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If you are looking for a well-balanced running shoe, I highly recommend the Brooks Ghost 6, these are an ideal option that will stand up to the demands of running. They were named by Runner’s World as “Editor’s Choice” in the Fall Shoe Guide in their September 2013 issue, the fourth straight version of the Ghost to earn the honor. If you have never tried them, prepare to be amazed!

General Description:

  • Weight: 10.4 oz.
  • Profile (Heel): 34.6 mm
  • Profile (Forefoot): 24.1 mm
  • Drop from heel to forefoot: 10.5 mm
  • Synthetic
  • rubber sole
  • The newest edition of Brooks best-selling neutral shoe offers a bouncy, light, and balanced ride
  • Features anatomical Brooks DNA customizes cushioning and Omega flex grooves for extra flexibility.
  • Segmented Crash Pad – customizes your laydown with just the right amount of cushion and stabilization for a smooth heel to toe transition.
  • the midfoot shank has been removed to enhance ground contact for a ridiculously smooth transition.

Comfort/ Fit

After spending the past few months in shoes with low heel to toe drops and minimal cushioning, I realized that Brooks‘ Ghost 6 Running Shoe was one of the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned. The Ghost 6 offers “a sweet balance of  cushioning, weight, and everyday durability”. I loved the soft, smooth ride. No odd pains or ankle strains & my legs were not as fatigued as they had been.

The toe box is tapered perfectly and fits my forefoot like a glove. The heel wraps around my ankle to provide support but allow for good movement. An Additional padding around the heel and collar keep the shoe securely in place and prevent uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. In addition, The Brook Ghost 6 features no sew overlays in the forefoot which reduces potential friction spots and helps to structure the fit.

I like a wider room toe box than most Nike shoes afford and have normal pronation with only minimal heel strike.

My only complaint is they were a little too tight in the toe. My big toes developed small blisters on the outside corners. If your feet run a little long, I might recommend ordering a half size up.


With a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Some of the materials on the upper have been made thinner and more of the overlays are welded with heat, instead of sewed on, however the overall feel of the upper is unchanged. As in previous editions, the upper controls heat and moisture well, even though rainy runs, and be quickly dried


I over pronate and have slightly low arches, and feel safe in these. However, I think that this shoe is lighter than the other versions of the Ghosts, but it seems to be less stability than others.

 Ground feel

The change that I notice at the first sight is that the plastic shank located just under the arch has been removed, and that the sole unit is now flat. Because of this change the shoe makes full ground contact from heel to toe.


The Ghost’s sole unit in this version has significant update that enhances more responsive ride. The caterpillar crash pad has again been extended, wrapping all around the heel. The indentations in the crash pad are designed to extend as the shoe makes contact, helping the running feel the ground and making for a more responsive ride and adding additional shock absorption.


For a moderately lightweight shoe, they have great cushioning suited to long runs. I was surprised by how heavy they were in my hands, at the first sight, I thought the sole seemed too big, however, when running in to them; they were really light weight product.

Durability/ Quality

I found the sole unit of the Ghost 6 to be extremely durable, as in previous versions. It holds up well through the miles on pavement, even uneven, rocky paths,  and cracked, , non-technical trails, and on the track. The Ghost 5 lasted comfortably for about 450 miles and the Ghost 6 seem to have the same capability.


Brooks always offers nice style on its each product. The style is simply but attractive, the color is easy on the eyes. I am perfectly conquered by nice looking of this running shoe line. I’m sure that many customers also have same idea with me.


This is the newest edition of Brooks’ best-selling neutral shoe. Brooks Ghost 6 Running Shoe is considered as expensive product. For me, however, t’s deserves that price. Because it gives me a high quality pair of shoes, a comfortable feeling when run, creates more motivation for me to run harder.

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Finally, the Ghost 6 is an extremely well-balanced shoe—striking the perfect mix of cushioning, without heavy weight and support without sacrificing responsiveness or smoothness. The shoe is suited to daily training and for high mileage runs. Purchasing the Brooks’ products, you not only satisfy yourself but also contribute to protecting our environment thanks to its environmentally-friendly cushioning system. Recommended: Good running shoes for women

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Anatomical Brooks DNA cushioning system in the heel and forefoot for protection
  • Heel and forefoot Caterpillar Crash Pad provide a smooth transition from heel to forefoot
  • Full-length BioMogo: long-lasting, environmentally-friendly cushioning technology. A natural, non-toxic additive to the compound encourages anaerobic microbes to much away 50 times faster.

Enclosed landfill Improves Omega flex grooves at the forefoot support a natural ride, and enhance “toe off”

  • The mid-foot shank of the Ghost 5 was removed, enhancing full ground contact from heel to toe.
  • Runners have narrow feet, may have too much room in the toe box.
  • Whether the removal of the mid-foot shank will offer enough support. But I feel it should not be a problem for most people
  • Expensive price