Adidas Alphabounce EM

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Adidas Alphabounce EM Review Facts

The Adidas Alphabounce EM is a stylish shoe with a sock-like upper. The neutral trainer’s good looks make it slightly more likely to appeal to those looking for a casual wear shoe, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a fine option for long distance training thanks to its quality build and comfortable BOUNCE cushioning. If you’ve never heard of Adidas brand BOUNCE cushioning before, you might be in for a surprise. The proprietary midsole material consistently gets rave reviews from users. It’s an impressive material that provides equal amounts of protection and comfort for wearers. In the Adidas Alphabounce EM, there’s a generous amount of BOUNCE cushioning, which makes the shoe suitable for long distance training. The supportive feel of the BOUNCE material brings the Adidas Alphabounce EM up a notch making it an attractive ultra-versatile trainer suitable for all types of activities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile Shoe
  • Great look
  • Lightweight
  • Provides plenty of energy-return
  • Well-cushioned
  • Comfortable feel and fit
  • Supportive
  • Great value
  • Quality build
  • Responsive
  • Laces are a little long
  • Narrow toe box
  • Requires a little bit of a breaking in period
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  • Most praise of Alphabounce EMs is for the incredible comfort. Most reviewers focus on how comfortable they feel.
  • These can be found at great sale prices.
  • Whether on sale or not, several buyers say they are worth the price they paid.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews from people who use these for work or casual wear.
  • The design is praised as stylish.
  • Many reviewers claim these are liked by active teenagers.
  • The design is supportive and stable.
  • These are constructed out of high quality materials.
  • There are many repeat buyers who would also recommend these to others.
  • The Adidas logo is discrete and blends well with the the rest of the shoe.
  • In warm weather, these shoes can keep your feet cool.
  • According to different reviewers, these perform well for workouts, runs, and at work.
  • The design of the opening makes these easy to slip on and off.
  • There are positive reviews from people who have used these for short and long distance runs.
  • For some reviewers, a little break in time was needed for the upper to fit comfortably.
  • According to a few buyers, the lacing design makes it difficult to get a very snug tie.
  • Several people were unhappy with the color discrepancy of the blues between online photos and the actual color.
  • There are a few notes on the stiffness of the sole being uncomfortable.
  • Some buyers with wide feet were unable to find a size that fit comfortably.
  • It is noted that runners with chronic foot or knee pain may not get enough support from these shoes.
  • The stitching led to discomfort for a few reviewers.
  • The design of the opening is inconvenient for some people.
  • In wet conditions, water can easily seep in.
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The Alphabounce EM features a standard rubber outsole but with circular lugs that protrude about half an inch. There's nothing too impressive to state about the outsole. It's fairly durable and reviewers had no issues with its ability to outlast the rest of the shoe. It provides standard traction but the lug pattern isn't aggressive enough for trail use or outdoor winter runs.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM features a midsole made of proprietary BOUNCE cushioning. The material provides plenty of energy-return, which reviewers loved. The midsole also features enough cushioning to be suitable for long-distance training. A few reviewers mentioned that they found the BOUNCE cushioning (compared to other Adidas shoes with the same midsole material) a little stiffer than they were used to. Overall, though, the BOUNCE cushioning falls in between a rigid stiff feel and a soft one. A few reviewers mentioned, too, that they felt the shoe needed a slight breaking in period.


Were you wondering why this version of the Adidas Alphabouce features the 'EM' designation? 'EM' actually stands for Engineered Mesh, which is how the upper was constructed. The perforated mesh upper is made of FORGEDMESH material. It's extremely breathable and lightweight and fits like a glove to provide targeted support to wearers. The upper also features a built-in attached tongue with a pull tab and a heel pull-tab. These make it easy to pull the shoe on and off without much effort.

When it comes to the Adidas Alphabounce EM's upper, reviewers liked that it was lightweight and appreciated the comfortable feel and fit. A few folks pointed out that the shoe's laces were a little long and had to be double knotted to avoid coming undone. Reviewers also commented - positively - on the interior of the Adidas Alphabounce EM, saying that it was smooth and did not cause chafing. Finally, the shoe's toe box, some said, was a little too tight for comfort.


This trainer weighs about 11 oz for men and 10 oz for women. The shoe is able to keep the weight down in large part due to the Engineered FORGEDMESH upper construction. The mesh is both supportive but lightweight. Reviewers, those using the shoe for casual wear and those who used it for training, were impressed with how light the Adidas Alphabounce EM felt.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM's FORGEDMESH engineered upper material is meant to be extremely breathable. The perforated mesh fabric has plenty of openings for maximum ventilation. The upper is also lightweight so even though it fits like a sock or glove, the support provided doesn't feel heavy or suffocating. Reviewers appreciated the ultra-breathable FORGEDMESH upper and noted that the shoe breathed so well that chafing and blisters were not a problem at all.


The majority of reviewers found the Adidas Alphabounce EM extremely comfortable. The shoe is super lightweight and features a very well-cushioned BOUNCE midsole that provides a nice balance of comfort and support. The fit, too, thanks to the special Engineered Mesh (FORGEDMESH) upper, is nearly perfect, save for the slightly too narrow toe box. Reviewers liked, too, that the smooth lining of the Adidas Alphabounce EM helped to ward off chafing problems.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM is a great looking shoe that can easily be worn casually. Its combination of features makes it a great option for nearly any kind of activity from walking around town to running long distance. The shoe's sock-like design look trendy and minimalist and the shoe is offered in plenty of attractive colorways. The men's version comes in: blue, black, grey, burgundy, beige, and white. For women, the Adidas Alphabounce EM is available in blue, burgundy, black, and a trendy coral hue.



This shoe features a quality build according to reviewers. None had any big issues with durability and were impressed with how the shoe held up during training and with regular use. The Engineered Mesh upper is lightweight but not flimsy. The moderately soft cushioning is responsive and durable, and while overall the shoe requires a breaking in period, it doesn't lose its bounce quickly.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM is a minimally protected shoe but that's because it's not meant for rugged conditions. The Adidas Alphabounce EM features a lightweight (yet durable) upper that provides the most protection against overheating thanks to its ultra-perforated design. The circular lugs provide some degree of protection against uncertain footing and the BOUNCE cushioning does all the heavy lifting when it comes to protecting the body from the forces of impact.


The Adidas sneaker features responsive BOUNCE cushioning as its midsole material. Reviewers nearly unanimously agreed that the midsole provided plenty of energy-return and liked the feel of the moderately soft cushioning. The lightweight design of the shoe also helps to propel users forward.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM's BOUNCE cushioning is somewhere in the middle in terms of rigidity. The slight amount of hardness provides support. The upper, too, offers support thanks to its FORGEDMESH construction. The upper fits like a glove thanks to the lightweight Engineered Mesh, it breathes exceptionally well, but it also provides support. Reviewers appreciated the supportive fit and feel of the Adidas Alphabounce EM, particularly the supportive midsole cushioning.


The EM, made for non-trail conditions, features a basic design. It seems that with this shoe model Adidas has created footwear that's meant to transition easily from workout to walking around. The shoe looks like it's meant to be worn with jeans and a tee, but there's a little bit more inside than you'd expect at first glance. The circular lugs provide a bit more traction than your standard non-running shoe. The fit is secure and there's a nice amount of cushioning in the midsole to account for longer training runs or walks. Meant for the streets rather than the trails, there's no reason to relegate the Adidas Alphabounce EM to indoor use only.


This shoe features a fair price tag. Users had no issues with the price they paid for the shoe. It's important to remember that the shoe can be used for multiple purposes. It's a good walking shoe and is equally suitable for long distance running. The lightweight, breathable design also makes it appropriate for speedwork. There are also plenty of buyers who used the shoe as a casual wear shoe. For runners, the stylish design of the Adidas Alphabounce EM makes it a great option. Cushioning falling flat? Is the shoe no longer good for training? Simply retire it and use it as a regular everyday shoe for walking the dog or heading to the grocery store. Overall, the Adidas Alphabounce EM provide excellent value.


The Adidas shoe features a fairly basic rubber outsole. Dotted with circular lugs, the EM doesn't feature any outstanding technological advances in terms of traction. The shoe provides wearers with a basic amount of grip. Better on dry surfaces than wet ones, most reviewers didn't have anything very negative to say about the Adidas Alphabounce EM's ability to provide traction. In bad weather, take care with your footing in the Adidas Alphabounce EM to avoid accidental falls. In summary, not the best grip, but far from the worst.


The Alphabounce EM requires a bit of a breaking in period to really get a feel for the smoothness of the ride. After a few runs, the shoe starts to become more flexible. The BOUNCE cushioning softens up a little, too, and wearers will be able to get a real idea of the Adidas Alphabounce EM's ride feel. Reviewers didn't seem to mind the breaking in period, though, and found that the more they ran with the shoe, the better the overall feel.


The EM is a neutral shoe, so don't expect to see a medial post anywhere. Instead, wearers get stability in the form of a form-fitting upper. The sock-like fit keeps wearers secure inside the shoe and the Engineered Mesh does its magic to balance both snugness and breathability. It's a delicate dance and the Adidas Alphabounce EM succeeds. If you're looking for a very stable trainer, the EM won't be your first choice, but it doesn't produce a sloppy feeling ride. A few runs to break in the shoe produces a more natural heel to toe movement but doesn't diminish overall stability.


The Adidas Alphabounce EM has a standard drop of 10mm. Reviewers had no issues with the drop and found the shoe a pleasure to run in. The higher drop makes the shoe a good option for walking and the design works for both heel and forefoot strikers.
Key Features

Key Features

- Heel pull-tab
- 10mm drop
- Built-in tongue with a pull-tab
- Circular lugs dot the basic rubber outsole and provide traction
- BOUNCE cushioning provides energy-return, comfort, and support
- Perforated FORGEDMESH upper provides exceptional breathability
- EM stands for Engineered Mesh, which makes the upper lightweight, form-fitting, but supportive

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Overall, the Adidas Alphabounce EM is a versatile shoe that's good for a variety of users. Walk or run, go fast or slow, cut it short or go along with the Adidas Alphabounce EM. The shoe looks great, so it's perfectly suitable for casual wear. Pair that with lightweight construction, a responsive ride, and a well-cushioned midsole, and you get a great all-around shoe. The Adidas Alphabounce EM also features a comfortable feel and thanks to a high-tech design provides a great fit that doesn't skimp on support. The shoe has very few weaknesses. You might have trouble with the long laces and want more toe box room, but that's about it.