Adidas Solar Glide ST Review: Shoe That Helps Runners Fly

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The Adidas Solar Glide ST ranks high for its performance when it comes to energy return, comfort and stability. Adidas Solar Glide ST Review: Shoe That Helps Runners Fly

I am a runner with a confession. I have been cheating on my Brooks Ghost 11s. It started off as an occasional meetup, something fresh to switch up my shoe rotation. But my feet have never been happier during the long run since I got a pair of the Adidas Solar Glide ST. They have quickly become my go-to running shoes when both doing some short distance speed work and logging in the long miles.

It’s a versatile shoe that combines being lightweight and flexible—which is needed to be fast,—with the cushion and comfort needed for the long haul. It’s basically a runner’s dream shoe all tied together in a vibrant “hi-res” yellow package.

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It’s a flashy shoe that is made to be shown off. It comes in “Mystery Ink,” a blueish/purple lilac color, or the must-get “Hi-Res Yellow” that has the infamous Adidas stripes in white and some grey touches.

More than just a beauty, it has the muscles in a sense that it delivers when it comes to performance. I feel as quick on my feet as The Flash. It isn’t superpowers, but rather the science in the shoes that helps me soar.

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The Adidas Solar Glide ST sneakers are inspired by aerospace engineering design, which means it is built for speed with the emphasis on flexibility and as little as weight as possible. This shoe is designed to move well. Features include the forefront’s flex-fold ribbing, a feature taken from NASA spacesuit gloves.


Taking a closer look at the shoe, runners notice that the upper of the Solar Glide ST compares to the Solar Boost in that it also has a four-way stretch Engineered Mesh. This makes it a breathable shoe, with again that flexibility that is excellent for cross training and running.

One of the most comfortable parts of this running shoe is actually its tongue. But instead of using padding it habits Fitting Tongue which is thinner. It still has slight padding that reaches downwards and prevents hot spots on the top of the foot. Expect not to have to adjust the tongue and laces to get that comfortable fit.


This is a neutral category shoe. And one of its greatest attributes is its ability to stabilize the foot. It is equipped with Solar Propulsion Rails, which keeps the foot in place. This is great for those who overpronate, although it doesn’t necessarily fix that issue. These are made the foot to feel secure and that is exactly the case when running in them.

While the rails are for security and support, Adidas also included a little bit of foam under the arch for added stability. This makes them feel a bit stiff (in a good way). The arch support here is great for those with flat feet. The way its made also helps with the heel to toe movement.

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But the sole shining feature of the midsole is its cushioning. The cushion in the Solar Glide ST is made of the company’s Boost foam. This foam (made of Thermoplastic polyurethane capsules) is known own for its energy-return. The idea here is that there is a “boost” of energy each time the foot leaves the ground. And this is more than just a claim. Strides feel fluid and turn over quick. The runner can expect a little bounce in their step. This runner likes that extra pep in the step, finding that this is great when doing sprints or maintaining half marathon pace in the long run when efficiency is key.


The outsole is equipped with the company’s Continental Rubber that provides impressive traction. It is made to be able to handle any road, trail or treadmill. The runner won’t slip on wet roads in these that is for sure. This allows the runner to kick up on the speed even after a fresh rainfall or across various seasons.


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The Solar Glide ST has a 10mm heel to toe drop. It weighs 9.8 ounces (for a women’s size 7). With a regular fit, it was dual-density Boost cushioning under the arch, categories as “stability” arch support and has “soft” heel cushioning. It scores “moderate” for flexibility and “most” for stability. Most importantly is its high score when it comes to energy return.

It’s Solar Propulsion Rail helps to keep the foot in place, and it has a high heel tab to keep the heel in place. It is recommended for road running but can be used for just about any terrain, for both short and long runs.

Comfort And Fit

This is the kind of shoe that can help bring performance to new heights. Because of its ability to provide enough comfort thanks to its plush Boost cushioning while still being extremely stable with lots of support. These are my go-to for long runs because of this combination. The cushion is plus and makes mile 11 feel the same as mile 1 when in terms of foot comfort. Still, it isn’t too bulky or pillowy.

The support and stability are appreciated the most in the later miles, an ankle (from an old injury) not feeling weak. Even though they are about the same weight as n the Brooks Ghost 12, in compassion they feel lighter on and more responsive.

What is great about this Adidas running shoe is that there is no break-in period. This runner usually runs 2-3 miles a few times to break in a new pair, but after jumping right into a 5-mile run there was no discomfort, blisters or hot spots.

The Solar Glide ST fits like a glove, feeling snug without being tight. It is more like an extension of the foot.

Final Thoughts


  • Great energy return
  • Light, yet ample cushion
  • Great traction
  • Impressive support that isn’t too stiff


  • Can take time to get used to the rails that keep the foot in place.
Photo: MG 1 Studio

Like a moth to a flame, it’s color first caught my eyes and lured me in. It’s sleek and slyest design is what this fashion-forward runner wanted—no, needed—to add to the running shoe collection. But it’s appearance is only the icing on the cake.

It’s hard to write many things “bad” or “wrong” with this shoe. That’s how well it performs. And after running short and long distance from everything from the treadmill to an icy morning on the pavement, I can contest to how reliable it is. Its comfort is unmatched when thinking of flexible and lightweight options. It is extremely versatile and has moved up to the top of this runner’s shoe rank.


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