New Balance 860v9

The New Balance 860v9 is a high-quality stability running shoe that combines comfortable cushioning with good responsiveness. The dual density midsole features the ACTEVA and ABZORB units, as well as the T-BEAM stability shaft that corrects overpronation. This running shoe will accompany you on everyday runs, be they short or marathon-length, and the redesigned upper will provide a tight and secure fit around your foot. With a couple of minor flaws, this shoe is one of the best in the stability category that we’ve reviewed this year.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Blown rubber outsole
  • Deconstructed heel
  • Stability shoe
  • Lightweight for its category
  • Responsive
  • Versatile with great design
  • Flexible and breathable engineered mesh upper
  • Durable
  • TruFuse dual density midsole Great minimalist design
  • Comfortable
  • A lot of stability and support features
  • Cons
    • Lack of protective toe cap
    • Tongue construction irritates some runners
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the New Balance 860v9 is made out of a blown rubber compound that increases the durability and longevity of this stability running shoe. This compound covers all major impact points of the outsole, which gives it a good grip, as well as the anti-abrasion function that prevents wear and tear. The outsole of this running shoe dons a complex set of flex grooves specifically made to make the natural gait cycle as easy as possible for this type of shoe, and especially to provide a swift toe-off. The New Balance 860v9 features a deconstructed heel, meaning that the outsole separates the heel area from the rest of the foot by implementing a dedicated crash pad under the heel. The function of the deconstructed heel is to effectively regulate the impact force, as well as make the shoe more flexible.
      The cushioning of the New Balance 860v9 is provided by the TruFuse dual density midsole. The dual-density EVA midsole is composed of two full-length units: ACTEVA and ABZORB. These units are firm at the top and soft at the bottom, providing absolute comfort during the entire run, and giving the ideal amount of responsiveness to your every stride. The TruFuse technology aims to stabilize the foot during the gait cycle, without compromising the cushioning of the shoe. Additionally, the medial side of the midsole features a stability shaft called T-BEAM, that efficiently corrects overpronation. This thermoplastic shaft will support the tendons and foot muscles, protecting them from overstraining while running.
      As most of the running shoes in 2018, the New Balance 860v9 features an engineered mesh, no-sew upper that provides a great deal of breathability, comfort, and flexibility. The breathability holes positioned in the front of the upper are an integral part of the upper design, rather than something that will decrease the overall appeal of this stability shoe. On the lateral sides, the airflow isn’t so much a priority as is the support and stability that the upper has to offer – you’ll notice a more closed construction there, with thin, printed overlays that will position your foot, keep it locked-in, and prevent it from slipping out of the shoe. The most secure part of the upper is the heel counter, which only adds to the locked-in feeling of the foot, providing a reliable ride. The tongue is padded and comfy for most runners, although a couple of people have complained that it irritated the tops of their feet. A removable insole is also available, allowing you to switch it for your custom orthotic insoles.
      At 327.5 grams or 11.5 oz for men’s and 276g or 9.7oz for a women’s half-pair, the 860v9 can’t really be called a lightweight shoe in the traditional sense of the word. If a runner that’s used to neutral, racing running shoes were to try this shoe on, they would certainly characterize it as a moderately-weighed shoe; however, due to the fact that stability shoes usually weigh more than neutral running shoes, a lot of the runners who have tried the New Balance 860v9 were pleasantly surprised by the light weight of this shoe.
      The upper perforations in the front of the shoe are more than enough to provide satisfactory airflow to the runner. While the New Balance 860v9 isn’t the most breathable shoe, given the supportive lateral sides of the upper, it really doesn’t have to be – this shoe will be more than enough to ensure you have a comfortable and dry ride, without any overheating, sweating and blisters.
      The New Balance 860v9 is lauded by almost all runners who have tried the shoe. With the dual density cushioned midsole, flexible, snug-fit upper and the roomy toe box, this shoe really provides you with great comfort throughout your run. The 860v9 is made using the standard measurements and comes in various widths: B - Narrow, D - Medium, 2E – Wide and 4E - Extra Wide for men and A - Narrow, B - Medium, D – Wide and 2E - Extra Wide for women. Runners who are used to the running-on-air feeling that the extra cushioned running shoes provide could be a bit disappointed by the comfort of the 860v9 because they probably won’t be as used to the slightly firmer and more structured midsole, which is typical of all stability shoes.
      The New Balance 860v9 is a colorful, yet elegant shoe that dons a modern and adaptable design and comes in a lot of colorways: Black with Magnet, Petrol with Flame, Steel with Hi-Lite & Black, and White with UV Blue & Black. All of the colorways look amazing and have a steady fan base of people that like having a performance-oriented shoe that can be worn with jeans and a hoodie without an issue. The heel counter features the “860” printed on it, in tone with the accentuated outsole, and the classic “N” logo is on the lateral side of the upper.
      With the combination of the blown rubber spread across the impact points of the outsole, the stability shaft in the midfoot, and the durable dual-density TruFuse midsole, the New Balance 860v9 will not only deliver stable cushioning but good durability as well. Expect this stability shoe to last about 350 miles, which is a bit more than what an average running shoe has to offer.
      The dual density EVA foam midsole, coupled with the blown rubber outsole, provide amazing underfoot cushioning that will dampen the impact forces and relieve stress on your joints, enabling you to run for longer, without feeling beaten up and without experiencing sore feet. Due to the shoe’s responsiveness and the flex grooves in the outsole, you will feel the ground a bit more than with some other stability shoes, but the deconstructed heel will prevent this ground feel from having any effect on the soreness of the feet and cushioning. Some runners have expressed dismay at the lack of the protective toe cap, which would probably increase the upper durability by a slight margin, as well as increase the protection features of the upper. However, seeing how this is a road shoe, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is a minor drawback.
      The two layers of the TruFuse midsole provide a seamless blend of cushioning and responsiveness, which is further encouraged by the flex grooves on the outsole. The vast majority of people who ran in the New Balance 860v9 are extremely satisfied with the bounce, energy-return and a propelled toe-off that this stability shoe offers.
      The New Balance 860v9 is a stability running shoe meant for runners with normal and low arches and/or overpronation, which come to about 45% of all runners. The supportive upper and the dual density midsole with various stability features offers a supportive ride that will correct your overpronation, provided that it’s not severe. These shoes are best suited for a moderate overpronator and mid-length runs (around 40 miles per week). If you have flat feet or severe overpronation, you should consider investing in a motion control running shoe. The New Balance 860v9 has another perk when it comes to supporting – it might be eligible for Medicare reimbursement, with the Medicare/HCPCS code being A5500.
      This is a great shoe best for running on roads, pavements, light gravel, and track and it’s made with the everyday running in mind. While this stability shoe performs best on medium-length runs, a number of runners have been more than satisfied with how it performed on marathon runs. It’s not a usual thing for a stability hoe to be able to withstand marathons without getting uncomfortable halfway through. The fact that the New Balance 860v9 can be used both for everyday running and marathons alike is due to the fact that it’s lightweight compared to other stability shoes around.
      The New Balance 860v9 steps into the triple-digit territory, but seeing how it’s a reasonably durable running shoe with stability features, that can also hold its own during a marathon, the brand has hit the sweet spot because not a lot of stability shoes can boast these traits simultaneously. If you happen to find this shoe on discount, don’t think twice about the purchase.
      This stability shoe will grip to the surface efficiently and will provide a good amount of traction on the terrain the shoe’s meant to be worn. Expect to experience better traction on dry terrain, although the blown rubber outsole gives a satisfactory performance on slightly wet surfaces as well.
      The full-length TruFuse midsole technology provides a flexible and responsive ride, and the engineered mesh upper adapts to the foot. Naturally, the lateral flexibility is limited due to the shoe’s stability nature – the integrated medial post prevents overpronation and some lateral outsole flexibility as well. On the other hand, the outsole grooves are shaped in a way that encourages the natural gait cycle and helps with the natural forefoot flex of the foot.
      The New Balance 860v9 features quite a few stability traits, starting from the midsole. The dual density EVA foam adds to the stability of the entire foot, because the upper foam of the midsole is a bit firmer, and prevents the foot from sinking too deep into the midsole. Additionally, the midfoot shaft prevents overpronation and corrects irregularities in the step, and the engineered mesh upper stabilizes the foot by adhering to it like a sock. Last, but not least, the heel counter stabilizes the rearfoot and prevents the foot from slipping outside of the shoe box. This set of stability features lessens the strain on the Achilles tendon, and prevents joint and muscle pain, which is a usual occurrence with overpronators.
      This stability shoe features the almost standard 10mm drop. This drop suggests that the shoe is best suited for moderate heel-strikers, providing a lot of cushioning to the heel so as to absorb the most impact. It’s still possible for midfoot strikers to enjoy the New Balance 860v9, but expect the 10mm heel to come in your way every now and then.
      Key Features
      ● Blown rubber outsole with deconstructed heel
      ● TruFuse dual density midsole
      ● Heel counter and printed overlays for added security
      ● Engineered mesh upper
      ● Breathable
      ● Stability shoe
      ● Extremely comfortable, especially if you prefer firmer shoes
      ● Durable – approximately 350 miles
      ● Protective cushioning, but the shoe doesn’t have a protective toe cap
      ● Road, track and treadmill shoe
      ● Flexible
      ● Good responsiveness
      ● May be eligible for Medicare reimbursement
      ● 10mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 860v9 is a stability shoe with a somewhat unique position on the market: it’s lightweight for its category and can provide a comfortable ride even on marathon runs, which justifies its somewhat higher price. This is a solid choice for runners who prefer some energy-return and stability features aimed at correcting overpronation, as well as sufficient airflow and great design. The only things people complain about are the tongue construction and the lack of the protective toe cap, which is something that may or may not bother you, depending on your exercise habits and foot shape. All in all, New Balance has created yet another high-quality stability shoe that has already amassed a significant amount of fans.
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      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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