush tongue provide a great next to foot feeling. Overall testers reported being very happy with the comfort of this shoe.
      This shoe has a rather funky design with the mixture of materials that comprise the upper. They have a variety of color variations for men and women. There is the understated, more conservative black for men and all grey for women, and the other color variations are a lot more fun with a mix of complementary colors. No matter which color you choose this is a nice sleek looking shoe, it is close to the ground and looks more like a street, sports shoe than a running shoe and a lot of testers found it to have the support for weightlifting or other activities, as well as a run.
      What makes this shoe so durable is the simple construction of it. The TPU in the midsole provides cushioning that doesn’t break down as quickly as EVA found in most other running shoes. The upper is also built to last with the sturdy synthetic overlays. There is a plastic cap that covers the toe portion of the shoe, providing protection and added durability. This same plastic is used to reinforce the lace area to prevent any tearing in the upper.
      This shoe is built with long training runs in mind and as such the most protective feature of this shoe is the responsive cushion underfoot. The breathable mesh also keeps feet dry and feeling good, great for preventing blisters. The inner lining is soft and sock-like with no areas that are prone to rubbing. The heel cup and midfoot really wrap around the foot, providing a nice stable feeling ride.
      The Boost or TPU cushioning is plentiful but firm and gives the shoe a nice responsive ride. The midsole is quite thick, so it doesn’t provide a lot of ground feel, great for keeping your feet happy during long runs. The flexibility of the forefoot area allows for a natural bend in the foot, increasing the responsiveness of the shoe. Although this is a heavy shoe, many testers reported that the shoe still felt fast and responsive, great for training runs, the shoe had almost a bouncy feeling to it.
      This shoe is great at supporting the foot and ideal for long miles and tired feet. The heel cup does a great job of comfortably locking in the foot and supporting the stride. The evenness of the outsole Stretchweb material is also great at supporting the stride. With a 10 mm drop and the curved design of the outsole, it promotes good form and a nice transition from heel to toe. This shoe also has a nice wide base that enhances the overall supportiveness of the shoe. There is a removable insole that gives nice arch support but can be replaced with something with more arch support if needed. The Torsion system in the midsole of the shoe also supports and adds stability to the natural stride by allowing the rearfoot and forefoot to move independently from each other.
      The slight stickiness and flexibility of the Stretchweb outsole design really enhance the grip of this shoe on road terrain. There are no lugs on the shoe and the web designed outsole evenly covers the bottom great for even surfaces. This shoe doesn’t do well on trails because the webbing doesn’t dig in or grip technical surfaces.
      Originally priced at 110 USD, this shoe can now be found online for as little as 54 USD. The highlight of this shoe is how durable it is and how it is built for long road training miles. For those reasons, this is a great deal on a high-quality shoe. Many runners reported wearing it to the gym as a trainer and then putting in a few miles on the treadmill to round out their workout. So, as a dual purpose shoe used in this manner, this is a well-priced shoe.
      The StretchWeb outsole design is built with road use in mind and it does do a great job of slightly flexing on impact with the road surface to give additional traction. The material is a slightly sticky rubber, a popular material for providing traction on road surfaces, whether wet or dry. The flex grooves in the shoe, especially in the forefoot, allows the shoe to move naturally with the foot and adapt to slightly uneven terrain for improved traction.
      The stack height of the Adidas Response 3 is medium, meaning it is a good balance between having lots of cushioning but also providing some flexibility. Because of the 10 mm drop, there is more material in the rearfoot than it the forefoot, and therefore, much less flexibility in the rearfoot, which is ideal. The outsole pattern and flex grooves in the forefoot of the shoe are great for giving that area a nice flexible feeling.
      This is a shoe designed for neutral runners, but it does have a few small stability features. The Torsion system in the midfoot is a plastic device under the arch that provides stability by allowing the rearfoot and forefoot sections of the shoe to move independently. This really allows the shoe to adapt to the foot’s natural movement while providing consistent stability. The wide base of the shoe is also great for providing additional stability.
      This shoe has a drop of 10 mm, which is standard for a training shoe. It allows for a little extra cushion in the rearfoot for runners who tend to land heel first, but it still provides flexibility in the forefoot which is important for a responsive feeling and a good toe-off. The slight angle of the shoe is great for pushing runners naturally and quickly through their stride and on to their toes, an important part of a good form.
      Key Features
      • Boost material in the midsole
      • Torsion System
      • Flexible and lightweight upper
      • Stretchweb rubber outsole
      • Sock-like comfort
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Response 3 is an ideal shoe for runners that are looking for a long distance trainer. It has a simple but effective build with the Stretchweb spanning the entirety of the outsole. Between the webbing, you can visibly see the Boost material underneath that runs the length of the midsole. Adidas have had great success in using this Boost or TPU technology in their shoes and many runners are impressed by the noticeable bouncy feeling it gives the shoe. The upper is where Adidas put the most design elements, with an open mesh weave along the front and inside of the shoe and a midfoot section that really wraps around the foot. There is also a highly supportive heel cup that really locks the foot in place. While this shoe is a little on the heavy side, the responsive cushioning makes it feel fast and it is an ideal shoe for logging long training hours in.
      Where to Buy
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