Under Armour Charged Ultimate

Under Armour is very well-known for its quality products and the Under Armour Charged Ultimate training shoe doesn't disappoint. It's great for general workouts, gymnastics movements, and lighter weight workout equipment. The design provides versatility and comfort for all kinds of movement and workout methods. The shoe is extremely lightweight with a powerful midsole that helps propel athletes through the initial downward impact while also providing extreme comfort and support. It has an innovative lacing technique that helps lock the foot in the shoe for a snug fit and reliability, plus a Charged Cushioning sock liner for added support and padding. Any Crossfit athlete who is looking for a comfortable trainer with extreme power capability should consider the Under Armour Charged Ultimate.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great cushion
  • Great airflow
  • Visually appealing design
  • Cons
    • Too much cushion for power delivery
    • Reports of mesh tearing early on
    • Key Features
      A solid outsole creates the best power delivery as it's extremely responsive to high impacts allowing the athlete more power in their workout. Some reports state it could still be denser for more power delivery. Its multi-surface design with flex grooves allows superior grip on all types of surfaces while also allowing the shoe to flex with the user for a more natural feel. This gives athletes a sure-fire grip in their workouts for quick turns, jumps and direction changes while still allowing the shoe to move with the foot for a more natural feel.
      A dual-layer midsole with Charged Cushioning on top of Micro G foam adds extreme comfort, support and quick response time. Micro G foam is lighter, provides more bounce and a stronger hold. The Charged Cushioning is very responsive for quick movements, so when blended with the Micro G foam, this makes for a very reliable midsole that helps propel the athlete forward in their movements. The snug fit provides reliable stability throughout the dense midsole and heel.
      The upper consists of ballistic Nylon with mesh and features a full-length Charged Cushioning sockliner which provides the athlete a great fit and a snug, comfortable feel. It also helps add extreme response from the shoe for quick mobility. Athletes report that they love the visual design of the upper, yet the mesh can tear early on.
      The shoe is exceptionally light at 11.6oz and doesn't weigh down athletes. Instead of being bulky and added unnecessary weight, the Under Armour Charged Ultimate almost disappears on the wearer's feet and allow them to workout with ultimate speed and power. This is due in large part to the slimmed down midsole with Micro G technology. The weight is reduced with added rebound and responsiveness. Some trainers are too heavy with a bulky design and can actually fight against the athlete and get in the way. The ultra-light Under Armour Charged Ultimate works with and for the athlete for the best workout possible.
      The upper has a breathable design that allows excellent airflow and keeps feet cool and dry. The shoe is lightweight so it won't trap a lot of heat. This allows athletes to give their all in their workout without worrying about overheating. There are complaints of the upper mesh tearing which should be considered. However, there are plenty of reviews which state that the shoe lasts a very long time.
      The Puma Charged Ultimate Crossfit shoe has a slightly tighter fit than most trainers. This is in large part due to the full-length Charged Cushioning sock liner that gives the wearer excellent comfort and fit with a snug feel. The UA ClutchFit technology wraps feet in a lightweight material for ultimate comfort, stability and incredible support. The shoe has an innovative lacing system which gives a locked-in fit for great comfort. It has a very light feel at only 11.6oz allowing athletes to move quicker for longer. It also comes with a dual-layer midsole with Charged Cushioning placed on top of Micro G foam provides incredible comfort, support and quick responsiveness so athletes can make quick, small movements without worrying about the shoe creating drag. The shoe includes flex grooves on the outsole which provide extra flexibility for easier wear.
      The design is simple yet very stylish. It comes in some attractive color styles, such as black/white/graphite, white/purple, steel/graphite/white, grey/lime green and red/black. The great design and functionality of the shoe is only matched by its stylish, eye-catching appearance.
      The molded toe cap provides both support and durability to resist wear and tear. The dense outsole consists of a single rubber piece designed to perform on all surfaces. The midsole is also very durable and can stand up to explosive power moves the wearer may perform. Instead of being bulky or fighting the wearer throughout workouts, the midsole helps the athlete with the responsiveness and great stability. The flex grooves on the durable outsole help the shoe move with the natural movement of the foot for a more natural and confident feel.
      The Puma Charged Ultimate has dense, rubber outsole with a multi-traction surface and a dense midsole which are both very durable and protect the shoe from extreme wear and tear. While the shoes aren't meant to go hiking in, they do have proper protection for most indoor workouts.
      Dual-layer midsole blends Micro G foam followed by Charged Cushioning for extreme responsiveness and support, plus a great feel. The Micro G foam allows a thinner midsole profile which helps athletes feel what's underfoot and assists in quick direction changes. It's also designed as a high-rebound foam, meaning it has a quicker response time and bounce. The Charged Cushioning helps with its extreme responsiveness for added rebound in quick movements. This is very helpful for athletes who need a quick reaction time in jumps and other quick motions.
      The Under Armour Charged Ultimate comes with a number of supportive features. UA ClutchFit technology envelopes feet in a lightweight, hourglass material for extreme support and comfort while flexing. An external TPU heel counter resists overpronation and locks the foot to the midsole for support. A molded toe cap adds support and resists wear and tear with its durable construction. The dual-layer midsole blends Charged Cushioning with Micro G foam for ultimate support, comfort, and responsiveness. The midsole helps athletes get a better rebound out of the workout and keep moving while also protecting their knees and ankles by reducing shock absorption in these joints.
      Multi-surface traction makes this shoe great for all types of surfaces during intense workouts. A rubber outsole provides terrific traction with flex grooves for flexibility when needed so athletes always have a reliable grip.
      Compared to its closest competitors, the Under Armour Charged Ultimate training shoe is less expensive. It has a better midsole with improved responsiveness and bounce, multi-surface traction for a great grip on all surfaces, a terrific sock liner with added support, plus a more stylish visual design than many other similar shoes on the market.
      The rubber outsole is designed to function on all types of terrain for a multi-purpose design. It's adaptable and performs well under most conditions. The outsole includes a great traction design with flex grooves for added flexibility for an easier and more comfortable wear. The grooves break up the flat design of the outsole. These allow athletes to be quick and springy, while also providing a powerful base for generating superior power. The more force generated, the better the movements become.
      Flex grooves on the outsole provide the wearer with supreme flexibility when needed. This gives the wearer more control over the shoe and a more comfortable fit. Rather than fighting extra resistance from the shoe, the foot can bend more naturally for a better workout.
      An external TPU heel counter locks in great support for more stability. This is extremely helpful in avoiding overpronation and helps anchor the foot to the midsole for proper support. The flex grooves on the outsole allow the shoe to move more naturally with the foot so wearers can get a more dependable and accurate grip. The Charged Cushioning sock liner helps support the foot in the shoe and provide a snug feel, so athletes have a fantastic hold over their workouts.
      The Under Armour Charged Ultimate features a typical Crossfit drop of 4 mm. This helps distribute an athlete's weight evenly across the foot and provides a realistic foot position. Rather than having the foot at an awkward angle and compromise stature and performance, the foot can stand at a natural angle to get the most out of their workout.
      Key Features
      • Strong grip
      • Padded heel to prevent slipping
      • Quality build
      • Lightweight design
      • Dependable fit
      • Powerful base for explosive power
      • UA ClutchFit technology for support
      • Extreme multi-surface traction with flex grooves
      • Responsive midsole for cushion, support, and responsiveness
      Bottom Line
      The Under Armour Charged Ultimate training shoe is an excellent consideration for all training athletes, especially Crossfitters. Its strong, yet comfortable, midsole provides excellent responsiveness and power. It's extremely lightweight and almost gets lost in the foot. It has impressive traction for a terrific grip, plus flex grooves that allow the shoe to move with the foot for flexible wear. While some users note that the upper tends to tear pretty early on, others have also reported that the shoe has lasted a couple of years at a time with no issue. The Under Armour Charged Ultimate training shoe is an affordable shoe that all Crossfitters should consider as a part of their must-have gym accessories.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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