Adidas Questar Boost

Every day, people make the decision to start running for the first time. It may be motivated by a devastating breakup, a health scare, or a New Year’s resolution. Whatever the motivation is, the newbie runner will inevitably need some assistance from the right type of shoe to get through their first run and avoid becoming discouraged. Enter the Adidas Questar Boost, a running shoe that speaks to this specific individual. On top of being an excellent introductory shoe, the Questar Boost also appeals to more experienced runners with features ideal for long-distance running.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Ample cushioning
  • High responsiveness
  • Stable and responsive Adiprene+ Midsole
  • Terrific outsole traction and durability
  • Cons
    • Bulky, heavy
    • Uncomfortably narrow toe box
    • Durability imbalance between upper and outsole
    • A bit heavier and less breathable than other alternatives
    • Key Features
      The Adidas Questar Boost uses proprietary Adiwear technology made from carbon rubber. It’s a highly resistant constructive material that is fully capable of maintaining its shape against abrasions and ensuring traction when running in water. This increase in durability does come at the cost of a bit extra weight, but it isn’t so much as to be a dealbreaker. The outsole also features a unique waffle-style tread pattern making it suitable for long distance road running. This pattern will not only facilitate an even distribution of impact when striking the ground but is also able to provide the excellent traction needed for runners who are just starting out and may be prone to slipping.
      There are two key components that make up the Adidas Questar Boost’s midsole. The first is the Adiprene+ technology that provides a bouncy forefoot and the second is Adidas’ well-known Boost midsole platform. Adidas claims that all of its shoes made with their Boost technology offer more energy efficiency than any other midsole material used in the running apparel industry. Boost midsoles are made from thermoplastic polyurethane pellets, also known as TPU, which are condensed into a polymer. In addition to Adiprene+ and Boost technology, the midsole includes Adidas’ Torsion system, providing structure for the entire shoe and adding extra supportive cushion.
      Shiny molded overlays are used for the majority of the Questar Boost’s upper, which connect to the external heel counter. These overlays provide a design continuity through each angle of the shoe in a seamless manner that functions beautifully in regards to practicality and aesthetics. Additionally, a single layer of breathable mesh fabric is attached through various parts of the shoe, allowing for adequate airflow to the foot. While this specific construction style is a bit heavier and less breathable than some lightweight alternatives, the design decisions made here are ideal for protecting and supporting the feet of newcomers who will appreciate the extra protection.
      The Questar Boost is not a lightweight running shoe, nor is it advertised as such. The men’s version weighs in at around 11 ounces, making it one of the heavier models of running shoe on the market. It’s only a few ounces lighter than a hardcore off-roading trail shoe, but don’t be fooled; by no means will these shoes be able to handle those same environments. No, despite the extra weight this is a shoe primarily meant for casual running on flatter, less treacherous surfaces. Despite its heaviness and bulkiness, there isn’t much to complain about in terms of weights. While your calves may experience some soreness after running in these for a while, the cushion and comfort provided by the Questar Boost will more than make up for this.
      The upper portion of these Adidas running shoes feature Climacool technology, helping to create a comfortable interior environment with self-regulating temperature qualities. In combination with the breathable mesh upper, this impressive technology helps to ensure that runners feel comfortable and dry even for longer running sessions in warmer weather. It’s true that the extra weight may exacerbate sweating, but this moisture is handled adequately in order to avoid excessive foot moisture and odor.
      On the outside, the Adiprene+ midsole in conjunction with Boost cushion provides ample amounts of softness for heavy heel strikers. In the interior, a significant amount of padding on the sole and tongue are present, but not so much that it becomes excessive or constrictive. As a result of these multiple layers of cushion and padding, runners can expect a pillow-like yet unobtrusive fit. Adding Climacool technology to the mix results in a pair of shoes that will make your feet feel right at home. So long as you are comfortable with the higher weight of these shoes, you won’t want to take them off anytime soon.
      While it isn’t considered the most fashionable athletic apparel manufacturer, Adidas gets major cred for being Run DMC’s brand of choice. The Adidas tracksuit was all the rage in the 1980’s, and still appreciates a healthy fan following in Eastern Europe, so this manufacturer knows a thing or two about style. The Questar Boost is a reflection of this aesthetic expertise, being advertised as a casual ‘sneaker’ style of shoe. It’s a self-aggrandizing way for Adidas to celebrate their retro appeal, but it works. These shoes don’t just look great while running on the road; their stylish appeal will accommodate more casual environments paired with some jeans and a t-shirt.
      In stark contrast to the outsole’s carbon rubber, which provides excellent durability for the bottom of your foot, the quality of materials on the upper is a bit lackluster. Some users have reported that the top part of the shoe can start to degrade after a short time using it, causing the different layers to separate. The breathable fabric mesh also has a tendency to tear if proper care isn’t taken. It is for these reasons that you should avoid using these as trail shoes, even if their highly competent outsole and generous cushioning suggest otherwise. This isn’t to say that every pair of Adidas Questar Boosts will have durability issues; however, enough customers have experienced this issue to cause some concern. In any case, runners will only want to use these shoes for a short period of time anyway, moving on to more efficient and lightweight running shoes as they gain experience.
      From observing the overall height of the Questar Boost, you can clearly see a surplus of supportive material. The structural support of these shoes provides an extreme amount of protection, ensuring stability for your feet and a height significant enough to avoid any hazards from uneven terrain. Other notable protective features include a rubber toe cap in the upper forefoot area, a sturdy heel counter near the rear, and Climacool technology throughout the upper which works to prevent accumulation of heat or bacteria.
      The majority of responsiveness in these Adidas shoes is derived from the shoe’s Boost technology. According to the manufacturer, midsoles containing Boost technology are more responsive than standard EVA foam. This is due to the construction; TPU pellets contained within the Boost platform are designed to absorb impact and provide energy in return. The result of this is a very ergonomic and energy efficient pair of shoes, meant to help runners master their stride.
      The Questar Boost offers support from every aspect and in every conceivable direction. Its high profile structure provides a means for your foot to be submerged in a sturdy and secure setting. In terms of bottom-up support, the shoe’s Boost platform provides your foot with added lift. This shoe is good for overpronators and supinators because it provides motion control. However, its neutral arch support also makes it an ideal candidate for runners who don’t necessarily require additional reinforcements but simply want a shoe with a great feel.
      Due to the implementation of carbon rubber Adiwear for its outsole and numerous additional features, the Questar Boost offers better outdoor protection than some of its competitors. The high degree of traction offered by these features makes it ideal for use not just on pavement but on more uneven road surfaces and some lighter trails. It can also handle colder temperatures due to the additional layers of insulating cushion. However, it isn’t recommended that you use these shoes the same way as a pair of trail shoes since the overall durability doesn’t match the lower portion.
      While these Adidas running shoes initially launched in a higher-than-average price range, subsequent years have seen them drop to a more reasonable level. This reduction may make the Questar Boost an attractive buy due to the level of comfort and protection it offers. However, as an entry-level running shoe with a limited lifespan, the higher price becomes less justified. If there is a possibility for you to obtain these shoes for a low price it may be worth it, but the same money used to buy one pair of these shoes could be spent on two pairs of similar shoes from other manufacturers.
      With the presumed intention to be used as a road shoe, the Questar Boost provides traction throughout its outsole that is adequate for this purpose. Adidas is known for the lengths they will go to in order to provide a solid grip in their shoes, including going so far as to use tire tread design and technology. While the Questar Boost doesn’t use this specific design, the intention is still there. As a result, you have an outsole that is perfect for beginners to use on most casual running surfaces, provided they have realistic expectations.
      Upon first impression, the Questar Boost may appear to be a clunky and rigid boot that doesn’t offer the same level of give to more lightweight or minimalist shoes. However, runners will quickly see that this is not the case once they try a pair on. This Adidas shoe intelligently blends mesh flexibility with the responsive qualities of the Boost midsole, resulting in a level of flexibility that works in tandem with the shoe rather than detracting from the responsiveness. What you get as a result is a shoe that responds quickly to stimulus and won’t be impeded by the layers of material.
      This shoe is surprisingly much more stable than many of its competitors. Plenty of support is provided from multiple angles due to its larger height. What’s obvious from the thick Boost outsole on the rear is that considerable emphasis has been placed on providing more stability in the heel than in the forefoot. This is especially beneficial for newcomers who tend to strike the ground with their heel.
      The Questar Boost has a heel height of 32 mm and a forefoot height of 22mm, resulting in a 10 mm offset. This is slightly higher than the average running shoe drop. This can be seen as a negative due to the fact that it leads to runners favoring heel striking, a technique that can be problematic down the line. However, shoes like the Questar Boost with a high heel drop can still serve a purpose helping newer runners to transition from their couch to their first 5K.
      Key Features

      • Adiprene+ Midsole

      • Adiewear Outsole made from carbon rubber

      • Torsion System

      • Climacool Tech Upper

      • Boost Foam Midsole with TPU construction

      • Multiple layers of cushion

      • Responsive ride

      • Decoupled heel adds shock absorption

      • Heel cage adds stability

      Bottom Line
      If every runner ran in the exact same way with the exact same feet, we would only need one type of running shoe. Since that is not the case, the Adidas Questar Boost was designed as a type of shoe that embraces the imperfections of fledgling runners by supplying them with a generous degree of support, stability, and motion control. Additionally, it supplies comfort, flexibility, cushion, and responsiveness; all necessary features of a fully-fledged running shoe, even if the implementation to some aspects is lackluster. This is all contained in an appealing package, which certainly doesn’t hurt. All in all, these are shoes perfect for inspiring you or someone you know to get their butt out of the computer chair and start hitting the pavement.
      Where to Buy
      By Cesar Marin
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