Brooks Addiction 13

The 13th edition of the Brooks Addiction family brings changes to the outsole and upper, which some consider to be positive ones, while others feel like they weren’t necessary. With the famous BioMoGo DNA midsole, Heel Segmented Crash Pad and the Diagonal Rollbar, the Addiction 13 has everything a motion control shoe needs. The cushioning is excellent and will provide all-day comfort. However, aside from the one-color designs (black for men and white for women), the shoe’s colorways lack imagination and style we’ve come to expect from regular, neutral running shoes.

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Pros & Cons
  • Motion control shoe that offers great support
  • Durable HPR Plus outsole
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar tri-density foam
  • Heel Segmented Crash Pad
  • Very comfortable
  • Great cushioning
  • Breathable
  • Excellent stability
  • Good price for this type of shoe
  • Cons
    • Heavy for long distance running and sprints
    • The colorways are dull
    • Extra padding of the collar and tongue doesn’t suit everyone
    • Tight toe box, especially for runners with wide feet
    • Not flexible
    • Traction isn’t great on damp surfaces
    • Key Features
      The updated outsole of the Brooks Addiction 13 features segmented rubber pods, along with horizontal flex grooves in the forefoot for increased flexibility. The slightly tweaked MC Pod Configuration provides better shock absorption than before, as well as satisfactory traction. The compound used in the outsole construction is the HPR Plus rubber, which is resilient and positioned in the areas of the outsole that are usually the first to go. The linear platform of the outsole is built to enable a smooth heel-to-toe transition and ensure increased longevity of the entire shoe, which is more than enough for most runners.
      The Addiction 13 uses the brand’s popular BioMoGo DNA cushioning technology, which uses a fluid gel that adapts its viscosity to pressure intensity. This means that on heel strike, as well as any other impact on the sole, the midsole will stiffen so as to provide energy return and necessary bounce for a natural, yet supported stride that is cushioned and comfortable at all times. Another element of the midsole, which is also utilized in the construction of the Brooks Beast 18’s midsole, is the full-length Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar foam. This tri-density foam aids the BioMoGo cushioning in pronation control, while providing a smooth transition and landing. The Heel Segmented Crash Pad increases stability and steadiness of the foot while decreasing the impact force. Last, but not least, the BioMoGo DNA midsole features an eco-friendly build that breaks down 50 times faster than other midsoles made from similar materials.
      The upper of the Brooks Addiction 13 is a well-blended mix of mesh materials and supportive synthetic overlays which provide stability, comfort, and ventilation. The interior lining has moisture-absorbing properties and will help in keeping the foot dry and cooled down as much as possible. The overlays are primarily positioned in the midfoot area in order to provide support where the foot needs it most. Both the tongue and the collar of the Addiction 13 are padded, which gathered mixed reviews, due to the fact that some runners found the amount of padding constrictive, instead of supportive. The double-stitched protective overlay on the vamp is there to increase the overall durability of the upper as well as protect the toes from impact. The lacing system is traditional and reliable, although some runners have said that they would appreciate having longer laces.
      At 377g or 13.3oz for a men’s half-pair and 347g or 12.25oz for women’s, the Addiction 13 is a heavy shoe, there’s no doubt about it. However, the same rules that apply to neutral running shoes don’t apply to stability and motion control shoes, for obvious reasons. In order to keep the foot stabilized and prevent excessive pronation, the midsole and the upper have to be sturdy and provide some resistance to the foot, otherwise, the shoe would be useless. Unfortunately, this leads to the increased weight of the shoe, which some people will complain about, especially if they have pronation issues, but didn’t have experience with stability shoes beforehand. However, while the weight of this, like every other stability shoe, isn’t ideal, it’s far from being a deal-breaker, and after a few days or a week of consistently wearing the Addiction 13, you’ll probably stop noticing the weight of the shoe.
      The Brooks Addiction 3 features large areas that are covered by breathable mesh material that provides airflow to maintain a healthy shoebox environment. The mesh provides a soft, snug fit and minimizes the forming of pressure points and, consequently, blisters. The overheating is possible, especially on warm summer days, primarily around the collar, due to significant padding in that area, but overall, this motion control shoe provides sufficient amount of ventilation required for spring and summer runs.
      There is one major controversy surrounding the level of comfort of the Brooks Addiction 13, but the good news is that it can easily be solved. The toe box, which the brand claims is now roomier, has proven to be tighter than ever, at least in width. One runner even described the toe box as too snug, but this kind of mistake in purchase can be prevented, by trying the Addiction 13 on, just in case, especially if you have wide feet. Other than the toe box which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the vast majority of runners have stated that the Addiction 13 is an extremely comfortable shoe, with a few customers commenting how it’s the most comfortable shoe they’ve ever worn. Indeed, with the BioMoGo DNA cushioning, flexible mesh upper and a padded collar, chances are you’ll enjoy your pair of Addiction 13s. The insoles that come with the shoe are very cushioned and comfortable, although they can be switched for your custom orthotic insoles or your go-tos from the store. The shoe fits true to size, and the fit is impeccable, especially for runners with normal and narrow feet.
      While most customers are happy with the shape and look of the shoe, there are some complaints regarding the color selection, especially given the fact that this is a shoe for the spring/summer season, which is always associated with vibrant, cheerful colors. While elegant and with sleek lines, the Brooks Addiction 13s are somewhat limited when it comes to a limited number of colorways. The shoe does look a little bit conservative, but the all-black and all-white models do look especially attractive in their simplicity. Style is usually the weakest link of motion control shoes, given the fact that the company already knows that the overpronators need them, and it does seem like the design teams spend the least amount of time on making the shoe pretty, since they know that the competition isn’t rough and that most people will buy a motion control shoe regardless of how it looks, as opposed to tens of thousands of neutral runners one has to pick from.
      The resilient HPR Plus outsole configuration that is abrasion-resistant really does offer a significant amount of durability and will make the shoe last for more than a season, that’s for sure. The only problem that a minority of runners have encountered with the durability of the Addiction 13 concerns the upper – the mesh area above the toe cap. Some runners have stated that this is the weak spot of Brooks shoes in general because they often wear through and tear in the big toe area. However, this issue is far from rampant and depends on various factors, so if you have good experience with Brooks shoes so far, chances are you won’t have an issue with the durability of the Addiction 13.
      The main protective aspect of Brooks Addiction 13 is its amazing cushioning. The combination of the full-length BioMoGo DNA midsole configuration and the removable insoles that provide extra cushioning really does increase shock absorption and prevents your feet from hurting or getting tired. One runner stated that the Addiction 13 has even better cushioning than the Addiction 12, which isn’t something to frown upon! One thing to keep in mind is that the Addiction 13 isn't water-resistant or waterproof, which doesn't pose an issue due to the fact that the traction pattern of the outsole isn't made to perform well on wet surfaces anyway, so having another water resistant summer shoe in rotation is a good idea.
      The adaptive fluid gel that is the heart of the Brooks’ DNA cushioning technology provides some responsiveness to the stride and it does give a somewhat bouncy experience when running. However, this isn't a responsive shoe in the sense of typical racing shoes that are made to allow the runner to develop speed and make the heel to toe transition as fast as possible. With the weight of the shoe being 13oz, the Brooks Addiction 13 cannot be considered a racing shoe, so the issue of responsiveness isn't as important as it would be if it was a shoe made for sprints and speed work.
      The Brooks Addiction 13 is a motion control shoe which is made for runners who have issues with severe overpronation and or flat feet. The shoe is exclusively aimed at runners who require a significant amount of arch support due to the fact that the height of their arches is practically non-existent to begin with, which makes the Addiction 13 a great asset in every severe overpronator’s running shoe collection. The Diagonal Rollbar (DRB) is meant to control the motion of the foot and guide your body back to normal motion, providing additional control to your stride. Another good thing about the supportive properties of the Addiction 13 is the fact that this shoe will give you an immense amount of support without making your feet uncomfortable or painful.
      This motion control shoe is best to wear on roads, pavements, track, treadmills, and gym floors, but also for walking around town in general. The cushioning of the shoe makes this a good running shoe for every day, although one runner said that the amount of support it offers makes it uncomfortable to wear after the 4th or 5th mile unless you really require that much support even on an occasional long run.
      While the price of the Brooks Addiction 13 isn’t cheap, this is an affordable shoe, given the fact that finding a motion control shoe that is suitable for narrow feet is a rarity. The durability of the shoe, along with the cushioning and support, make this purchase cost-effective.
      The traction pattern of the Addiction 13 performs very well on flat, dry surfaces, gripping to the ground and providing confidence to your stride. However, don’t veer off the rod or wear this shoe on wet surfaces, as the traction potential of the Addiction 3 is limited in those conditions, which could compromise your stability.
      The flex grooves that are present throughout the outsole are especially deep and prominent in the forefoot area of the outsole. This isn’t enough to make the bulky and thick sole flexible, although it does increase the ease of movement during the toe-off phase of the gait cycle. The mesh on the upper provides a good amount of flexibility during toe-off as well, which isn’t much, but it’s usually the best a motion control shoe can offer.
      The Heel Segmented Crash Pad, incorporated in the midsole, provides a smooth transition, as well as an equally smooth and stable landing during heel strike, setting the base for pronation control in the midfoot. All in all, the Brooks Addiction 13 has been described as a shoe that offers rock-solid stability, with the linear platform, MC Pod outsole configuration and the internal support saddle all working in unison to provide a reliable ride.
      The heel stack height of this motion control shoe 32mm, while the forefoot height measures 20mm, which makes the heel to toe differential 12mm. Compared to the popular 10mm-drop shoes, this is closer to the old school heel-striking shoe of the past, but it still allows for midfoot strikers to run in it without the heel getting too much in their way.
      Key Features
      ● MC Pod outsole configuration
      ● HPR Plus rubber
      ● BioMoGo DNA cushioned midsole and removable insole
      ● Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
      ● Mesh and synthetic overlay upper
      ● Padded collar and tongue
      ● Breathable
      ● Extremely comfortable
      ● Great price point for this type of shoe
      ● Durable
      ● Road, track and treadmill shoe
      ● Traction isn’t as good on wet surfaces
      ● Not flexible
      ● 12mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The Brooks Addiction 13 is a motion control shoe that will be the new favorite of runners with flat feet and fallen arches. The amount of cushioning it provides makes this a great daily running shoe, although it does come with a few flaws. The updated toe box is tighter than it used to be, and a couple of runners experienced tearing in the big toe area. However, the majority of people are more than satisfied with what the Brooks 13 has to offer, flaws and all.
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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