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Marathon Spotlight: The E.T. Full Moon Marathon

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Running is an interest in its own right, and there are many races that pair running with something else you find entertaining or intriguing. And if you are looking for a marathon, there are plenty of races with unique themes. We’ve already covered plenty of unique marathon options on the blog, but there’s still many more. Some even deserve a whole page – like the  E.T. Full Moon Marathon that occurs in Rachel, NV in August. This marathon blends running with the paranormal and the unknown. If you’re a space or science fiction fan or just looking for a very unique marathon to run, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to learn more about the E.T. Full Moon Marathon!

By Famartin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

What is the E.T. Full Moon Marathon?

As you might have guessed by the name, this marathon has an alien-esque theme.   This year it will be held on August 5-6 and begins at midnight.  The marathon course runs along Highway 385, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. The highway gets its name from the many UFO sightings over the years, and additionally, the marathon happens to occur near the mysterious Area 51. In essence, if you decide to do this marathon, you’ll be running in territory that by name, history, and rumor is linked to mystery and the paranormal!

You might also have inferred by the marathon’s name that participants run at night, which adds to the overall cryptic, creepy feel, but definitely a one-of-a-kind experience for runners and paranormal fans alike! This post primarily focuses on the full marathon, but there are also other distances offered including a 5k, 10k, half marathon and 51k.

Paranormal sounds good, but what’s the run itself like?

This marathon will not be all fun and games.  Runners will go up Coyote Summit, which has an elevation of over 5,000 feet.  Other than that, you might not have too much of a problem with uphill struggles, but you will pass your finish line before you actually get to cross the finish line. That’s right! You’ll go right past it, run about three more miles, then run back to it. The finish line is actually a restaurant – Little A’le’Inn Restaurant, and there awaits a delicious breakfast for marathon finishers!

If you’re concerned about the time of the year it takes place (summer) and the desert territory being too hot for your run, don’t worry! Since you’ll be running at night, temperatures are expected to be in the 60s.

Photo by Marshall Bradford
What should I wear?

Well, remember you’ll be running at night—and along a highway! Make sure you pick the proper attire and gear to provide a safe, effective run from start to finish. All participants are required to wear a reflective vest (reflective on all sides) as well as a flashlight or headlamp. All runners will be provided a glow bracelet.  If you do not have one, reflective vests can be purchased when registering for the race.   Any other ways that you can increase your visibility though are encourage in order to help keep you safe while you partake in this unique run.

And remember that this is, in fact, a science fiction themed run, so if you want to wear alien antennaes or a Storm Trooper costume, go for it!  (As long as you can run safely and effectively in it!)

What else should I know?

Keep in mind that you could run into animals while on this highway, making  for another reason to be careful while running this night race. Keep an eye out for them as you go, and it’s highly recommended that you leave them be as you pass.

One more very important detail to note is that the aid stations are for refilling only!  Make sure you pack a water bottle.  Stations will offer both water and Hammer HEED energy drink.

Photo by Marshall Bradford
Where can I stay?  

Feel like camping?  Check out Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge near by.  Prefer a hotel?  Stay at the Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino, which is also where packet pickup is as well as where a bus will pick up runners to transport them to the start line. It’s also worth mentioning that you can stay at the restaurant located at the finish line—The Little A’le’Inn. You should make your reservations ASAP because rooms are very limited.

How much does cost? And what’s the swag like? 

This depends on when you decide to register for the marathon. If you register before the end of November in the year prior, the fee is $95 for the full marathon. The prices go up though as the race gets closer until the actual day of the race. If you postpone paying until race day, it’s $125 (cash only).  Bus transportation to get runners to the starting line will cost an additional $30.  Packet pickup and bus pickup will be at the Silver Sevens Casino in Las Vegas.

What’s included with registration? Runners will receive a technical shirt, finishers’ medal,  post race food & drink and a chance to see UFOs.

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of the paranormal or want a unique marathon experience, then definitely check out this race.  Will you see a UFO?  Yes? No? Maybe?  You’ll never know until you sign up and run!

There are still spots available for this year’s race! To register for the race, sign up here.

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