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Asics 33 M Review Facts

Asics is certainly among the most well-loved brands when it comes to running gear and shoes. They consistently put out quality running shoes made with the newest technology. The Asics 33-M is one of three (along with the Asics 33 FA and the Asics 33 DFA) new shoes in the Asics “natural 33” line. Hailed as a competitive alternative to a Hoka shoe, the Asics 33 M is ideal for the runner seeking slipper-like comfort. The Asics 33 M is a quality shoe with a low drop and high levels of stability. They might look strange at first, but this is a great pick for the runner who wants a more natural shoe. Are you looking for a shoe to log your long or recovery runs? Are you looking for a shoe to help you alleviate some knee or back pain? Do you need extra comfort and stability? If so, then this could be great addition to your running shoe lineup.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe received overwhelmingly positive reviews in the comfort department
  • The Asics 33 M's have received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance for the quality work they have put in to help alleviate pain.
  • Durability – Asics patented AHAR material of the outsole combined with the stacked design of the midsole make this a shoe that will not easily break down.
  • Style – Reviewers reported loving the unisex style.
  • Minimizes Pain – With its extra cushioning and increased stability, runners found that running with the Asics 33 M cut down on knee and back pain.
  • Under-pronators, look no further! This shoe will offer you the perfect amount of stability.
  • Latest running technology – this shoes is loaded with new technology to give you the most comfortable run possible.
  • Weight – coming in at 1.11 pounds, this shoes feels very heavy to most runners.
  • Price – while you can find a good deal when the shoe is on sale, it does come in at the higher end of the spectrum
  • Sizing – a handful of reviewers reported that the Asics 33 M runs big. They suggest buying the shoe .5 to 1 size bigger than you normally wear.
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  • These have been so forgiving on my knees and feet! I am using these for a my marathon training. They are densely cushioned and freaking mad comfortable. Not the sexiest of shoes but that is not why I bought them.
  • I have had to use a cam boot lately for some damage on my feet.. These shoes are helping me walk normal again and relieving the pain from over compensating.. The height on them is perfect for this kind of thing I have found. These are so cozy and the gel heel is a game changer after wearing the damn boot all day. I have to say these shoes changed my pace and my life.These changed my stride for the better. They are bulky and not too pretty but who cares. The comfort trumps all in thee babies. They had no break in struggle and they are cushioned and supportive. I found my shoe mate. They also fit in the size I need properly, no size problems at all.
  • The sole is really cushy and supportive for my aerobics. They compare to my expensive cross trainers beautifully. I bought them a whole size up and they fit great. Great shoe all over.
  • I did not buy these for aesthetics. These are pure comfort hoes and they are exactly that. I bought a men’s shoe since the wide was not working for me in the women’s. These worked great. I cannot voice enough how great and comfy this shoe is,; you will not be disappointed.
  • These are the best jogging shoes I have ever bought. They are so supportive and cozy. The price is really good too.
  • You may have some tenderness after using these at first due to the low drop these have. That is normal. They are some of the best shoes on the market, hands down. They are a runner's dream, like foot pillows. These feel great on my feet.
  • These were a it stiff at first but broke in really nice I felt like I was going to have to quit using my feet they have been in so much pain lately. These shoes have fixed my pain They support my heels and my arches and have great toe space. These are a must for anyone looking for a comfy shoe to alleviate any sort of pain.
  • I’ve tried Mizunos and Brooks and other, more expensive ASICS models. This shoe trumps them all. And, it is well within a low budget shoe. They are soft and cushy. They are even in support and comfort and have no pressure anywhere in the sole. They are great in the toe box, just a bit warm because they do not breath as well as some meshy shoes. They also are very durable and last quite a long ride.You really cannot beat the quality for the price.
  • I wasn't used to all the extra cushion but I have found it to be a dream. I do not need to use my god awful compression socks with these. I never want to take them off.
  • Best ASICS to date. These accommodate my neuroma beautifully, leaving me pain free daily. This shoe was a dream boat for my feet. Now I see that they are discontinued and I am not sure I know what to do with my feet..
  • These are the best shoes that ASICS ever discontinued. They were so good for m plantars and super supportive. They have a great absorbance to them.
  • This has so much arch support and cushion. THey are bulky-ish but I do not care. They are beyond any shoe I have ever oarna dn the price is so good. These feel like an extension to my body.
  • These have a great toe spread and the heel drop is minimal, which I like. These are great for my power walking and have been so comfortable for my long distance walks.
  • I switched to these from the Nimbus and they are great. I run 30+ miles a week and need a good supportive runner. These have exceeded my expectations in comfort and design.
  • This is ASICS response to Hoka and man did they nail it. I run ultra marathons and this shoe is fab! This shoe is supportive and comfortable. It is cushy and light and has a great heel drop for us neutral runners. It responds well to the run and gives you a little bounce. I would recommend these shoe to any style runner, they are a fantastic shoe.
  • My toes spread great in these. They are great with my orthotics and fit to size. I wear thee to support my joints at work for 12 hours a shift standing. These are great however you wanna use them. So comfortable and just great.
  • These give my old 51 year old runner knees so much cushion and support. These fit to size and hug my feet way better than the Hokas. My plantars never bothers me in these shoes. They are bit heavier but better for me.
  • After reading runner reviews, I had to buy these. I am dumbfounded at the price for the quality. So you can make a shoe great without taking food from my kids mouth. They are so light and breathable. They have tons of cushion and support. I walk miles and miles in these at disney with no pain whatsoever. The sole covers my feet and they can breath!
  • The toe box is a dream and the cushion is superb. These are my favorite shoes EVER! They fit perfect to size, 8 M.
  • These are runners for people who need and want a lot of cushion and support. They are bulky looking but they are not heavy.
  • Right out of the box, 10 hours, no issues. They have not rubbed me or pained me at all. They are super cushy and stable. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They fit me perfect to size as well.
  • It has a dent in the front toe when I walk in them. They have a great fit and comfort to them though. The dent doesn't seem to affect my foot it just isn't that nice to look at with an already aesthetically failing shoe.
  • A little on the heavier side for my liking. However, the shoe is mad comfortable. The cushioning supports the heel and the ball of your foot.
  • I want to just buy the soles to these shoes. They are so pillow like and mold to your feet everytime you wear them. They have a good toe box, the shoe. I am counting on the durability.
  • I have been buying ASICS for a long time and these were just way off. My inserts made hoes in the back of the heels after two weeks. The sole is cozy but the quality is very poor.
  • Clown shoes! They were so floppy and big. I ended up returning them. They weighed too much too.
  • Walking, running, no difference, the inside of my knees are killing me because of these. Not the support or comfort I apparently need in a shoe.
  • II couldn't believe how narrow these were after all the reviews I read. These are boxy alright, like a cardboard box: stiff and clunky. The toes are wide and makes my feet slip all over although they are too narrow in the mid. I didn't know I was ordering snow shoes. I hate these.
  • The insole was like a brick. Something has changed because these are nothing like my old pair. The cushioning is lacking, which obviously dumbs the support. Really disappointed.
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Once again, Asics comes through with their cutting edge technology. The outsole of the Asics 33 M is made up of their durable, patented outsole material, AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber). To add to the durability of the outsole, Asics also uses DuraSponge technology to add extra cushioning. Many runners reported that this dual outsole material helped cut down on knee and back pain while running.


The midsole of the Asics 33 M is one place where this shoe really shines. One element of the midsole is the use of AmpliFoam Technology. This is a dense foam material that simultaneously gives the runner extra cushioning while also adding extra durability. Another technology Asics uses to make this shoe extra cushioned is a polymer compound and gel inserts. This stacked design allows for a more natural feel. The bottom layer is the softer foam, while the upper layer of the midsole provides a less soft feel. The end result is an extra cushioned ride that won’t easily break down.


The most notable feature of the Asics 33 M’s upper is its seamless design. Fewer seams means fewer chances for friction which means fewer chances for irritations. Say goodbye to blisters! The interlocking mesh upper provides the runner with a breathable feel that keeps the feet cool even during warmer runs. The upper is unlined which means you’ll get extra air flow during your runs. This will help keep your feet dry and fresh. One review even remarked that upper’s material made the shoe feel “slipper-like”.


One of the less favorable features of the Asics 33 M is the weight. The average running shoe weighs in around 9.6 to 10 ounces. The 33 M comes in at 1 pound 1 ounce. The weight is not a certain deal breaker. It just depends on your needs as a runner. Many reviewers found that the extra cushioning provided in the Asics 33 M was worth the increase in weight; however, some runners noted that the weight holds them back from running fast or changing pace, so these shoes aren’t great for quick races or speed workouts. If you are looking for a great racing shoe, check out the link here.

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The Asics 33 M receives high marks in the breathability category. Asics comes through with their patented technology once again to make this shoes a breathable dream. Asics utilizes ComfortDry Lasting technology in their construction of the 33 M. This is an excellent moisture management system. They also include a ComfortDry Sockliner to increase moisture control. Runners noted that the ComfortDry Sockliner keeps the temperature inside the shoe nice and cool and did not produce uncomfortable “hot spots”.


The Asics 33 M is the comfort king. Reviewer after reviewer praised the 33 M for its maximum comfort levels. The secret to the Asics 33 M’s high level of comfort is in the double layered midsole. The extra cushioning added through the use of the AmpliFoam technology provides a cushioned landing that is perfect for the runner who needs more support.

The Asics 33 M is also a great choice for individuals who spend many hours a day on their feet. Reviews agreed that the high-quality material of the upper and its seamless design added to the comfort of the shoe. The combination of stability and comfort provided by the Asics 33 M received high marks from reviewers who relied on this shoe for their everyday shoe.


Just like with all Asics shoes, you can expect to see the signature insignia along the side. A unique characteristic of the M 33 is that you can expect the insignia to be glossy. It also includes various reflective logos. This shoe has a unique aesthetic compared to other Asics shoes. The design is a unisex design that comes in four different color combinations including white/ flash yellow/ navy, khaki/ coffee/ orange, dark gray/ silver/ deep ruby, or onyx/silver/ flash orange. Reviewers noted that the shoe looks great with jeans and doesn’t stand out as a “fitness shoe”.


No one wants to replace expensive running shoes more often than they need to. That is why Asics is always a good choice. Asics is known for their quality and a part of that legacy comes from the shoes’ long-lasting durability. Part of the reason you can put excessive miles on an Asics shoe is because of their patented Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR). That coupled with a layered midsole makes it difficult to break these shoes down. It is the layering of a thick rubber underneath a carbon rubber that keeps the shoe durable. You can depend on Asics to get you through mile upon mile before needing to be replaced.


The Asics 33 M offers a few different protection features. For starters, this is a great shoe for those that have a wider foot and need a roomier toe box. This shoe protects your foot against blistering and friction. It is designed with a spacious toe box and the Natural 33 Last technology promotes a natural fit and provides a secure heel fit. You can feel good about putting in a lot of miles on these shoes, as long as distance, not speed is your primary goal.

The upper, adorned with reflective logos, is designed to protect the runner during their evening or early morning runs.


Overall, runners were not impressed with Asics 33 M’s responsiveness. This might come as a surprise considering the drop of the Asics 33 M is a mere 4 mm. The added cushioning is the culprit here. One runner noted, “The Asics 33 M has extensive cushioning but not much responsiveness or feedback.” Don’t expect this shoe to adapt to the road. This could be why many runners commented that this shoe is ideal for long, slow runs, and not suited for speed work. If you are looking for a more responsive shoe, you might want to consider looking at a different option.


The Asics 33 M is a great shoe is you are looking for extra support. Many runners can benefit from extra support and stability. In the case of the Asics 33 M, heavier runners tended to appreciate the added support that the cushioning provided. Another fan of the Asics 33 M was the runner with wider feet.


The outsole of the Asics 33 M is perfectly created to pound the pavement. With that being said, this is not a shoe you want to wear to the trail. If you are looking for an amazing trail shoe, look here. This shoe is specifically designed for the road and the track and is sure to help you log long miles. It is also a great shoe for daily use in your everyday life.


As with all the criteria you see here, price is an import factor to consider. Each runner is different and you want to find the shoe that makes your feet and your wallet feel the most comfortable. The Asics 33 M is the priciest of the three “natural 33” line produced by Asics. These shoes include the 33 M, the 33 FA, and the 33 PEA. For the price, some runners reported preferring one of the other two of the line. However, you can find these shoes for less than 100 dollars.


Because the Asics 33 M is specifically designed for the road and the track in mind, it doesn’t provide any additional traction for rocky or unstable surfaces. Runners also noted that the shoe does not do well in the rain. The inside becomes very soggy and slippery.


One reviewer commented that this is “a very stiff shoe”. If flexibility is your number one priority, this is not the shoe for you. The layers of the midsole and the thick outsole caused by wide Flex Grooves cut down on flexibility. What the shoe provides in cushioning and support, it loses in flexibility.


Runners loved the stability provided by the Asics 33 M. The outsoles flare outward. From this design, the runner is able to get a super supportive heel base. The same flare takes place all around the shoe. This is great for the wide-footed runner. The over-pronators raved about this shoe. One runner said that this shoe provided him a “tremendous help” because he over-pronates. The Asics 33 M is a great shoe to help runners feel stable on their long runs. If you view the Asics 33 M from the side and notice the 24 mm height, it is clear to see that this shoe provides runners with a solid, stable base.


The average shoe has a 7 mm drop. The drop on the Asics 33 M is 4 mm. This creates a more natural running experience. However, runners commented that the Asics 33 M were missing the responsiveness and flexibility of a true minimalist shoe.
Key Features of the Asics 33 M

Key Features of the Asics 33 M

• “Slipper like” comfortability
• Constructed using the newest technology to guarantee quality, durability, and comfort:
• DuraSponge Outsole,
• ComfortDry Lasting, ComfortDry Sockliner
• Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR)
• Best for runners who overpronate and need a little extra support
• A quality shoe from a trusted brand for your long runs and recovery runs
• Unique style. These shoes don’t look like your average fitness shoe.
• The Asics 33 M's have received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a shoe with all the latest and greatest technology? Are you looking for a shoe for your long runs or recovery runs? Do you struggle with back or knee pain because of overpronating? Is your number one priority comfort? Are you looking for a shoe with a low drop? The Asics 33 M might be your shoe! You won’t find a ton of responsiveness or flexibility in this shoe, but the perfect shoe is in the eye of the beholder. If you’d happily exchange a little extra weight for a lot of added comfort, and a ton of stability, you’ve found your new running shoe in the Asics M 33.