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7 Ways To Clean and Deodorize Superfeet Insoles

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7 Ways To Clean and Deodorize Superfeet Insoles 7 Ways To Clean and Deodorize Superfeet Insoles www.runnerclick.com

No one likes having stinky feet, and one thing is for sure: if you run and work hard, you can end up with shoes that do not smell awesome. Wondering how to clean Superfeet insoles?

We can tell you!

Can You Wash Superfeet Insoles?

The first thing to remember is that although many people throw their shoes in the washing machine, you should not do that with your shoe insoles. Remember that machine wash is not good for your running shoes either.

Insoles should be hand washed and put to air dry.

And there are a few different ways to wash your Superfeet without damaging them.

7 Ways To Clean Superfeet Insoles

1. Mild Soap & Water: The most simple and perhaps obvious method is to use soap and water. You can fill a tub or sink with warm water and use a gentle soap.

Mild detergent is a good choice, and dish soap also works. For especially dirty insoles, you can use a prewash spray just like you do with your dirtiest clothes.

2. Baking Soda: Don’t underestimate the power of the box of baking soda that you keep on hand for baking. Baking soda has a cool ability to absorb odors from the stinkiest of objects. Trust us on this one. You can sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes to deodorize them frequently.

For especially big jobs, try this trick. Put the insoles in a large Ziplock bag and add baking soda. Let it sit overnight (or over a couple of days). When you pull the clean insoles out, they should be odor-free!

3. Vinegar: White vinegar also has the power to absorb odors. You can soak the insoles in vinegar diluted with water.

4. Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol is another thing you can use to remove odors. They will kill bacteria which destroys the odor.

Like with vinegar, you mix it with some lukewarm water and let them soak.

5. Dryer Sheets: If your problem is just odor and not visual cleanliness, you can pop good scented dryer sheets into your shoes. The sheets both absorb the odor and leave the shoes smelling much better than before.

6. Deodorizing Balls: Did you know that another deodorizing option is to purchase deodorizing balls that you put inside your shoes when not wearing them? These little doodads work hard at removing unwanted odors when you are off doing other things.

7. Deodorizing Products: Many other deodorizing products keep your shoes smelling great. They come in powders and sprays.

Multiple Method Cleaning

We went over 7 ways to clean and deodorize your insoles. It is also important to recognize that you may wish to employ multiple methods to keep your insoles looking and smelling great.

Some runners use either a shoe deodorizer or a common household item for deodorizing daily. Then, they also take the time to periodically fill the shoes with baking soda overnight to get rid of extra stinky odors.

Lastly, you can use soap or vinegar and water to scrub them down with an old toothbrush with soft bristles if they actually start to look dirty.

Do You Remove Insoles When Using Superfeet?

Prior to wearing your Superfeet, you need to do a little work. Remove the comfort insoles that came with your pair of shoes. These will make you a fantastic template so you can trim down the Superfeet.

It is unlikely that the store-bought Superfeet inserts will fit your foot exactly.

Starting with the factory-made insole as a guide helps you know how to cut them.

Are Superfeet Insoles Good?

All it takes is a simple Google search, and you have answered your question. Superfeet products get rave reviews from those who have used them. Designed for comfort and often a tool to help athletes avoid injury, Superfeet have a great reputation in the world of shoe inserts and removable insoles.

Sometimes people ask us if Superfeet insoles are orthotics. They are not. The main difference between an insert or insole and an orthotic is that orthotics are custom-made for your feet.

On the other hand, insoles are more of a “one size fits all” approach.

How Long Do Superfeet Inserts Last?

Most reviews show Superfeet lasting roughly one year. However, please note the word “most.” This is fairly individual. While one runner may get 12 months out of an insert, another runner may find that after about 500 miles they start to get aches, issues with plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel pain and foot pains.

As you navigate the question of when to replace your inserts, ask yourself a few questions. Are you starting to experience new soreness or discomfort? Do the inserts feel broken down?

Once the inserts no longer feel like they are accomplishing their task, it is time for a new pair.

Since your Superfeet will most likely last you a long time, it is important to take care of them.

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