New Balance 840 v3

New Balance is known for their comfortable running shoes as well as dedicating themselves to helping athletes achieve their goals.  The New Balance 840 v3 earns high marks for its all-day comfort.  Whether you are a daily walker, a runner, or someone who stands on their feet for long hours, the New Balance 840 will provide you with the comfort, support and breathability you need.  The cushioning provided by this neutral running shoe makes it perfect for those who suffer from foot or heel pain.  The dual-density foam midsole is responsive and protects your knees and joints during impact.  The New Balance 840 v3 is built to last for many miles.

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Pros & Cons
  • The shoe has been praised for its amazing comfort.
  • The amount of space in the toe box was very accommodating for the runners, especially those with wide feet.
  • Many runners were very happy with the cushioning of the shoe with many saying it was the best asset of the shoe.
  • The stability of the shoe has been received well.
  • The heel provides an extremely comfortable and snug fit for the runners, who were very appreciative of this feature.
  • Cons
    • This iteration has been criticized for how stiff this version of the shoe was.
    • For those who have a narrow forefoot, it caused slight pain to them.
    • The shoe offers little flexibility
    • Many runners were angry with the poor quality of the shoe.
    • The price is quite high.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the New Balance 840 v3 is constructed with non-aggressive treads for improved traction. Blown rubber covers most of the outsole. The high-impact areas of the outsole are covered with New Balance’s durable Ndurance rubber. This lengthens the life of the outsole.
      The midsole of the New Balance 840 v3 is built with a full-length EVA foam strobel board. This provides the runner with a decent amount of cushioning and is a durable midsole material. A thin sheet of EVA foam material is glued to the midsole and then the upper is stitched to this material. This creates a lighter running shoe. This type of construction creates a less flexible running shoe, but feels lighter. ABZORB foam is used in the midsole to create a softer ride for runners. This midsole foam is not only top of the line, but offers runners outstanding shock-absorption and bounce. The EVA and ABZORB foams work together for a softer and more durable cushioning experience. The ample amount of cushioning lets runners move comfortably, mile after mile, whether it is on the road or a light trail.
      The upper of the New Balance 840 v3 consists of fabric and synthetic materials. It features a no-sew breathable mesh material to keep the runner’s foot cool and comfortable. New Balance made the mesh material used in the upper more flexible than previous versions. The enhanced flexibility makes the shoe more accommodating for a wide variety of runners. The New Balance 840 v3 features a stitched on synthetic leather toe protector and a synthetic leather heel overlay. The toe protector and heel overlay are stitched over top the breathable mesh material. The heel overlay comes up just under the padded heel collar and wraps around the rear of the foot. There are synthetic leather pieces stitched over the eyelets for durability. The New Balance 840 v3 comes with thin, flat shoelaces for a customized fitting shoe.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is a lightweight running shoe. The men’s version weighs 12.6 oz and the women’s version weighs 9.7 oz. Wearers commented on the initial bulky feel of the New Balance 840 v3, but after a few miles, they found the shoe to feel light and barely there.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is a breathable running shoe. Reviewers liked the ventilation the shoe provided for their feet. The mesh upper makes these shoes good for walking or running in the heat than leather uppers.
      The New Balance 840 v3 provides runners with amazing comfort during their runs. Many wearers were extremely satisfied with the shoe’s outstanding cushioning, which was made even better in the third version of the New Balance 840. This was a positively rated feature of this daily trainer. Reviewers said the shoe was more luxurious and comfortable. The New Balance 840 v3 provides enough cushion for those who have bad knees or previously injured knees. The New Balance 840 v3 is comfortable for those who do a lot of daily walking and those who are on their feet for extended periods of time during the day. A few wearers switched to this running shoe because they preferred the wider toe box. This particular shoe works well with orthotics and prevents feet from being sore after 6 or more miles of walking during the day. These shoes do not require any break in time, as many wearers found them comfortable immediately out of the box.
      The men’s version of the New Balance 840 v3 running shoe is available in two color choices. Runners can choose from silver with black, white and royal blue accents or grey with red, white and cobalt blue accents. Most users who purchased the men’s version of the New Balance 840 v3 said the shoe fit as expected.

      The women’s version of this running shoe is also available in two color colors. Runners can choose from silver with blue sapphire and magenta accents or light grey with purple, pink and bright green accents. The women's version received mixed reviews when it came to whether or not the shoe fit true to size.

      The New Balance 840 v3 is available in 4 different widths, which makes it accommodating for a variety of runners. Runners can choose from narrow, normal width, wide and extra wide.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is built for distance running and pavement pounding. New Balance utilized Ndurance rubber on high-impact areas of the outsole to lengthen the life of this running shoe. The ABZORB foam included in the midsole will spring back into shape after being compressed.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is built with a synthetic leather toe protector. This piece of material wraps around the front of the foot and acts as a bumper. The toe protector, heel overlay, eyelets and tongue have reflective properties. These reflective properties help the runner with visibility during low-light conditions.
      The New Balance 840 v3 offers runners shock-absorbing features in the midsole. This is a great quality of the ABZORB foam material used in New Balance shoes. This material is also resilient, resisting compression set during use.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is a neutral running shoe. This shoe has good arch support and works well for those runners who have flat feet. A few wearers who suffer from Plantar Fascitis, or are prone to this condition, found this shoe to give them the support and comfort they needed. The New Balance 840 v3 provides wearers with strong heel support, especially with those prone to heel pain. Some reviewers commented on how well the heel of the shoe prevents the foot from slipping. The synthetic leather heel overlay helps to support the ankle and hold it in place during a run.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is primarily a road running shoe, but can be used on light trails. Wearers can run comfortably on well-groomed trails such as fire roads, gravel paths and rolling hills.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is a little on the pricey side for a running shoe. This particular shoe is built to last so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other shoes. Therefore, you get a lot of miles out of this investment. The men’s version of this running shoe ranges in price from $95 to $120. The women’s version ranges in price from $69 to $140.
      The non-aggressive treads of the outsole give the runner good traction while wearing the New Balance 840 v3. It will be able to provide solid traction on roads and light trails.
      The New Balance 840 v3 is more flexible through the forefoot than the previous version. New Balance made the flex grooves bigger and deeper, which is essential in a heavily-cushioned midsole. The blown rubber used throughout the outsole of this running shoe makes it flexible. The no-sew construction of the breathable mesh upper is more flexible than the leather stitched on overlays used in previous versions and other New Balance shoes.
      The wide sole of the New Balance 840 v3 makes this shoe a very stable one. However, it was made for a neutral runner. It is not a stability shoe, which runners who suffer from excessive over or under pronation might need. Some reviewers did find this particular shoe model to feel more like a walking shoe than a running one. Most reviewers did purchase the New Balance 840 v3 for a walking shoe.
      The heel-to-toe drop of the New Balance 840 v3 is 12mm, which is standard for most running shoes. The heel height for both the men’s and women’s styles is 34mm and the forefoot height is 22mm.
      Key Features
      • 12mm heel-to-toe drop
      • Ndurance rubber used in high-impact outsole areas
      • Blown rubber used throughout the outsole
      • full-length EVA foam midsole
      • Shock-absorbing and resilient ABZORB midsole foam
      • No-sew breathable mesh upper
      Wide toe box
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 840 is an extremely comfortable running shoe. The full-length EVA foam and ABZORB foam used throughout the midsole provide the runner with ample cushioning, making every mile as comfortable as the last. The shock-absorbing and resilient properties of the ABZORB midsole foam protect the runner’s legs, feet, knees and ankles from impact. The flexibility of the no-sew breathable mesh upper guarantees a good fitting shoe that keeps the runner’s foot secure. The breathable mesh keeps the foot cool and comfortable. The Ndurance rubber used on the outsole enhances the durability of the New Balance 840 v3. This running shoe is built to carry you through miles of walking or running. It is available in a variety of widths, making it easy to accommodate more runners.
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      By Gwendolyn Reinhard
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