Adidas Response Boost Trail

The Adidas Response Boost series has gotten strong reviews since their inception in 2014. The Boost technology in the midsole is some of the most responsive and well-cushioned technologies you’re going to find in any midsole in any shoe on the market. Adidas decided to double down and create a trail version of their highly productive Response Boost. Does the shoe perform as well on the trail as it does on the road? Let’s find out.

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Pros & Cons
  • Durable outsole provides great traction
  • Boost technology in the midsole provides comfort and responsiveness
  • Breathable upper with a secure fit
  • Stylish shoe - comes in many different colors
  • Cons
    • On the heavy side
    • Not very protective
    • Lacks support
    • Stability could be improved.
    • Key Features
      Like Response Boost 2, the Response Boost Trail uses a sticky rubber on the outsole. Thanks in part to their partnership with Continental, a German company that specializes in automotive and tire supplies, the outsole is made of their durable Continental rubber. The outsole also features thick lugs with spikes that pierce into the ground and give you great traction. The outsole provides great traction, support, and durability as well as a smooth ride.
      As you likely gathered from the name, the midsole uses Adidas’ Boost technology for a comfortable and responsive ride. The Boost technology is not only soft, it’s lightweight. With each strike, the Boost technology provides solid energy return for an explosive toe-off. Like with other shoes in the Response Boost line, you can see the foam pellets in the midsole. Adidas is proud of their Boost technology and they aren’t afraid to show it off.
      The seamless upper is made with abrasion-resistant mesh, which is not only protective but breathable as well. The webbing has a unique design that almost works like a strap around your foot. There are three straps around the midfoot that do have some give but keep your foot secured in place. It’s comfortable without being restrictive and provides great support. On top of that, there is the comfortable Ortholite sock liner with anti-odor features. Overall, the upper is responsive, breathable, and protective.
      At 11.5 oz for men and 9.7 oz for women, this shoe isn’t light, but that’s not uncommon for trail shoes since they have added features to provide more protection than road shoes. Many runners did complain about the weight of the shoe and said that it feels as heavy, if not heavier than they expected.
      Runners raved about the amount of breathability, especially in the forefoot. The breathable mesh is easy to spot in the forefoot; however, though not as visible as the forefoot, runners noted the excellent midfoot breathability. You can run comfortably in these shoes for many miles and not have to worry about your foot overheating. It will remain cool and dry for the duration of your run.
      You’ll be hard pressed to find an Adidas shoe with the Boost technology that is uncomfortable. The softness in the heel and forefoot is unmatched. The midsole is well cushioned and very comfortable. There is plenty of room on the toe-box so you don’t feel constricted in the forefoot area. The upper is flexible and provides a secure, comfortable fit. The heel counter and collar are a bit low, but this doesn’t take away from the comfort. In fact, it adds to it as it keeps your foot secure as you run.
      Adidas has created a shoe with a unique style thanks in large part to the seat buckle design on the upper. It’s something that you’re not going to find on any other shoe on the market and it helps the Adidas Response Boost TR stand out when you’re running. Being a trail shoe, Adidas didn’t go crazy with the color schemes. That went with bold colors that you would expect from a trail shoe. Blues, reds, grays, and greens are the typical colors found on the shoes.
      Being a trail shoe, durability is a must have. Luckily, the Adidas Response Boost Trail does not miss the mark. Many runners have stated that this shoe is one of the most durable they have ever had the pleasure of wearing. You can not only take it on the trail, but you can take it on the road as well. The outsole, which was a big issue with the original Adidas Response Boost, has been updated and is made of Continental rubber.
      As with the durability, the protection is top-notch. Regardless of the terrains you run on, runners stated that you feel almost nothing underneath your foot. This is due to the thicker and exceptionally-made outsole. There is usually a rock shield on trail shoes, but not on this one. Adidas still gets away with it due to how well-made their outsole is. One runner commented that this is the most protective Adidas shoe that they’ve ever worn. The upper adds to the protection, although some runners were slightly disappointed with the amount of water the mesh holds when running in wet conditions.
      There is no issue with the responsive of this shoe, which is to be expected when the word “response” is in the shoe. The Boost midsole ensures that you’re going to get one of the most responsive rides ever. You’ll feel the midsole press down as you strike the ground and then give you that extra "boost" as you lift off. The weight was something that a few runners were concerned about and that it took away from the responsiveness.
      As was the issue in the non-trail version of the Adidas Response Boost, the support is all over the place. Some runners commented that the midsole doesn’t provide quite enough support for your arches. They said that this is especially noticeable when running on downhills or rocky terrain. Runners commented that the upper didn’t do a good enough job holding your foot in place. This can be corrected by simply tightening the belt straps, but it does go to show the lack of initial support in the shoe. For all of the praise the Boost material receives, Adidas still needs to figure out how to make the shoe more supportive.

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      Being a trail shoe, the shoe should perform well on just about any terrain. And fortunately, it does. Whether you’re running on a rocky trail, a well carved out trail, the Response Boost Trail will hold up and perform admirably. The outsole ensures that the shoe is going to hold up no matter the conditions. Many runners loved how well that outsole held up on long runs. They commentated that typically they would have to tear off the lugs of other shoes, but with the Response Boost Trail, the lugs showed no major wear and tear despite heavy use.
      Going for $110 on Adidas’ website, the Response Boost Trail is slightly below MSRP price. However, you can find them for as low as $83, elsewhere online, depending on the size.
      Thanks to the Continental outsole with sticky rubber, the traction on these shoes are excellent. They grip nicely and ensure that you don’t slip or slide on the trail. Runners were very impressed with how the outsole handled rocks. Some reviewers had success using these shoes on road as well. This speaks to the diversity of the outsole as it’s able to handle many terrains and elements just fine.
      Despite the weight of the shoe, it doesn’t take away from the flexibility. This is due to the Boost midsole, which has remained one of the most flexible midsoles on the market. The upper, since it isn’t constricting, has plenty of give and flex throughout. While there are no prominent flex points throughout the outsole, the outsole still maintains a strong flexibility.
      The overall stability for the shoe is strong. The Boost midsole provides a strong and stable platform for your foot and the forefoot stays locked in place as well. Some runners did have concerns about the heel stability, but those concerns were quickly alleviated when they tried the shoes. To help with the heel stability, Adidas tacked on TPU features that runners were very impressed with.
      The shoe features a 10mm drop, which is an average drop for a running shoe. The drop helps with the stability. Adidas ran into an issue with the original Response Boost and the drop and stability. Runners are thankful that they’ve corrected their mistake and gone with a standard drop.
      Key Features
      • Boost technology in the midsole
      • Continental outsole
      • Seat belt-like upper that keeps your foot secure
      • Heavy lugs on the outsole
      Bottom Line
      If you like the Adidas Response Boost that is meant for the road, you’ll love the Response Boost that is meant for the trail. The shoe is not only comfortable but extremely durable. It’s also affordable. The only downside to this shoe is the weight, but that weight doesn’t detract from the flexibility and helps with the overall protection.
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      By Jeremy Lambert
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