Adidas Kanadia 7 GTX

Waterproof and mud proof, this shoe is ready for adventure! Obstacle races and fast-paced trail races are no match for the durability and protection offered by the Kanadia 7 GTX. This is the seventh version of this model and Adidas has really used the seven previous versions and customer feedback to make key improvements. While a shining glory of the shoe is its waterproof, protective upper, it also manages to be extremely breathable and comfortable. The mesh liner of the upper and the synthetic overlays, hug the foot and provide the foot with protection and support. Addidas uses thoughtful technological features to provide the runner with a shoe that can go long distances, on uneven terrain, in a variety of weather conditions.

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Key Features
The upper of the Kanadia 7 GTX is one of its best features. It provides a unique combination of support, protection, and breathability. In terms of support, the upper is covered in synthetic material overlays. These overlays snuggly hug the foot, giving the runner added support. Although the upper is snug and secure around the foot, the breathable mesh material still allows for air flow. This keeps bacteria at bay and the foot dry and happy. The lining of the shoe is also made from a breathable mesh. This gives an added layer of comfort and support to the runner.

While all of these qualities are great on their own the kicker is that the shoe is also waterproof. Adidas uses their patented Gore-Tex technology on the upper. The is a waterproof shield that keeps the feet dry. Now, you can stop fearing the stray stream or an unexpected weather situation on the trails!

Adidas utilizes their patented TRAXION outsole technology to make this shoe as grippy and safe as possible. The underfoot is actually designed using a diamond shape pattern that faces in all different directions. This enables the shoe to grip the surface, regardless of the type of terrain or weather condition.
Adidas spent the majority of their time and energy working to develop the upper and outsole of this shoe. There isn't anything wrong with the midsole, and in fact, the EVA midsole foam that the Kanadia 7GTX uses is a great foam that is known to keep its shape and absorb shock, but the midsole doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles of the upper or the outsole.
These are a burly set of running shoes. In this model, Adidas traded light weight for protection. The waterproof upper, mud shielding outsole and Traxion technology found underfoot make this an all-around trail warrior. They weigh in at 12.7 ounces which certainly put them at the higher end of the weight scale. If you are looking for a lightweight shoe, you should keep looking, but if your main priority is protection on the trail, you can stop your search here.
It is a wonderfully unique shoe that can offer the level of protection and the level of breathability that the Kanadia 7 GTX can. The shoe is lined with a mesh material that allows air flow to move freely into the shoe. Even though the upper and the outsole are constructed using a waterproof material, the shoe still is able to provide airflow to eliminate hot spots and irritation. This also helps reduce odor and bacterial build up in the shoe.
There are two particular areas where this shoe shines in the comfort category. For starters, the fact that the shoe is waterproof and mud resistant ensures comfort by keeping the feet dry. The upper material is not only waterproof but extremely breathable as well, keeping the foot cool and dry regardless of the weather condition. Additionally, the midsole offers added cushioning that runners appreciated on uneven or jagged terrain.
The thing about the style of the Kanadia 7 GTX is that there is a color for every taste. If you like more of the classic look, Adidas offers this model in a black or gray; however, if you are looking for something more flashy, you can find this shoe in a brighter, bolder version of an electric blue, turquoise, or navy combinations. Expect to see the classic three lined Adidas insignia along the sides of this shoe. This is a good looking shoe regardless of whether you're climbing mountains or tackling your to-do list around town.
The interior of this shoe offers great durability. The midsole is constructed with a cushioned, long lasting EVA foam. This foam won't break down over time and will keep its original form and function. However, runners did report that the upper of this shoe, though it did initially offer great protection to the foot via waterproofing and deflecting debris, did break down quicker than they would have liked, especially for the price.
A unique element of these shoes is that they are actually waterproof. It is rare to find a trail running shoe that isn't a full hiking shoe that is also waterproof. Trail runners know that moisture is a huge enemy on the trail and in these shoes, it's great to know you don't have to worry about the rain, or running across the stray stream that pops up midrun. Similarly, the outsole is made using a design that literally repels mud from the base of the shoe. Never fear mud again in these shoes! Think of these shoes as bodyguards for your feet.
A key quality in these shoes is the gripping ability of the outsole. Runners reported over and over that they felt confident covered a number of different terrains in a number of different weather conditions, and the shoe response quickly and effectively to their needs. Especially on trail running, where directions, elevation, and terrain can change quickly, it is important to find a shoe that can respond to the movement of the runner. Even with a higher heel drop, these shoes feel close enough to the ground to respond quickly and efficiently without giving up protection.
This shoe offers great support in two key areas. On the upper, you can find synthetic overlays that wrap the foot and provide a snug, supportive fit. The shoe is also lined with a mesh sock-liner, offering an extra layer of comfort and support. In addition to the upper, the outsole of the shoe uses Adidas patented Traxion technology to create an exceptionally grippy bottom. This offers the runner the support and peace of mind to tackle tough terrain.
This shoe is begging to be taken on the trail that is off the beaten path. Runners love this shoe as an obstacle course racing shoe. You can attribute the waterproof upper and powerful grips of the outsole to the Kanadia 7 GTX's reputation as a trail running shoe that you can take on any terrain. The higher drop and EVA midsole material give the runner just enough support and cushioning to go longer distances too.
Trail runners know that they can easily pay upwards of two hundred dollars for a pair of good trail running or hiking shoes. These shoes are reasonably priced between one hundred twenty and one hundred and fifty dollars. This certainly isn't cheap by any means, but this does bring this shoe in right in the middle of the market price for solid trail running shoes.
The level of traction provided by these shoes is nearly unbeatable. Even running in the rain, snow, and mud are no match for the Kanadia 7 GTX. Train runners know that a good shoe is built from the bottom up, and all you have to do is turn these shoes upside down and look at the underfoot to know that something special is happening below. The outsole uses Adidas's patented Traxion technology. This design uses arrow shaped lugs, pointing in opposite directions to grip the terrain whether going up or downhill. There isn't a terrain I've encountered that these shoes can't handle.
The outsole of this shoe gives the runner a sturdy, protective base. The material is thicker, and the lugs lined along the underfoot create an extra grippy experience. Runners should feel confident and comfortable tackling some of the toughest terrains in these shoes. With that being said, the creators of the Kanadia 7 GTX had to make some design choices, and it seems they picked protection, traction, and weather-proofing over flexibility. This is not a fast nor flat racing shoe. The base is less flexible, but it does offer higher levels of protection that many trail runners find more important.
The midsole of this shoe is perfect for the runner who has a tendency for heavy heel striking. It provides the runner with great arch support and overall cushioning. The heel drop is relatively high on this shoe, giving the shoe some distance between the foot and the ground below, but not so much that it sacrificing stability or responsiveness.
You are looking at a more traditional 11-millimeter heel drop in the Kanadia 7 GTX. This is something to consider when looking for a trail shoe. Many runners like a more traditional, higher heel drop to provide protection to the runner and a more stable ride, but this is personal preference. There are good running options out there for a low or zero drop running option, but on the trail, that isn't always a welcome element.
Key Features
- These shoes are waterproof
- Gore-Tex technology in the upper gives the shoes a great waterproof element
- An EVA midsole foam gives the shoe a cushioned ride without adding weight
Bottom Line
This is a shoe for the adventure runner. If your primary concern is finding a shoe that you can count on to get you up and over rugged terrain in a variety of weather conditions, this is a good running companion for you. Gore-Tex waterproof material keeps the elements away from your foot, but there is still a surprising amount of breathability to this shoe. If you want an adventure companion, this is your shoe.
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