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FitTrack Smart Scale Review: For Weight Loss To Training

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The FitTrack Smart Scale is a great option for those looking to track weight loss over time as well as runners and other athletes. FitTrack Smart Scale Review: For Weight Loss To Training www.runnerclick.com

Stepping on a scale doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact, the FitTrack Smart Scale makes tracking fitness progress and weight loss so easy that it becomes part of your morning routine.

After launching on Jan. 1 of this year, FitTrack has already helped over 100,000 people. So why is this smart scale so popular?

For starters, it’s a proactive way to stay on top of goals and hold accountability on health and fitness journeys.

“Life’s a marathon and FitTrack helps you continuously train for it,” Christina Yang, Marketing Coordinator for FitTrack said.

From its sleek design, and usability, to its technology, the FitTrack smart scale is packed with user insights in a product that is sold for an affordable price.

Let’s dive deep into this smart scale review to uncover how well it performs and its overall pros and cons.

FitTrack Smart Scale Review
Photo: Lauren Keating

Design: Made To Be Displayed

One of the best things about this smart scale is how sleek it is. It simply looks nice, perfect for displaying in a bathroom or bedroom without being an eyesore.

The scale is all white with a polish glass surface that looks great. It has a backlit LCD display that reveals units in pounds, kilograms or stones.

And it has water-resistant properties so that it still works when stored in a bathroom that often becomes humid from the shower. Just keep in mind that its smooth design means being careful when stepping on and off without slipping. Do not use when still wet from the shower.

The FitTrack Scale is super thin and lightweight and features four load cell sensors for measuring weight, body composition, and so much more.

Technology: This Is How It Works

Sure it looks great, but the FitTrack has what it takes to function and do so well.

To separate itself from other smart scales on the market, FitTrack uses the latest dual bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology.

The user stands on the scale and a safe electrical signal goes from the sensors through the feet and the body, determining when it passes through water to identify hydration and hitting resistance when it finds fatty tissue.

Metrics are displayed in under 20-seconds.

While only weight is displayed on the LCD—which is a con compared to other smart scales that also display metrics like body mass index (BMI)—FitTrack works with an app to provide users with 17 different metrics.

This includes BMI, basal metallic rate (BMR), muscle mass, body water percentage, metabolic age, fat mass, weight without fat, protein mass and obesity level.

Usability: How To Use The FitTrack Smart Scale

The FitTrack scale requires batteries, something not so common anymore with our fitness-related tech products. The good thing about this is not needing to charge the scale.

Download the accompanying app free for iOS and Android and the scale will automatically sync—just make sure Bluetooth is on and add the FitTrack device.

Then step on the scale barefoot. Within seconds all data is delivered to the app.

The same is true for every weigh-in. The app can send the user daily reminders. This is more to be able to track progress over long periods.

“Seeing your progress is the best way to keep yourself accountable, for one. But it also helps keep our users stay motivated because they can see all the ways that their bodies are changing,” Yang said.

This might be a change in hydration related to water weight compared from the day before, or overall weight loss over a month.

A Smart Scale For Athletes And For Weight Loss

What makes the FitTrack smart scale so attractive is that it’s not just for monitoring weight loss. It’s ideal also for athletes.

It has a specific Athlete Mode that is designed for users who workout regularly.

“With Athlete Mode enabled, different types of athletes and active users can monitor their reports for certain performance indicators that are important to their sport,” Yang said. “For example, a weightlifter might be particularly keen to follow their muscle mass, but a competitive bodybuilder might be especially focused on reducing their subcutaneous fat percentage ahead of the competition.”

With the ability to track and store data for up to eight different users, the FitTrack Smart Scale can be used for coach training runners, a personal trainer and their clients and even a family.


Photo: Lauren Keating

FitTrack is a great way to stay on track of health and fitness goals without the pressure and weight of what can sometimes come with always looking at numbers on a scale.

On the app, with every metric, FitTrack provides users with where their numbers lie on a scale of what is standard, low, and high based on that person’s age, height, weight, and other metrics.



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