Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Review

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Our Conclusion
Mizuno is a brand that hit the market in 1906 and has generated quite the loyal following of fans. They may not have the initial brand recognition as Nike or Adidas, but there is a reason that they have been in business for over a century.

The Mizuno Inspire 15 is a shoe designed for runners that love a lot of stability, protection, and comfort for running long distances. Running with this shoe feels like running on a cloud, and the structured upper keeps your foot protected and comfortable. Plus, a thick upper keeps your foot warm on those chilly morning runs.

It’s a little bit bulkier and heavier than other designs, which may not be ideal for those looking for minimalist shoes.

However, if you want a shoe to help correct overpronation and offer excellent energy feedback for hard surfaces, this shoe is worth a look!
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Pros & Cons
Incredibly durable
Responsive midsole
12 mm drop
Ideal for slippery conditions
Long break-in period
A little heavy
Key Features
The outsole of this design is composed of a heavier layer of rubber with thick grips. If you are a heel striker, the thick rubber and addition of rubber absorb the impact of each and every step.

The design of this outsole is perfect for racking up the miles. Even after the first 50 miles, the rubber grips on the outsole shows little signs of wear and tears. Plus, the placement of grips makes it ideal for running on slick surfaces.
What makes the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 stand out from the pack is the composition of the midsole. It is composed of 2 layers of U4IC and U4ICx that sandwich Mizuno’s wave plate.

U4IC (pronounced euphoric) is Mizuno’s patented material designed to provide the runner with excellent energy feedback. It is lightweight and feels hard to the touch, but gives the runner a feeling of springiness when it makes an impact from the ground.

The Wave Plate is a hard piece of plastic placed between the U4IC and U4ICx layers. It has a curved design that cradles your foot in place to help correct overpronation.
The upper is composed of a lightweight mesh that feels comfortable against your foot. Unlike other minimalistic designs, the construction of this upper is incredibly stiff and doesn’t offer a lot of movement. It is equipped with vents along the toe box to help promote airflow.

While the upper is a little stiffer and thicker than most, this design has its advantages. If you love running in soggy or cold climates, this thick upper helps to protect your foot from getting wet when running in the rain. It helps to keep your foot warm as well.
This design is packed with features to keep your foot protected and comfortable. The addition of these materials also adds to the weight. If you like your shoe light and easy, you may not like the weight of this shoe.

Weighing in at just over 10 ounces, this style is a little heavier than your average running shoe.

The average running shoe weighs in at around 9.5 ounces, so this design isn’t a deal-breaker when it comes to how much that it weighs.
The upper is composed of a mesh upper that boasts mesh overlays, which offers a bit more structure than most. This added old school structure to this shoe makes it a little less breathable than some of the other minimalistic designs that use lightweight fly knits.

However, if the area of the world where your run is cold and soggy, the limited breathability and thick top sole help to hold in heat and repel water and snow.

Vented panels in the toe box, however, prevents your foot from overheating on warmer days.
What runners love about this shoe is that it is incredibly comfortable. The composition of the various layers of material in the midsole help to absorb the shock of each and every strike against hard surfaces.

It has extra protection in the heel which absorbs the shock from hard surfaces from heel-strikers. The thick mesh upper also feels nice and light on your feet, and the highly structured heel won’t rub your Achilles raw.
The style of this design is just a little bit different than most. It has a thick and bulky silhouette that is incredibly trendy. This means while it is a real workhorse on the road, it can also be paired with your favorite pair of jeans for a stylish finish.

It is offered in fun colors that include orange and blue, gray and white, yellow, and basic black. Many two-toned styles have an ombre effect that looks as if the colors bleed into each other as it travels down the shoe.

If you want something that has a style that doesn’t look like many of the other trainers out there on the market, this is a really great choice that is bound to generate a few envious glances.
One of the biggest features of this shoe is its incredible durability. The additional bulk in the heel and the upper means that it won’t wear down as you start to put miles behind you. Runners have noted that even after the 100-mile mark there was very little wear and tear on the outsole.

Another thing that runners have noticed is that the upper provides incredibly durable eyelets. This means that the upper won’t start to tear or fray no matter how many times your lace and unlace your shoes. It also means you can tie them as tightly as you need without worrying about damaging the top sole.
The Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 gets an A+ when it comes to protection. The Wave plate that is sandwiched between the two U4IC plates protects your foot from overpronation. This means that with each and every stride, your foot is held in place to protect your knees, hips, and lower back from landing in an uncomfortable position.

It also has a stiff and structured toe box that keeps your toe from bleeding out over the edge. It is important to note that due to the stiff structured nature of the toe box means that you need to ensure you get the right size for your foot to prevent your toe jamming against the end of the shoe.
Another feature that really makes this shoe shine is the responsiveness. If you need a little spring in your step to scale long and hand distances, this is one of your best options.

There are two reasons why this shoe feels like running on a cloud. The first reason is that it has double padding in the outsole along the heel, which feels bouncy when you land on your heels.

The double layer of the U4IC compound in the midsole also provides an extra spring in your step from launch to land.
Unlike simple designs, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 offers an insane level of support. This shoe isn’t made for speed; it is made for long distances. A thick and structured upper cradles your foot in place and keeps it from shifting around as you run.

The addition of the Wave plate in the midsole is made from a hard plastic that protects your foot from overpronation. This design keeps your foot securely in place with each and every stride, and it feels easy and natural.
This shoe is a roadrunner through and through. The drop, stability, structure, and drop provide excellent feedback when running on hard surfaces. Ideally, it is designed for running on sidewalks, roadways, and treadmills.

However, the traction on the base of this shoe also makes it perfect for less than ideal conditions such as wet and slick surfaces. The tread and drop of this design also help keep you balance running on uneven surfaces for trail running as well.
The rubber outsole is designed for all types of conditions. It has thicker treads on the heel to help you stay stable on most surfaces. What runners love most about this design is that it is built for all types of climates.

If you live in a part of the world that is wet and never quite sees the sun, this is a perfect option. The rubber treads on the base of this shoe really grip slippery and wet sidewalks so you can run with confidence. So runners even lace up these shoes while running in the snow!
Heightened stability often means limited flexibility, and that’s still true with this design. It boasts a stiff upper and incredibly thick sole, which means you just won’t have the same level of flexibility as a more minimalist shoe.

Users found that the U4IC compound in the midsole to be stiff and rigid to the touch, which means that your range of motion is hindered slightly. Plus, the added weight of this shoe may slow you down just a little bit.
While this shoe may not be very flexible, it is incredibly stable. If you need something that holds up impossibly well when running long distances on hard surfaces, this is an excellent choice.

It has a stiff upper and a thick rubber sole that keeps you steady on your feet. Plus, the addition of two layers of U4IC in the midsole provides an additional spring in your step the fights off fatigue on long journeys.
We are very excited to talk about the drop in the Wave Inspire 15! The shoe boasts a 12 mm drop, which makes it one of the higher drops out there on the market. While most standard running shoes provide an 8 mm or a 10 mm drop, this design goes a little above and beyond.

A higher drop means that there is more rubber padding in the heel to protect your knees, back, and hip with each and every stride. It doesn’t have a natural feel like a standard or zero-drop designs, but it provides a lot of extra stability and support.
The price tag on this design is a little bit higher than some of the other options out there on the market. However, there are quite a few reasons that we feel that this design is well worth the slightly higher price point.

First of all, this shoe is something that is incredibly durable. This means that you can really wrack up the miles while showing very little signs of wear and tear. Many runners report that even after 100 miles, the outsole shoes very little signs of slowing down anytime soon. Due to its incredible durability, we feel it’s well worth the higher price tag.
Key Features
12 mm drop
U4IC and U4ICX midsole for firm energy feedback
Wave plate corrects overpronation
Insanely durable
Thick upper repels water to keep feet dry
Stylish mesh upper
Bottom Line
For long-distance runners, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is one of your best options. It is built to provide runners with ultimate comfort and stability when running on hard surfaces. The 12 mm drop helps to protect your joints and makes you feel like you are running on a cloud instead of a hard sidewalk.

It is important to note that this design is a little stiff and bulky, which may hinder your full range of motion slightly. There were a few users that felt that this stiffer design took a little longer than most to fully break them in. It has a style that is perfect for putting miles behind you on cold and rainy days. Plus, the trendy look pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans on rest days.

If you are on the market for something that offers a lot of energy feedback and supports your foot, you will love these trainers!

They may be a little more expensive than some of the other brands, but they will be the last pair of trainers you will buy for a few hundred miles!
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