Under Armour Scorpio 2

The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is the second version of the original Scorpio. UnderArmour chose to make minimal changes to the shoe. The Scorpio 2 remains a good choice for daily road running. The shoe provides mild stability to the wearer while remaining fairly lightweight. Mild overpronators should feel stable when running in the Scorpio 2. The small changes are relegated to the shoe’s upper and improve an already solid shoe. The changes, though minimal, will ensure that loyal fans of the original Scorpio will continue to enjoy a comfortable running experience.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • The shoe is quite comfortable
  • It features mild arch support and offers a stable ride
  • Grippy outsole outfitted with cleat-like lugs
  • The shoe is built with long-lasting quality materials
  • Breathable (much improved since previous version)
  • Interesting design
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Very narrow construction
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Under Armour Scorpio 2 is made of rubber. The shoe is meant for the roads but its lugs do protrude a fair bit so it can technically handle off-road conditions. The outsole is made up of two distinct types of rubber, carbon and blown. The dual-rubber composition of the sole makes it durable and grippy. Underfoot, the lugs feature a grid pattern for extra traction. The lugs are made up of Pebax material, a component included in many track spikes.

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      The midsole of the Under Armour Scorpio 2 features responsive Micro G cushioning. The midsole material provides rebound and protects from the impact of running. The foam also ensures the wearer experiences a smooth transition from heel to toe. A TPU post in the midfoot provides stability for the wearer. In addition, the heel counter, made of a silver material, adds an interesting design element and ensures the heel is locked in.
      The upper of the Under Armour Scorpio 2 is made up of synthetic mesh. The upper’s various overlays help to ensure a snug and secure fit. The new upper design enhances breathability. In addition, the lacing system of the Scorpio 2 has been much improved with the addition of texture to ensure the laces remain tied. The new upper material is fade resistant. This should please those concerned with the look of the shoe. The tongue has been updated as well and now features perforations to enhance ventilation. Added reflective elements in the upper ensure runners are visible in low-light conditions. Finally, the interior of the shoe includes a Micro G 4D sicklier for enhanced comfort and additional protection from impact forces.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 weighs in at a fairly lightweight 9.2 ounces (note: the shoe does not exist in a women’s version). The shoe is fairly lightweight with virtually no weight gain since the previous model. The lightweight shoe still provides ample support for the wearer and remains just as durable as before. It's actually surprising that the Scorpio 2 is not heavier. The cleat-like lugs make the shoe look heavy but it turns out they don't add bulk at all. If you take a look at the underside of the shoe, you'll notice the lugs are separated by empty space. Horrid for keeping mud out but perfect for helping to reduce the overall weight of the shoe.
      The minimal changes made to the Under Armour Scorpio have greatly increased the breathability of the Scorpio 2. The upper has received the bulk of the changes including a new mesh material that offers better ventilation. In addition, the perforations have been added to the shoe’s tongue to help with breathability. The interior sock liner also helps to ensure the foot’s temperature and moisture levels are regulated. The Micro G 4D sock liner wicks away moisture quite effectively and helps to ensure the wearer’s foot is cool and dry.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is very comfortable. Most reviewers commented on the high level of comfort offered by the Scorpio 2. The shoe offers comfortable cushioning and a better fitting upper than before. Some runners did have fit issues with the shoe. Many cited that the shoe was much too narrow so sizing up was often needed. A small number of reviewers found the very snug fit felt just right. They compared the tight fitting shoe to a racing flat. The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is not as lightweight as a racing flat but it can almost perform like one.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 has a unique look. The outsole is outfitted with what appear to be cleats. These offer traction but also add a unique design element. The heel counter is made up of silver reflective material and offers up both form and function. The intense looking trainer looks like it can definitely perform. The men’s version (recall that there is no women’s version) comes in black, white, and blue. Many reviewers did complain that the color selection was far too restricted and that they would have liked to see more colorways. They were disappointed in the color selection compared to the first iteration of the shoe. Viewing the shoe from the top showcases what look like fairly aggressive side protrusions. These spiky elements add a unique look to the shoe. The Scorpio 2 really almost looks like a dedicated trail shoe that's been combined with a soccer cleat. It's an interesting but confusing look for a road shoe.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is made up of quality materials and unlike some other Under Armour brand shoes, this one seems to hold up well. The new upper design improves durability and ensures tears are kept at a minimum. The shoe is also able to go the distance while maintaining a fresh bouncy feel. Many reviewers felt the shoe was more durable than the previous version. It's a good option for runners looking for train long distance and those wanting to a long-lasting trainer.

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      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is fairly lightweight but still manages to provide ample protection underfoot. The Micro G cushioning absorbs shock effectively. The outsole protects runners from slippage on uncertain terrain. In addition, the reflective additions on the upper ensure runners are protected and visible in low-light conditions. Runners were happy with the shoe’s ability to go long distances and felt they were well protected from impact. The tough upper is also durable enough to protect the shoe from rips and tears that were a problem with the previous version.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is very responsive. The Micro G midsole cushioning offers a nice bouncy ride. There’s no specific technology mentioned by Under Armour but those outsole lugs look like they certainly pack a punch. The light weight of the shoe also makes it perfect for quick, speedy runs. Runners should feel propelled forward in the Scorpio 2. Reviewers were quite happy with the comfortable Micro G cushioning and felt that it provided enough energy-return.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is a mild stability shoe made for the roads. Most reviewers were quite happy with the shoe’s ability to lend support. The grippy outsole provides a stable base upon which runners can propel forward. The midsole Micro G cushion offers up another supportive layer for the wearer. In addition, the snug fitting upper - disliked by some for being too tight - ensures runners do not wobble while they move. Finally, the shoe also features mild arch support. It’s enough to support the wearer without creating unwanted pressure points.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is first and foremost meant for the roads. The shoe is durable enough, though, to handle off-road conditions. The lugs underfoot can provide enough traction for trail running, but there’s not enough protection for particularly aggressive and technical trails. What looks like side spikes - visible when viewing the shoe from above - offer up an additional grip component.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is priced quite high and that might put some runners off. What do you get with the Scorpio 2 that you can’t get elsewhere? The best answer is that you get a shoe that can be used for training and can also be worn casually. The Scorpio 2 does double duty in that regard. Those who are anxious about spending extra money may appreciate that the Scorpio 2 is very durable and should last throughout the training season.
      The blown rubber and carbon rubber construction of the Under Armour Scorpio 2’s outsole provide excellent grip, even in less than favorable conditions. The outsole provides a stable base for runners and the cleat-like lugs ensure runners put one foot in front of the other without slipping and falling. The protruding lugs look like would negatively affect traction but fortunately, that's not the case. Runners will feel comfortable knowing they are protected from slips and falls in the Scorpio 2. The top view of the shoe offers up a perspective that showcases the shoe's side-spikes. These side lugs offer up additional traction and are perfect for more aggressive terrains.
      There’s little commentary regarding flexibility when it comes to the Under Armour Scorpio 2. Reviewers simply had nothing good or bad to say when it came to this aspect. Reviewers consistently said that the Scorpio 2 was comfortable and offered a smooth ride so it’s safe to say that the shoe offers some degree of flexibility for the wearer. The lugs underfoot do look pretty rigid, though. It’s hard to imagine that those tough looking cleats provide much give. Thankfully, there’s some space around the lugs which likely offer up some pliability.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is a mild stability shoe. The stability mainly comes from the TPU shank found in the shoe’s midfoot. This hard shank helps to eliminate excess pronation. It’s just enough to help those who overpronate mildly so for runners who need more protection, you’ll have to go with another shoe. Mild pronators found the TPU shank did its job. It's not visible from viewing the shoe's side profile but rest assured it's in there doing its job! In addition, the snug fit of the shoe helped to ensure a stable ride. Of course, the grippy outsole also contributes to the shoe’s overall stability and runners felt sure-footed when running in the Scorpio 2.
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 features a 9mm drop. It’s fairly standard but not high enough to sacrifice stability. The prominent cleat-like lugs contribute greatly to the drop but also manage to add a bit of visual interest to what is beside them a fairly standard looking shoe. The well-padded midsole also contributes to the drop but ensures the wearer is comfortable and well-protected. It’s by no means a minimalist shoe but it still manages to provide a light ride.
      Key Features of the Under Armour Scorpio 2
      - TPU Midfoot Shank provides mild stability for the overpronating runner
      - New more breathable synthetic mesh upper
      - Perforated tongue enhances ventilation
      - Reflective features ensure visibility in low-light conditions
      - Rubber (carbon and blown) outsole is durable and provides traction
      - Cleat-like lugs made of Pebax provide excellent grip
      - Micro G midsole cushioning offers up comfortable energy-efficient padding
      - Micro G 4D liner wicks away moisture and enhances comfort
      Bottom Line
      The Under Armour Scorpio 2 is a mild stability trainer meant for the roads. The shoe manages to offer up ample cushioning while still remaining lightweight. The shoe features a unique design with cleat-like lugs. These tough-looking lugs provide excellent traction in varied weather conditions. The unique design adds interest and runners felt the shoe was stylish enough that they could wear the shoe outside of training. The Scorpio 2 features minimal changes but those that were introduced greatly improve the shoe’s breathability. Fit issues aside, the shoe was well-liked by reviewers and many commented positively on the shoe’s durable construction. It’s a good option for the mildly overpronating runner looking for an everyday cushioned trainer. The Scorpio 2 can go the distance but is also light enough to provide a speedy ride. Its biggest drawback is probably its high price tag.
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