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Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 4L Review: A Worthy Buy

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Nathan Sports VaporHowe 2.0 4L running vest is the perfect option for all distance female runners. Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 4L Review: A Worthy Buy www.runnerclick.com

After running with the Nathan Sports VaporHowe 2.0 4L hydration vest there is no going back to belts for long runs.

While this seems a bit dramatic since this runner does still love a good hydration belt, the VaporHowe 2.0 left such an impression on my outlook on running gear that it has quickly become my go-to hydration item of choice.

From its comfort that is rooted in how lightweight it is, to its function and style, the VaporHowe 2.0 4 Liter proudly meets the demands of ultra runners.

Design: Made With Ultra Runners In Mind 

Nathan Sports’ VaporHowe 2.0 4L is designed specifically to go along for the long run. 

It was designed with help from the Western States 100 2014 Champion Stephanie Howe. Among changes in design are an improved fit (which will be discussed later), better pockets and larger flasks.

Photo: Lauren Keating

The vest closes via two clasps, one on the top of the breast bone, the other underneath. It has an adjustable closure system.

The soft flasks are located on the front, one on each side. It’s easy to take the flasks out and reinsert for refills and cleaning. The hose stays in place, and it is so convenient to just slightly lower the head to take a sip of water. 

Photo: Lauren Keating

Storage Space: Lots Of Room For Running Gear

There are pockets on each side underneath the flask pockets. These are roomy and have a velcro enclosure. It’s the ideal size of a bag of energy chews, car keys, body glide or tissues.

On the left side is also a zippered pocket that goes in behind the flask pocket, a great design choice and is the perfect size to fit a smartphone comfortably. This poked is water-resistant.

There is a zippered pocket also on the pack of the VaporHowe 2.0 that is made to be compatible with most 1.5 L reservoirs.

This pocket is also water-resistant and without the using a bladder can also be used to securely store items.

Completing the storage space is small pockets on each side underneath the arms, perfect for having am energy gel on hand.

The Look: Sporty And Attractive 

One of the best things about Nathan VaporHowe 2.0 is how attractive it looks.

Photo: Lauren Keating

Of course, looks aren’t everything. It needs to perform and that it does. But still, it’s easy on the eyes and looks great on.

It comes in white with purple accents, so expect it to get dirty easily.

The design also features tiny holes for enhances breathability. It’s done in a pattern that looks good but it also functional.

Hydration Storage: The Differences From Its Predecessor  

Nathan’s VaporHowe 2.0 is equipped with an important enhancement when compared to its predecessor. It now can hold 20 oz of water in each of its two flasks.

This is a huge upgrade from its previous 12 oz. each flask. Plus there is the option to add a bladder.

Photo: Lauren Keating

This makes it a perfect option for both mid-distance runners as well as ultra runners who need to carry lots more water on their runs.

Functionality At Its Finest

For a mid-distance runner who is new to hydration vests, full flasks at first feel a little awkward. The vest itself is lightweight and the amount of water doesn’t weigh the runner down. But it is a known presence at first.

However, during the run, it starts to go unnoticed. And after using the vest a few times, it might become the preferred way to carry water on a run compared to belts.

For those who don’t like the feeling of full flasks in front, just take them out and use a bladder.

Having the ability to customize based on comfort and preference is the beauty here.

To drink from the flasks the runner needs to bite down a bit. This might also seem awkward at first, but the runner gets used to it. The best part of this is there are zero leaks.

Photo: Lauren Keating

The best part of the VaporHowe 2.0 4L is how light it feels on. The material itself is thin, yet durable with lots of ventilation. Even on a hot summer runner, it isn’t suffocating or too sticky on the back.

Final Thoughts: Here’s Why Runner Should Buy The Nathan VaporHowe 4L

Photo: Lauren Keating

For those new to gear for longer distances, this hydration vest is the perfect product. It fits extremely well, is comfortable, light and has plenty of storage.

Most importantly is its ability to allow the runner to carry enough fluids with them.

For ultra runners who probably tried a few different hydration products, this is also a worthy buy. These distance runners will appreciate the way it feels on and how it goes unnoticed.

Also attractive for ultra runners is the ability to add on a bladder for even more water storage.

Pocket spaces are plenty and organized.

Other added features are reflective touches in its desk as well as a shoulder safety whistle.

Just keep in mind its cut is made specifically for female runners.

The VaporHowe 2.0 4 Liter Race Vest is available for $164.99.


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