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Is Copper Compression Gear Right For You?

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How copper compression gear can speed up recovery and improve your running! Is Copper Compression Gear Right For You? www.runnerclick.com

If you have been running for a while, or stay up to date with popular running clothes and must have products, you are most likely already familiar with compression gear. These days, you can find everything from compression socks to leggings to sleeves, and even elbow pads, all designed to help increase blood flow to your muscles and speed up recovery. But there is a new fad among compression gear products that has recently become popular among many runners, and it involves metal! Copper compression gear is the next best thing in compression and recovery technology.  Let’s take a look at why you might want to consider investing in some.

How It Works

Copper compression gear, like regular compression gear, helps decrease inflammation of muscles caused by injury or a tough workout. When worn during or after a workout, they increase blood flow to the compressed area which not only helps prevent swelling, but speeds up muscle recovery after muscle fibers have been broken down from cardio or strength training.  

But what the copper does is help stimulate the body’s production of collagen. This translates to a skin remedy that helps heal wounds and prevent aging, bacterial growth, and infections. Copper has been a well known at-home remedy for centuries, and now it is being used in high-quality athletic performance wear.

Copper Compression vs Regular Compression

Unlike non-copper compression gear that is made mostly from stretchy and synthetic fibers, like Neoprene, Lycra, and elastane, copper compression gear is primarily composed of copper-infused fabric. It still maintains the stretchiness of other compression gear, so you can pull it on and wear it for an extended period of time without discomfort, but the metal component adds increased durability and provides relief to aching joints and muscles by releasing copper (as explained above).

Because of its high level of durability, not only will it last you a long time (which translates to more bang for your buck) but it holds its compressive nature and form for longer and will not slip down your legs or arms as you run. Yet copper is an extremely malleable substance, and so it will remain form-fitting to your body.

Also, fabrics infused with copper are extremely good at wicking moisture, so you will stay dry even during your hottest, sweatiest, and toughest workouts. (In fact, it is so good at staying dry, that some manufacturers challenge you to wear it even after your workouts and through the night so you can see how dry you are hours later.) And speaking of sweat – not only does it keep you dry, but it keeps you smelling fresh. Copper is extremely effective at eliminating odors caused by moisture, body sweat, and other odor-causing microbes. It will kill off the smelly bacteria that your body produces through sweat, and continues doing so wash after wash.

And not only that – but it kills off 99 percent of ALL microbes, not just germs and bacteria caused by sweat. It kills off any bacteria, viruses, and yeasts that might be lingering. This is really what sets copper compression gear apart, and why it can enhance skin, speed up healing of surface wounds and just below the surface aches and pains (including muscle pains) that arise after exercise.

What It Is Not

You might still have some reservations about purchasing a piece of compression gear that is made up of 88 percent metal. And without proper evidence to explain otherwise, we can’t say we blame you. You might be thinking that since it is metal, it will be heavy. Or that since copper is a conductor, it can get hot. What if you live in a really hot, dry climate?


There’s good news. First off, copper compression gear is surprisingly lightweight. In fact, it feels quite like any other compression gear on the market, and won’t weigh you down during your runs. It is designed to not only feel like a normal pair of socks, tights, or sleeves, but it has a full range of motion and is as mobile and agile as you need it to be.  

Instead of acting as a heat conductor, copper compression gear actually helps stabilize your body temperature to the degree you perform best at. It does help your body warm up quicker, which can be great during cold weather, but it will stop warming you up once your muscles and joints are ready and performing well.

Is It Right For You?

No matter your level of fitness, if you are running, walking, or doing any type of work out on a semi-regular basis, your body is going to need time to heal and recover. Copper compression gear can give your muscles and joints what they need to come back stronger, as well as help your skin from premature aging, speed up the wound-healing process, and ultimately relieve pain from general skin and just-below-the-skin aches and pains. So ask yourself – do I want to speed up recovery time, stay safe and protected from bacteria that lead to infections and illness, and give my skin a healthy dose of copper? If the answer is yes, then copper compression gear is the right fit for you!


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