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The Most Effective at Home HIIT Workout List

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High-intensity interval training, or HIIT workout, is one of the best ways to make the most of your workout time. In this digital age, there are many excellent videos out there to guide your HIIT workout at home. Of course, there are also non-traditional ways to get a workout in. Let’s explore both.

Dice Workout

Juliet Paige Exercise Dice

Juliet Paige Exercise Dice

For this exercise, you just need a pair of dice and room to work out. You set a timer for the amount of time you have chosen (the workout suggests twenty minutes) and start moving. Roll the dice and complete whatever workout Lady Luck brings you!

30 Day HIIT Challenge

Some websites offer plans for you to easily follow. Below is an example of this type of plan. It lists what you should do each day of the week for one month on a path to greater fitness.

Be Consistently Fit

Since many people struggle with how to create a HIIT workout at home plan of their own to follow, this is one method.

HIIT Workout to Burn Over 150 Calories in 20 Minutes

Lidsey Walton workout plan

Pinterest has many interesting and engaging workouts from which you can choose. Below is one example of an at home HIIT workout that has you switching exercises often enough to keep your interest, yet holding each move long enough to get your heart pumping and work the targeted body area.

HIIT Challenge

Personally, I love to mix up my endurance cardio, such as running, using the elliptical or cycling, with a floor exercise. The photograph below, also from Pinterest, gives a new move a day, with the challenge of completing all four exercises on day five. Yup, you heard that correctly. Starting on a Monday, each day you do a new movement, then on day five, you complete all four of them back to back.

The next week? You start again. Adding a new slant to this would be to do all four exercises each day. The four exercises make a set. Do each for one minute, rest 15 seconds, move on to the next. Repeat three times through.

Lidsey Walton workout plan

You could also print off this sheet and shuffle the sections into a pile. Pull out ten cards to create your circuit! 45 seconds on by 15 seconds of rest three times through makes a great workout HIIT workout at home!

Gym Guider

Gym Guider HIIT workouts to do at home
Gym Guider

Gym Guider offers side-by-side examples of HIIT workouts to do at home. At its most simple is the run/walk interval, beside it you see options for bodyweight exercises you can do to achieve similar fitness goals.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers free workout videos to fit anyone and everyone’s needs. Users can search by muscle group, workout type, and equipment. You can even hone further in on your search by stating if you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro in the gym. Whether you have five minutes or 45 minutes, there is a workout for you.

Les Mills

Les Mills on Demand

Les Mills On Demand is offering a free trial to everyone right now! Famous for cardio, strength, flexibility and mindfulness, Les Mills has something for everyone.

BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyFlow, CXWorks: all of these and more are available at hour fingertips, in the privacy of your own home. Check it out!

Beach Body

Beach body on Demand

Beach Body On Demand is also offering free trials to people due to the widespread Stay at Home policies. For two weeks you can have access to workouts such as Morning Meltdown, Twenty-One Day Fix, Eighty Day Obsession and Piyo.

Some workouts are short and some are long, some require home gym equipment and others don’t. All of them are quality workouts led by fitness professionals.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender

When looking for workouts to do at home, Fitness Blender is one of my favorites. A husband and wife duo, they have over twenty-five years of combined experience. They have a little bit of everything, so they are sure to have something to meet your needs.

Pop Sugar Fitness

popsugar fitness

Although some of their workouts are free, there is a subscription available if PopSugar fitness seems to fit the bill for you. This is my second “go-to” when looking for home workouts.

Sweaty Betty

sweaty betty free workout videos

Sure, Sweaty Betty is a clothing line, but did you know they offer free workout videos? With workouts ranging from yoga to HIIT training, the sky is the limit. You can challenge yourself with boxing style moves, try introductory yoga, or experience a dance-based workout, all from the comfort of your living room. Who knew it would be that easy?

Looking for Kid-Friendly Cardio?

Hey, mom or dad, are you hoping to engage your kid in some cardio with you? During the Covids-19 Shelter in Place orders many parents are finding themselves working from home, trying to help kids with homework including facilitating PE class, among other things. This is a fun way to incorporate some cardio for the whole family!

If your child is into Fortnite, check out this youtube video! Sure, it’s only 5 minutes, but engaging in exercise with your child is priceless!

There is also the option of a five minute Star Wars YouTube video. You can do Yoda Blocks (lunges), Luke Blasts (squats)  and Force Flows (side lunges). This is another workout that, while short, is sure to engage your child so you can workout together.

Avengers Training Academy features Spiderman doing Web Slingers (lunges), Spidey Kicks (a crab with kick) and Parker Jumps (a modified burpee). Another short but fun workout.

For more kid-friendly and engaging ideas, google Kid Friendly workout videos on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed!

HIIT Training: Bringing It Home

Whether you have belonged to a gym for a long time and suddenly are unable to go to it, or if you are new to working out, you can get a good quality workout from home. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, high-intensity interval training is a fantastic way to do it!

As you can see, there are many options out there for you. Whether you look at Pinterest, download a fitness app, or subscribe to a YouTube channel, the sky is the limit when it comes to fitness.

You can find yourself a group to join like Beach Body or simply Google search “Core work videos” when the spirit moves you to work on your abs. Seek and you will find the answer to your fitness journey!

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