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7 Tricks to Prevent Foot Cramps

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7 Tricks to Prevent Foot Cramps 7 Tricks to Prevent Foot Cramps www.runnerclick.com

If you have ever had a foot cramp, you know how uncomfortable these can be. Anyone who has experienced muscle cramps has found their brain asking so many questions.

  • What causes them?
  • Can foot cramps be prevented?
  • Why do I sometimes get foot arch cramps?

If you wonder how to get rid of foot cramps, we have answers.

What Are Foot Cramps?

When the muscles in your foot squeeze and refuse to relax, that is a foot cramp. Even though they are typically harmless, they can still be a royal pain in the you-know-what. And we don’t mean you’re foot. 

Often occurring in your arches, throughout your toes, or on the top of your foot, the muscle spasms range from uncomfortable to severe and can even make it difficult for you to walk. 

Anyone who has occasionally had a cramp knows that when they happen infrequently, it is not a cause for alarm; however, if they happen regularly, you may need to look into prevention and side effects.

Foot Cramp Symptoms

Your foot may spasm when experiencing a cramp. There could also be twitching ranging from very slight to more intense. A foot with cramps can also feel very hard and tensed up

Understand that it can be difficult and even painful if you try to walk off a cramp. Sometimes it is easier to walk off a cramp than others. 

One common cause of foot cramps can be medication. If you get frequent cramps and all of our prevention tips do not help you, check your medication list and ask for medical advice.

It just may be the culprit. 

6 Foot Cramp Treatments

  1. Walk It Off: Putting weight on the foot that is cramping and trying to walk can often take care of the problem. Even though it might feel tingly and funny, it is possible to walk off some foot and leg cramps. This is not only true of a cramping foot but can work for calf muscles as well.
  2. Massage: Giving yourself (or someone else) a massage can help work through the cramp. Grasp your foot and massage it vigorously for pain relief. If the cramp is through the foot’s arch, apply pressure in that area.
  3. Stretch: Actively stretching the area can also help get rid of a cramp. You can do this just by movement or using an item to aid in the stretch. A towel can be used to help stretch through the bottom of your foot.
  4. Golf or Tennis Ball Massage: Although we already mentioned massage, using a golf or tennis ball to massage the cramped area can help both work through the cramp through massage while also stretching the foot. 
  5. Ice or Heat: Putting ice on the muscle can sometimes help get rid of a cramp. Even though it might sound odd and like a contradiction, a heating pad can also work. 
  6. Ibuprofen: If you have any lingering discomfort, consider taking some ibuprofen.

7 Ways to Prevent Foot Cramps

While it is fantastic to have the tools to work through cramps, it is also good to remember the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

So how can you prevent foot cramps?

1. Stretching: Adequate stretching before and after exercise, including proper warm-up and cool down, is an excellent way to help prevent a cramping muscle.

2. Hydrate: Staying hydrated is another great way to keep cramps at bay. Remember that your body needs plenty of water to work when you are exercising properly.

Getting in enough water and electrolytes also helps you prevent cramps. 

3. Diet: Getting the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals your body needs is important to cramp prevention. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are two things that many runners find they are not getting enough of.

One way to supplement your diet to hold off cramps is by taking a salt tablet supplement. 

4. Don’t Overtrain: Increasing mileage too quickly or overtraining can also end in cramps. Be very circumspect in how you add mileage

5. Shoes with Support: Especially in heavy training, you should always be sure you are always wearing good shoes with adequate arch support. This means all the time!

Failure to take good care of your feet is a sure way to end up with cramps or other issues.

6. Proper Running Shoes: Your running shoes should be fitted for you by a shoe specialist and, for most runners, are at least a half size larger than daily wear shoes.

The right fit is important to good foot health and can prevent cramps. 

7. Replace Your Shoes: Besides having good shoes, you should be sure your running shoes are not broken down.

Know how often you need to replace shoes and track miles to ensure you do so. 

Don’t Just Suffer Through!

Sometimes runners wear suffering through things like a badge of honor, which is not the way to look at things. If you experience regular discomfort, you should look for solutions.

There are many great tips to show you how to get rid of foot cramps, whether you experience foot arch cramps or cramping through the toes. 

The point is, for most runners, this is all preventable. Don’t suffer in silence when there are solutions out there.

Run happy, friends. 

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