Hoka One One Rincon Running Shoe Review

Hoka One One was inspired by the Rincon surf spot in Puerto Rico when they designed this running shoe. Its lightweight feel and high levels of responsiveness give runners the sensation of riding on fast waves. And its breathable wear, soft cushioning, and amazing traction further add to this racing shoe's popularity.

Hi-Abrasion rubber covers key areas of the outsole for greater durability and a stronger grip. The midsole is made from compression EVA for soft yet firm cushioning that both protects and propels. An early-stage Meta-Rocker is also included to guide the foot through a more natural gait cycle.

The shoe's single-layer mesh upper ensures unrestricted breathability, greatly reducing the risk of excessive sweating and possible infections. Printed-on overlays are added to provide some much-needed structure without blocking its overall ventilation. When paired with a padded collar and lacing system, buyers are given incredibly comfortable wear that's also functional in many ways.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
-Highly breathable
-Soft cushioning
-Responsive midsole
-Great traction
-Outsole lacks durability
Key Features
Hi-Abrasion rubber is used to cover the forefoot and heel for the Rincon’s outsole unit, protecting the most high-wear areas and providing more enhanced traction than a standard running shoe. It also adds to its responsiveness by providing an extra layer of protection against impact. Its tread pattern consists of a newer flex groove system that’s located in the forefoot region, enabling more natural and versatile movements.
The full length of the Rincon’s substantial midsole is made from compression EVA. While it does provide soft cushioning, it’s made to be firm in order to absorb shock and keep the runner stabilized. Several curved grooves run down the entire length of the platform and continue around the heel for enhanced responsiveness.

It also includes the brand’s early-stage Meta-Rocker, which is what creates a low heel-to-toe drop. This feature also functions as a rocking chair to guide the foot completely through a natural gain cycle.
The Rincon features a single-layer mesh upper, which provides unrestricted breathability and moisture-wicking. This, in turn, promotes better aerodynamics for enhanced performance as well as a healthier and more comfortable in-shoe area.

Printed-on overlays run all the way down the medial side and wrap around the heel for increased structure and stability. This is aided by a lightly padded tongue and collar, as well as a traditional lacing system with flattened laces.
Despite its thick platform, the Rincon is still incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. Men’s sizes average out at 7.7 oz. while women’s sizes come in at 6.3 oz., both of which are well below the average range for a running shoe. This, in turn, makes it an excellent choice for racing since it won’t feel cumbersome and will allow the runner to achieve their highest speed possible.

Many have also stated that this makes it great for a simple walk or for use in everyday situations. Although some buyers might require additional support and will have to look elsewhere.
As mentioned before, Rincon’s high level of breathability is one of its greatest selling points. Its single-layer mesh upper features hundreds up air holes throughout, most of which aren’t even covered by the shoe’s printed-on overlays. This creates unrestricted ventilation that can easily reach hotpots from all angles and eliminate them before they worsen.

In addition, this material provides incredible amounts of moisture-wicking to keep the inside of the shoe as sanitary as possible. This also means that buyers can comfortably wear it during intense races and training sessions, and it would even make an excellent choice for hot weather.
Reviewers all across the board have praised the Rincon for its incredibly comfortable wear. Its midsole is firm yet provides very soft cushioning, and it works with the outsole to stabilize the runner and protect against impact. And its breathable wear not only keeps the foot cool throughout the day, but its moisture-wicking properties also prevent blisters and possible infections from occurring.

Furthermore, this shoe’s lightweight build keeps the wearer from feeling fatigued or achy at any point during the day. Its responsiveness actively reduces the risk of chronic pain and possible injuries, and most reviews show that this particular model fits true to size.
The Rincon is quite simple in design, yet it does have some eye-catching features. The most notable one is its maximalist platform, which lets buyers know that they’ll be getting a great deal of cushioning. And aside from their appealing design, the grooves that run around it also adds to the shoe’s responsiveness.

Printed-on overlays run down the medial side of the shoe in a vertical striped design and wrap around the back of the heel. The brand name is featured on the lateral heel and inseam, and the shoe name is printed in small letters next to the collar. A heel pull-tab is placed horizontally in the back, and a traditional lacing system features flat laces.

Both male and female buyers have several different color options to choose from. black and white is typically the go-to option and is available in both size ranges, yet men can also choose between Deep Teal/Lime Sherbet, Oyster Mushroom/Nebulas Blue, and Barbados Cherry/Plein Air. Women, on the other hand, can select from Pein Air/Placid Blue, Aegean Blue/Lime Sherbet, and Charcoal Grey/Aqua Sky.
Most reviewers don’t touch on the Rincon’s level of durability, but several of them have claimed that its outsole wears down too quickly. Even though it’s made using the brand’s Hi-Abrasion rubber, this particular version starts to thin out after only being used a few times. It’s not clear if this is a manufacturing error on the brand’s end, but buyers are hoping that this is fixed if another version of this shoe is ever released.
The Rincon offers buyers plenty of protection from the most common racing hazards. While the Hi-Abrasion rubber outsole enhances traction and responsiveness, the thick compression EVA midsole efficiently absorbs impact and keeps the runner properly cushioned. The platform height also safeguards the runner from sharp hazards that they might encounter on their runs.

Buyers can also rest assured that their feet will be kept cool and dry even during their most intense races, thanks to the single-layer mesh upper. And its moisture-wicking qualities actively prevent bacteria build-up which can cause infections or blisters.
A compression EVA midsole ensures that the Rincon provides runners with highly responsive wear. It firmness enables shock absorption to keep the runner safe against constant impact, and it transfers this shock into the energy needed to keep them powering forward. The Hi-Abrasion rubber of its outsole adds another layer to this by further protecting the underfoot area from shock.
It’s clear from its design that the Rincon is able to give runners an incredible amount of underfoot support. The compression EVA midsole is firm to ensure responsiveness and durability, yet it's direct underfoot cushioning still manages to be surprisingly soft. And with a heel height of 29mm, this particular quality will come in handy where it’s needed most.

Even the single-layer mesh upper is able to add to this in some way, thanks to its printed-on overlays. They run completely along the shoe’s medial side, focusing on the runner’s arches. Its tongue and collar also have mild padding to provide some level of support to the ankles.
Since it’s a simple competition shoe, the Rincon was specifically designed for road surfaces. Its tread pattern can easily grab onto concrete and asphalt, whether they’re wet or dry, and is also known to work just as well on dirt and grass. Its highly responsive midsole can keep the runner going for long distances, and the midsole’s height can even protect them from possible hazards such as broken glass or sharp rocks.

Even when they aren’t racing, buyers could still get a great deal of use out of this shoe when they’re out on a hot day. Its highly breathable upper keeps feet cool and comfortable while also wicking away sweat. However, this could possibly make it unfit to wear during colder weather.
The Rincon’s price tag is considered just below average for a high quality running shoe. It’s sold on the Hoka One One website and at other online retailers such as Zappos and Running Warehouse for $115. Lower prices are known to be found on eBay and other discount sites, although buyers should check the listing’s reviews before making a purchase.

Based on its ratings and reviews, most buyers feel that it’s worth every dollar they’ve spent, with some even considering it to be a bargain. Its lightweight build and high levels of responsiveness make it extremely useful for races and training sessions, and its comfortable wear also makes it a terrific option for everyday activities. The shoe’s overall performance and traction are what really seal the deal for many, although some reviewers have noticed durability issues with the outsole.
The Rincon is said to provide amazing traction for competition runners, thanks entirely to its material and specialized tread pattern. The Hi-Abrasion rubber that covers is forefoot and heel enables extra gripping power on rough road surfaces in different types of weather, and the tread pattern consists of several large asymmetrical lugs and a flex groove system for more versatile wear. Its outsole is known to wear down quickly, however, so this may impact the runner’s grip over time.
Reviews don’t give too much detail about the Rincon’s flexibility, but many of its listings have shown that it’s surprisingly easy to move around in. Its tread pattern is carved into multiple directions, creating the forefoot’s flex groove system which enables a more versatile range of movement. The fact that its overlays are only printed onto one side and don’t cover the fabric’s air holes also helps.

A small handful of reviewers have also claimed that it needs little to no break-in time, as is already enables a natural gait cycle as soon as it’s out of the box. All of this is particularly impressive considering the size of its platform.
Most of the Rincon’s stability comes from its sole unit, starting with its outsole’s materials. Hi-Abrasion rubber provides a layer of impact absorption and ensures better traction, while the compression EVA midsole provides high levels of responsiveness and support. An early-stage meta-rocker is also included to enable a smoother and more natural gait cycle.

Printed-on overlays give the single-layer mesh upper a great deal of structure, and some stability for the arches, without feeling too restrictive. They also wrap around the heel and work with the shoe’s lacing system and collar to keep the foot locked into place.
Despite its substantial platform, with a heel height of 29mm and a toe height of 24mm, the Rincon’s low drop platform is able to keep the runner stabilized as they race and train. The difference of 5mm promotes a more natural gait cycle and, in turn, provides the wearer with a better sense of balance and control over their movements. Yet it clearly doesn’t sacrifice the amount of cushioning and support that they will receive.

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Key Features
-Hi-Abrasion rubber outsole
-Flex groove system
-Compression EVA midsole
-Early-stage Meta-Rocker
-Single-layer mesh upper
-Printed-on overlays
-Traditional lacing system
-5mm heel-to-toe drop
Bottom Line
Although its design and style might not be for everybody, the Hoka One One Rincon is still a running shoe that racers should consider. Most who have purchased and worn it seem to be extremely happy with its lightweight feel, substantial cushioning, and unrestricted ventilation. They've also taken note of its amazing traction and have noticed a major difference when wearing this shoe during their competitions.

There are a few things that the brand could work on, such as its outsole's lack of durability. Just given this shoe's high ratings, and how much all of its other features have been praised, it's clear that this could be the start of a very popular line of racing shoes.
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