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Adidas Energy Boost Review Facts

The Adidas Energy Boost is a neutral road running shoe. It was designed to return the wearers’ energy back to them, to give a smooth ride, and to provide a snug but flexible fit. The Boost cushioning is very responsive, providing great energy return. It also has a soft and unique feel and is able to maintain the same level of cushioning even in high or low temperatures. The flexible rubber outsole has a grid-like pattern in order to smooth transitions and adapt to each wearer’s strike pattern. The Torsion System is located between the heel and forefoot and stabilizes the ride. The TPU cage connects the heel and midfoot in order to provide a great fit. Fitcounter goes around the heel to add stability and to allow the Achilles to move optimally. Techfit provides a natural fit with flexibility and support, and a socklike, seamless feel. The 4-way stretch mesh adds breathability and flexibility to the shoe, allowing air to flow into the shoe and the foot to move freely. If you are looking for a shoe to help you maintain your energy level during speed training or long distance runs, continue reading to see if the Energy Boost is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent energy return
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transitions
  • Great cushioning in both the heel and forefoot
  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable
  • Midsole foams are not as affected by temperature variations as other shoes
  • Comfortable fit for medium to narrow feet
  • Fit is tight for runners with wide feet
  • A few reviewers felt that the shoes looked better in photos than in person
  • Slightly expensive
  • A few testers noted that the arch is not as supported as some other shoes
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  • This is a great shoe. I does run a bit large. The arch support and sole are strong, firm yet cushioned for comfort. I wear them all day and have no foot pain, happy feet.
  • These an the ultras are dream shoes. They are so comfortable and carry me through my super fast paced, mixed terrain work day. I own every Ultra and Boost ever made, that is how much I love these shoes. It cured my plantar fasciitis, these shoes have saved my life pretty much.
  • These shoes have kept me pain free since I started wearing them. I love these shoes. I wear them to work where I walk at leas miles a day and then for my recreational sports. I cannot get enough.
  • These really worked for my pronation and the arch support is phenomenal. These did run a little large so I had to switch them for a half size smaller and they fit great.
  • Two things, the laces are not that sturdy and the shoe isn't that cool. However, The upper mesh material is so nice and the cushioning is great in this shoe. I love the colors too. I am really happy with this shoe.
  • These hug my feet in all the right spots and give my ankle ample support. The arch support is stellar and the ball of my foot really sets in and is comfortable. The toe box is great and doesn't squish. Great shoe Adidas.
  • I averaged about 10 miles a day in these right out of the box and they didn't hurt at all. They are top in design and comfort for me. I am looking to by another pair for working out. I love them.
  • I do wish the shoe was a bit wider but it has great flexibility, is light and really comfortable over all.
  • I am now an Adidas fan because of these shoes. The laces make for a snug fit and the cushion is like a pillow. I love running in these.
  • I love how these have great room in the toe while feeling snug in the ankle and heels. These are my work out shoe because they are super loud. But, I think they are the best.
  • I was surprised at how well these shoes respond to my running. They have a great cushion to them and are very supportive. I'm sure I will buy them again.
  • These shoes were very sock like. They have really held me up during my runs, like running on two pillows. I have to say that they tire rubber does feel like it is going to really hold up to some running. I thought it was gimmicky but I think they are onto something.
  • These shoes really work with my over pronation and I feel like I am wearing a really great support sock when I wear these. I did change the insoles on these to therapeutic ones though.
  • I am loving the ankle and heel support, it is nice and snug. It also has a great width in the toe box, keeping me balanced. I am not to fanatic about the colors but that doesn't downgrade the comfort. These shoes are great. The shoe fits snug but breaks in great. THe toe box doesn't crush and they keep my feet feeling great with my 10+hour work days. I really recommend these shoes to anyone in the health field that are on their feet all day.
  • The shoe fits snug but breaks in great. THe toe box doesn't crush and they keep my feet feeling great with my 10+hour work days. I really recommend these shoes to anyone in the health field that are on their feet all day.
  • These shoes are so cushy on the inside without being too much. They are sturdy and light and have a great bounce to them when I run. I am not disappointed at all. I love them.
  • These shoes are over the top in flexibility. My feet feel so good in them. The toe box i such an upgrade from the ole toe crunchers I am used to. Thank you Adidas.
  • These are way better fitting than my Ultra boost. I am a huge fan of Adidas in general but these are great. They have widened the toe box without losing integrity in the back of the shoe. It is stable and cozy and the material seems better. Great shoe! I highly recommend getting these if you’re looking.
  • This shoe has great grip, which makes it good for many different types of activities. It has superb comfort ad is really stable yet light. Perfect running shoe in my opinion.
  • I think these shoes were sent from heaven THey are magical. They reign supreme in comfort and support. They are very light and I just can't get enough of the,.
  • I tend to have really long gym sessions and these have proven to hold up to the beating. They fit like a glove or a sock ad they are so comfortable that I sometimes check t see If they are on.
  • These are not the most breathable shoes but they sure are comfortable. I am not sure how they would react for really long runs because the cushion in lacking but they are a nice shoe.
  • I spend a lot of time on the track and field and these are a dream. They fit snug but have great te space. The boost and the cushion are perfect and they are so comfy!
  • Awesome price for such a great shoe. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and the heel is super supportive. They have a great style and color scheme too.
  • I love how the cage braces the foot ad gives that little extra support when I am running. The mesh material is super dope and It is super flexible. I love these shoes and how comfortable they are.
  • I was very upset about these. The sizing is way off. They were way too big. I have been wearing the same shoe size forever.
  • These are comfortable and light and have great support. However, The plastic on the cages digs into the sides of my feet. They also make this horrendous squeaking noise, even on my carpet. I really was hoping these worked I actually liked them, the plastic was just too much.
  • I was so mad that these were way too big. I have always purchased Adidas and these were way off the mark.
  • These shoes felt like they were melting my feet they got so hot. Also, They started coming apart after the 2nd wear and I couldn't keep my heels in. I couldn't wear these to the gym if I wanted to.
  • I most definitely prefer the Energy Boost. The plastic on these is just way too much and hurts.
  • I ended up returning these. They made a weird squeaky sound that I just could not handle. I gave them a couple days but they just were too much.
  • I cannot believe that less than a month r wear the outer sole is almost worn completely out and is almost to the inside of the shoe. This shoe is far inferior than my expectations.
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The outsole is made of a stretchy, flexible rubber. It has a grid-like pattern of small circles in order to create smooth transitions for any strike pattern. The parts surrounding the dots are flexible in order to allow the foot to move naturally so that energy is not lost during transitions or toe-offs. The back part of the heel is more stable for better landings. The outsole gets good traction on roads and light trails, and has pretty good durability.


The midsole is comprised of the Torsion System and Boost cushioning. The Torsion System connecting the heel and forefoot helps stabilize takeoffs and landings. Boost cushioning is made from 2,500 small pieces of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that are fused together and steamed. It is softer and springier than EVA foam. Testers said that it had a unique feel to it when they touched it. The Boost does a great job absorbing shock, cushioning landings, and propelling the foot back into the air. It stays soft in cold temperatures and maintains its firmness in hot temperatures. There is some arch support, but not as much as some other shoes, so additional arch support may be necessary for some runners.


The upper is made of TPU and mesh. The TPU cage connects the heel and midfoot to provide a supportive fit. The Fitcounter goes around the heel and allows it to move optimally while keeping it stable during landings. The Techfit technology provides a seamless, sock-like fit that also adds support. The 4-way engineered stretch mesh is breathable enough to keep the foot cool and dry, and flexible enough to provide a snug fit while allowing the top of the foot naturally to move during transitions and takeoffs. There are also laces to keep the fit snug and a toe cap to protect the toes from getting bruised.


The Energy Boost is moderately lightweight. The men's shoe weighs 9.8 ounces and the women's shoe weighs 8.1 ounces. The rubber outsole's grid pattern helps keep the weight low because the parts between the dots are lighter and more flexible. The midsole's Torsion System adds a small amount of weight and the Boost cushioning is around the same weight as other lightweight midsole foams. The upper's mesh and Techfit material are lightweight. The TPU cage and Fitcounter add a small amount of weight to the shoe but not enough to weigh it down. The overall low weight of this shoe helps make it easy to carry over long distances without losing energy, and makes it easier to pick up speed for training.


The Adidas Energy Boost has good breathability. The mesh is engineered to stretch 4 ways so it provides a snug fit while letting air flow around the foot to keep it dry and cool. The Techfit material also helps breathability because of its soft fit and lack of seams, which help prevent blisters and hot spots. The TPU cage and Fitcounter have some gaps to allow air to flow through. The breathability allows the wearer to go long distances without overheating, which is important in a shoe with high energy return.


Most testers found the Energy Boost to be very comfortable. It has a medium width and reviewers suggest that potential buyers order up a half size for the best fit. The breathability, responsiveness, and light weight make it comfortable to wear during longer runs. Boost cushioning is soft and very comfortable. The heel cushioning is very soft for landings and absorbing shock, and the forefoot cushioning is moderately soft for comfortable transitions. Boost is able to maintain its shape even in hot or cold weather, so runners can stay comfortable in any weather. Fitcounter and Techfit provide a snug fit around the heel and midfoot. Stretch mesh provides a snug fit around the top of the foot, and Techfit is soft and seamless to create a fit that feels like a sock. Testers with medium and narrow feet rated the fit as very comfortable, while testers with wider feet felt that the fit was a bit tight or constraining.


The Adidas Energy Boost comes in three popular styles for each gender. Men can choose between Black/White/White, Solar Yellow/Black/Grey Four, and Collegiate Royal/Blue/Solar Orange. Women have the choice of Black/White/White, Grey Three/Utility Black/Grey Four, and White/Energy Aqua/Mystery Petrol. The bottom of the shoe has a grid-like pattern of dots. The top of the shoe has a scale-like pattern in the mesh and the logo and heel counter as overlays. The laces in the photos match the shoe, but it comes with an extra set of laces in case the wearer wants to change the color. Some testers thought that the shoe looked better in the photos than it did in person, but most people liked the way the shoe looked in real life.


The Energy Boost has good durability. The outsole's rubber grid pattern continues to provide traction and protection for many miles, although a few testers had some problems after a couple of months. The midsole's Torsion System provides lasting stability and the Boost cushioning made from TPU has better durability than standard EVA foam and can even withstand extreme temperatures without stiffening or wearing down. The upper also has good durability, although the stretch mesh and Techfit sometimes wear out faster when they have a tighter fit, which happens with wider than average feet.


This shoe offers protection against bruises, objects on the ground, joint and muscle injuries, and the elements. The outsole keeps the foot off the ground and protects its bottom from getting bruises, just like the toe cap does in the upper. The midsole's Boost technology cushions landings to absorb shock to help prevent knee or shin pain. The upper's stretch mesh protects against heat, the TPU cage and fit counter protect against rolling or sliding, and the Techfit technology protects against blisters and hot spots. The upper itself protects against cold and wind while running in cool weather.


The Adidas Energy Boost was designed to have excellent energy return and smooth transitions. The outsole's grid pattern works to smooth transitions no matter what the wearer's strike pattern is. The midsole has a Torsion system for smooth and stable heel-to-toe transitions, and the bouncy Boost cushioning to spring the foot back into the air again. The upper allows natural movement, especially with the Fitcounter that allows the Achilles to move freely. Testers found that the Energy Boost has better energy return than 96% of running shoes.


The Energy Boost provides a snug and supportive fit, although some testers thought that the level of arch support could be improved. The sole unit lifts the foot off the ground, with the Boost cushioning providing a soft layer around the bottom of the foot. There is a small amount of arch support, but runners who need arch support might need to wear additional insoles with this shoe, which could take away from the responsiveness. Also supporting the foot are the TPU cage between the heel and midfoot, the Fitcounter around the heel, and the Techfit technology around the top of the foot.


The Adidas Energy Boost is a road running shoe. The outsole uses a grid pattern that is designed to go on hard surfaces such as gym floors, paved roads, asphalt, dirt roads, paths, and even light trails. It does not have the right outsole features for going on technical trails, snow, or ice.


At full price, the Energy Boost is about 1.5 times as expensive as other road running shoes. The high level of energy return created by the customized Boost cushioning system, the snug fit, and the smooth transitions make it worth the extra cost for runners with medium-width or narrow feet who are looking for a daily running shoe. Later versions of this shoe are available, so not all sizes and colors are available anymore. Current pricing for the men's shoe ranges between 10% off to 20% above the original price, and women's prices range from the original list price to 73% above the original price.


This shoe gets good traction on roads. It can grip hard surfaces well enough to pick up speed, maintain a pleasant pace, and go up or down hills without slipping or sliding. It does not get good traction on technical trails or slippery surfaces like ice, mud, or snow.


Testers found that the Energy Boost has great flexibility. The outsole's grid pattern has flexible spaces between the circles that make the points in the grid. The midsole's Boost cushioning is flexible enough to create soft landings and spring the foot back into the air as the foot moves. The upper uses 4-way engineered stretch mesh, which is stretchy and form-fitting to the shape of the wearer's foot, and Techfit technology for a sock-like fit. The main problems with flexibility came from runners with wider than average feet, who found the upper's fit to be too tight and constraining.


The Adidas Energy Boost is categorized as a neutral running shoe. It does not have enough stability to slow or control over-pronation, but it does stabilize landings for neutral runners. The traction in the outsole and Torsion System in the midsole do a good job of preventing rolling or sliding when the foot lands on the ground. The amount of arch support provides some light stability but not as much as stability shoes. The upper has a TPU cage and Fitcounter to stabilize the foot as it lands while allowing it to move naturally during takeoffs.


The heel is 32mm high and the forefoot is 22mm high, giving the Energy Boost a drop of 10mm, which falls in the standard range. Having more, softer padding in the heel helps with shock absorption as well as energy return, as the Boost cushioning springs the foot forward in preparation for the next toe-off.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Boost responsive cushioning provides great energy return

  • Torsion System stabilizes the ride by connecting the heel and forefoot

  • TPU cage provides a great fit in the midfoot

  • Fitcounter fits around the heel and allows the Achilles to move optimally

  • Techfit upper provides a socklike, seamless fit as well as support

  • 4-way engineered stretch mesh in upper is both breathable and flexible

  • Flexible rubber outsole

  • Grid like outsole pattern provides smooth transitions

  • Designed for neutral runners

  • 10mm drop
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Adidas Energy Boost is a great neutral running shoe. It has fantastic energy return, smooth transitions, excellent cushioning in the heel, and great cushioning in the forefoot and midfoot. The fit is comfortable for runners with narrow to medium width feet. It has good flexibility, breathability, durability, and traction on roads. It also has a decent amount of stability for a neutral shoe. It could use a little more arch support, a less stiff upper, and wide sizes for people with wider than average feet. Overall, it is great for daily runs on roads and paths and can also be used on longer runs because of its light weight and high energy return.