Adidas Springblade Ignite

Adidas is a well-known brand worldwide when it comes to athletics, with big stakes in the basketball, soccer, and running market. Adidas is known for producing gear and clothing for almost every major worldwide sport that is both good quality and fashionable. The Springblade Ignite is one of Adidas’ pairs of running shoes that stands out with its very modern and somewhat unusual design. The Springblade Ignite is designed to be a very responsive shoe, which is in line with many of Adidas’ other running shoes. Overall, the Springblade Ignite offers some very unique features that make it definitely worth a look.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Unique styling
  • Breathable design
  • Well cushioned
  • Responsive feel
  • Cons
    • Mixed reviews on durability
    • Fairly expensive
    • Key Features
      The outsole of a shoe refers to the piece that makes up the bottom on the outside. This is a fairly significant part of a shoe, as it plays a big role in the durability and traction of the shoe. The Springblade Ignite has a fairly unique outsole, featuring nine polymer blades. These blades are actually slanted forwards slightly to encourage propulsion with each step. In addition to the extra responsiveness, these blades provide some extra cushioning and stability. At the bottom of the blades is Adidas’ Adiwear rubber. Adiwear is a non-marking rubber, which is designed to provide extra traction while still allowing for turning and pivoting. It is also fairly durable in its own right which is another bonus. Overall, the outsole of the Adidas Springblade Ignite is quite unique and offers some interesting features that serve the shoe well.
      The midsole is positioned between the outsole and upper and is responsible for providing energy return, and protecting and cushioning the foot on impact. This makes it a fairly important part of the shoe. The midsole of the Adidas Springblade Ignite is made of EVA foam, a standard choice for running trainers. EVA is a solid choice because of its ability to return energy while retaining its shape even with repetitive wear. The midsole also features Adidas’ AdiPrene + technology. AdiPrene+ essentially refers to high-density rubber pads which are placed under the forefoot and the rearfoot. These pads lessen impacts and help to absorb shock, providing good cushioning and protection for the foot. Thanks to the EVA foam and AdiPrene+, the midsole is quite solid and does its job well.
      The upper refers to the top part of the shoe. The upper of the Springblade Ignite is made of a breathable mesh with synthetic overlays, dubbed the TechFit. Mesh with synthetic overlays has become a very popular choice for shoe uppers thanks to the many benefits they offer together. Mesh is an effective choice because it is often very flexible and breathable due to the mini holes that allow airflow. Synthetic overlays than helps secure the foot and make sure it is snug and stable within the mesh upper. In addition to these components, the upper features an EVA foam liner on the inside for some extra cushioning and protection. The liner also has moisture wicking properties to reduce the amount of sweat buildup in the shoe as well. Overall, the upper has many useful features, and it is definitely a strong aspect of the shoe.
      Though it might not be apparent at first, weight is an important aspect of a running shoe. Shoes on the heavier side tend to offer more cushion, but while more lightweight shoes tend to offer a bit less, in exchange for a more natural stride and responsiveness. The Adidas Springblade Ignite weighs in at around 12 ounces. 12 ounces is a fairly reasonable weight for a shoe of this size. With the trend in more lightweight trainers recently, it could be argued that the Springblade is a bit on the heavier side, but for the most part, its weight is average. Overall, the weight of the Springblade Ignite is not really a positive or negative aspect of the shoe.
      Breathability refers to the circulation of air throughout the shoe. Breathability is important in preventing sweaty and cramped feet, which can lead to odor or blisters, neither of which are fun to deal with. Breathability tends to be heavily influenced by the upper of a shoe, as it is the part that covers the foot. Luckily, the upper of the Springblade Ignite is a mesh design. Mesh is inherently breathable due to the fact that holes are woven into it intentionally. This is the main reason why the Springblade is so breathable. Another factor is the liner within the upper that has moisture wicking properties, which also contributes to making the shoe more ventilated and less sweaty. Overall, the breathability of the Springblade Ignite is quite solid thanks to these two features.
      Comfort is not something to take lightly when purchasing new shoes. The Adidas Springblade Ignite is a pretty comfortable shoe. The upper contributes to the comfort of the shoe by being very flexible. This flexibility in tandem with the security of the overlays provides a very comfortable fit. The midsole provides good cushioning with its EVA foam and it's AdiPrene + pads. Finally, the outsole with its unique blades absorbs and distributes impact, similar to the midsole. Overall, the Springblade Ignite is definitely a comfortable shoe.
      In terms of style, Adidas tends to be a very popular option, not just for running shoes, but for non-runners as well. The Springblade Ignite has a very unique appearance and design thanks to its blades. It looks much different from more classically designed trainers, like Asics or Brooks trainers. Overall, the Springblade has a sleek and stylish design and a few choices in terms of color. For an everyday shoe however, the Springblade might be a bit difficult to use, mostly due to its unique appearance. Overall, as most Adidas shoes tend to be, the Springblade is a fairly stylish shoe.
      Durability is a very important aspect to consider with new shoes. Bad durability leads to shoes that wear out quickly and must be replaced. The Adidas Springblade Ignite is a fairly durable shoe, though it is not without its issues. The main aspects of durability are the outsole and the midsole. The outsole contributes to the durability of the shoe through its Adiwear rubber located at the bottom of its blades. Adiwear is a very durable rubber and helps extend the life of the blades. The EVA midsole also contributes to the lifespan of the shoe, as it does a good job at retaining its shape and springiness, even after many miles. Some runners did report that the interior of the shoe and the upper wore out more quickly than expected. Though these issues were not widely reported, it is still something to definitely take note of. Overall, the durability probably will not be a major issue, but those who have worn out uppers or interiors of shoes before should be wary.
      In terms of protection, the Adidas Springblade Ignite is decent. The main components of protection in the shoe are the midsole and the upper. The midsole offers protection with its EVA foam, which does a good job of cushioning impacts. The midsole also contributes via its AdiPrene + pads. These pads are in the forefoot and at the back of the shoe, and their primary goal is to provide extra protection from impacts and repeated pounding. The upper protects the foot from the elements by keeping out debris and dust and also protects securing the foot, thanks to its synthetic overlays. Overall, the protection of the Springblade Ignite is pretty good.
      Responsiveness refers to the shoe's ability to return energy after every ground strike. Essentially, this describes how the shoe responds to every stride. Responsiveness is often heavily dependent on the midsole, due to its location within the shoe. This is true for the Springblade Ignite as well, which features a midsole made of EVA foam. EVA foam is a pretty responsive material, thanks to its inherent properties of energy return, and its springiness. This makes the shoe fairly responsive overall. The outsole also contributes, thanks to the aforementioned blades. These blades are slanted forwards to facilitate a more efficient stride and in turn a more responsive step. As a whole, the responsiveness of the Springblade Ignite, though not exceptional, is solid.
      The midsole and upper do a good job providing support in the Springblade. The midsole comes in once again, contributing with its EVA midsole and protective pads. Both of these do a good job supporting the foot while running and cushioning from impacts and potential missteps. The upper contributes by snugly holding the foot, while still retaining flexibility thanks to its overlays and its mesh design. This provides very useful support from above.
      The Adidas Springblade Ignite fare best on roads, sidewalks, and other city terrains, though trails, dirt, and grass should not cause any major issues for it. More extreme terrain might cause problems, however, likely ice, or extremely rocky terrain. The Springblade is not waterproof, though it can be used in rain with caution.
      The Springblade is a fairly solid shoe overall, though its price is definitely on the higher side. Its unique design and features are definitely appealing, but the price tag is a little more than expected. If they can be found for a discount, then they might be more suitable, but for those looking for a budget shoe, this shoe would not fall in that category.
      Traction refers to the shoe's ability to grip onto different surfaces. The traction of the Springblade is adequate, thanks to the Adiwear material on the outsole which does a good job gripping and clinging onto most surfaces. The traction is best on surfaces such as road and concrete but can provide traction on light trail conditions as well.
      Flexibility is important for promoting a more natural stride. Flexibility generally stems from the upper and midsole, both of which do a solid job for the Springblade. The upper contributes to its mesh design, which is inherently flexible thanks to the fact that it is a woven material. The EVA midsole is a springy and flexible material in general, allowing for more natural foot movement. Overall, the flexibility of the Springblade Ignite is quite solid.
      The Adidas Springblade Ignite is a fairly stable shoe. The upper contributes to stability by securing the foot in place with its mesh material and synthetic overlays. The EVA midsole adds stability by cushioning from impacts, and through the AdiPRene + pads, both of which absorb shocks well. Overall, the Springblade is a fairly stable shoe, mainly due to its upper and midsole.
      The drop on these shoes is about average for running trainers of this style. Drop refers to the distance from the bottom of the heel. In the case of the Springblade, the drop is 10 mm which is a standard drop.
      Key Features
      - Outsole blades for a more responsive ride
      - AdiPrene+ midsole for added protection
      - Adiwear outsole to extend durability
      - Breathable mesh upper
      - Unique style
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Adidas Springblade Ignite is a fairly unique trainer that offers useful and interesting features. Between its special blades and its overall visual design, the Springblade is definitely no ordinary running shoe. This definitely reflects in its price, however, so those on a budget might prefer a different shoe. Overall though, the shoe is quite interesting and a solid trainer overall, if the price can be ignored.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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